Sunday Night

I have worked again today trying to find out why the photos will not downsize from the app. Makes me so sad because the photos were what I liked best about the blog. It’s always been our motto – more pictures, less talking!

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I’m not even sure if these two #8’s have been posted – when I try to go back to look at previous posts, some of those pictures are even gone so I’m not sure.

A week ago when I was at the mall in Des Moines I stopped to make the acquaintance of these friendly pups, Herky on the left and JR on the right, old man and young man.

I have loads of young orioles and I think they’re both Baltimore and Orchard Oriole babies. No picture of them but my Lonesome Dove came up to the hanging feeder the other day – I’ve only seen them eat on the ground.

  • I took some pictures of Reed’s quilt.
  • Things are going wonky so I have to stop here – I don’t know what if anything will post. No use trying tomorrow – I have loads of Monday work to do anyway.

60 thoughts on “Sunday Night

  1. Sandra F. Block

    Reed’s quilt is awesome! Lucky you to have baby orioles or simply orioles at all. They must love your grove. I don’t see any ads….?

  2. Beth T.

    Mary, I love seeing the photo of the dove. When we lived in California we always had doves that would nest in our hanging baskets. The first year, I was a bit sad because the dove family demolished my lovely flowers, but it was such a joy to watch them raise their babies–especially to teach them to fly in our courtyard!–that I never again resented the loss of my flowers, and every spring when I planted I just thought of them as the birds’s home. When we moved to Oregon I was so sad that we never got doves here. We have barn swallows, of course, and this year they have made a nest above the light in the goat shed. When I go in there, four of the babies pop their little heads up to see me. Mama doesn’t seem to mind my presence and will fly in and feed them when I’m in there, tending to our goats. The small joys sustain us sometimes, don’t they?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth T – yes, the small joys of having farm animals! And I also have a nest in one of the goat pens with 4 little heads hanging over the edge of the nest – until yesterday when there was just one little fellow who hadn’t flown yet. I thought it would have been a great picture – if I were able to post pictures easily like in the past. Makes me sad.

  3. Peggy

    Some things just take “baby steps”to work out. Blog fixing and working out the new quirks sure has taken a few zigs and zags.
    I want to express my sincere appreciation for your tenacity. Thank you to those who have given assistance as well. This world where technology changes so fast can be a “double edged sword” of benefits and hindrances to all of us.
    Reed’s quilt is magnificent, such an achievement at his age. I am with others here who so love your “adventures” with Reed.
    I do not comment often, but felt I needed to “voice” my support for keeping your readers in the loop and not quitting. I know quitting is not in your vocabulary !
    Back to lurking and clicking those ads when they give me an x.
    Peg in AK

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Peggy – thank so much for the vote of confidence – I can’t give up now!

  4. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, our County Fair starts Friday. On Saturday I overheard a couple ladies at the quilt shop talking about the 4 H judging. Their comments were about the judges and their ideas, or favorites….. What a way to help kids. Not at all consistent.
    The Sturgis Rally is over for another year. Next year is the 80th and expected to be pretty big. It sounds like lots of money to me and I always wonder just how many of the cycles, trailers, motorhomes, etc are all paid for.

  5. Candy

    I absolutely love Reed’s quilt … the colors are outstanding! I laughed so hard at the picture of the dogs because I went to grade one (must be at least 100 years ago LOL) with a boy who went by the name Herky (his real name was Frances). I never knew why … maybe Hercules was his hero. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Lots of ads to close lately.

  6. Linda Baker

    Nice to see pictures again, but I feel all your frustration with all of this. When it comes to electronics, I’m a real flop.
    Reed’s quilt is a winner!

  7. Margie Braaksma

    I emailed you a picture of my #8 twice but didn’t see it posted. No biggie but wondering if I should try again

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Margie Braaksma – well, for cryin out loud! I have no idea why – let me try again when there are no others to post. Please send it again and I will isolate it so there’s no competition when posting. I am sorry, Margie, I am at a loss to understand.

  8. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    All good–I have pictures of # 8’s, I have ads that I closed, I have bird pictures, and I have a picture of Reed’s gorgeous quilt. Did the judges give him a comment sheet? That’s what our granddaughter received at the Ohio State Fair when she showed her chinchilla.

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    All the pictures came across perfectly on my iPad. Your flowers are incredible.
    Reed’s quilt is phenomenal! The setting he designed is so unique, I’m sure the two of you had fun moving, changing and standing back to decide which arrangement is perfect.
    Best of show in his category, and in our opinion!
    All the #8’s are inspiring…I’m busy working on mine.

    I’m no longer going to tell you I close ads, just know I do it.

  10. Patti in W Barnstable

    I was so happy to get a post with those lovely pictures. The pugs made me laugh. JR was a character on the tv show “Dallas”. Your picture of Reed’s quilt was perfect. The flowers in the beautiful garden with the sun shining!

  11. Penny C Maryland

    Had not seen those beautiful #8’s before. The pigs were cuties. Love Reed’s quilt!

  12. Jeanie Stufflebeam, sw IL

    Thanks for posting, Mary. All the pictures came through, and Reed’s quilt is amazing!

  13. Brenda

    Mary did you get comments back from the judges at the fair?
    Reeds quilt is so wonderful that I would like to know what their comments could be.
    What quilt went to the state??

  14. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary
    I loved all your pictures, especially Reed’s quilt. His colors are wonderful and I love that log cabin layout!
    Well done, Reed!
    No sewing for me this week. When I’m not working at the library I’ll be putting up bread and butter pickles and canning green beans.
    Thanks for your perseverance with this blog, I enjoy it so much!
    Bonnie in Oregon

  15. Caryn Goulden

    Great job, Reed!! The quilt is absolutely beautiful! With Reed’s talent and willingness to work hard, and your mentorship I know he will continue to create beautiful things. The judges need new glasses!!
    The pictures came through fine and I closed 7 ads.

  16. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Saw all the pictures, closed ads. Hang in there Mary, love your blog. Reid’s quilt is spectacular! I love log cabin quilts and need to make one soon.

  17. Linda

    I absolutely love Reed’s quilt with the star in the center!! I didn’t notice the star till now! I liked it before too, but really admire it now! Keep up the good work, Reed!!

  18. Marla

    Pictures came through just fine. I’m still not getting any ads to close though. Love Reed’s quilt – he did such a great job!

  19. Sandy Pierson

    Good morning Mary,
    I feel so bad that you are having so much trouble with the pictures but know that we all appreciate all your efforts and tenacity in getting this resolved. Try not to let it get you down.
    I still do not understand that Reed’s quilt didn’t get a ribbon. I think he did a fabulous job . I think the Judges should look in to better glasses for next year. 😂

  20. Diane in Maryland

    Good morning, Mary! Yes, the pictures are posting and I love the name of your dove! I might use that for one that comes to our feeder and bird bath. Monkey see… monkey do! I haven’t seen an Oriole for years but I do have people tell me they are here. You’d think we would see more of our State bird. They must prefer the weather in Iowa!

    Reed’s quilt is stunning and an absolute work of art… colors and piecing are wonderful. We know as we followed along when he made it. I’ve worked with 4H and our local county fair for years. Taught our now grown granddaughters how to sew and they both made baby quilts when they were in kindergarten and first grades. The younger of the two just wanted a blue ribbon for a dress she made when she was only 7 and too young to be in 4H. She could have entered it in Pre 4H and gotten a green participation ribbon but she liked blue better than green! After explaining that she could enter it in Open Class but may not get any ribbon, let along a blue one, she still wanted to do that. No one knew a 7 year old had made the dress and she not only got blue, she got Grand Champion! So many people said she could not have made it and that I probably did. Guess what? I had videoed her and her older sister making their entries and offered to have home movie night with any one who would like to have popcorn and spend the night with me as I oohed and aahed over my precious granddaughters sewing away! After all, that’s what us proud mentors do…. we photograph and video! My husband would often peek into the sewing room and say it looked like child labor in a sweat shop! We had such fun! The years pass quickly.. granddaughter Kim will be married on her 25th birthday on August 24 and Ashley is 22 and lives in New Zealand. Right now she is in the states for her sister’s birthday! Their 13 year old brother and I have many adventures – just like you and Reed and we have always referred to them as our “adventures” too. We do a lot more fishing together than sewing tho and he and his Pop (my husband) have a pumpkin patch each year but not as big as yours has been.

  21. Joy

    Your pictures are fine, so keep writing and don’t give up! I would miss you! Reed’s quilt is awesome! Please tell hi. So again! He has an awesome teacher.

  22. Kathy in western NY

    The dove picture is amazing to me. I miss having a pair of doves return every year as they are fun to watch. Pictures were fine and had ads to close so we are just happy to hear from you Mary.
    I too hadn’t seen the star in Reed’s log cabin quilt till this picture. I also enlarged it and did not see one either so now I understand the importance of standing back to view a quilt. It is a striking quilt and made with love by a young man so that is what counts. He will enjoy it for many years.

  23. Diane Bauer

    It has been such fun to see all of the #8’s!!

    Reed’s quilt is fantastic! Log Cabin has always been a favorite pattern for me because the quilt my Grandma made for me when I was a child. I’ve not seen a layout like Reed’s before and love the star center!! I hope he is very proud of his efforts!

    We had a lot of lightening here last night but not much more than a few sprinkles of rain. I will be watching the foothills for rising smoke this afternoon. Once a firefighter, always on the watch!!

  24. Sharon Lowy

    Reed should have a “Best of Show” ribbon. I wish I had been a judge! I hope he is still sewing. He is such a talented young man. Can he enter it again next year?

  25. Nancy T.

    Reed did a great job on the quilt. What were the judge’s comments? They can always make for a better next time. He should be very proud of his quilt. We are all proud of him!

  26. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    I received post this am and could view the pictures. I feel so bad that this has become such a huge problem for you. I know how frustrating this is yet I sure hope you continue with your blog. So many of us would miss this. We all enjoy the pictures and your writings. Please continue even though you may be super discouraged. Thank you…

  27. Mary Ann

    Everything came through perfectly. Reed did an awesome job on his quilt. It seems that sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why one quilt is chosen over another. Love the pictures but we love hearing your thoughts too.

    1. Marilyn

      Mary all the pictures were great. The pugs adorable. Fred’s quilt is beautiful. Hope you have a great Monday. The lonesome dove picture is a calming picture.

  28. Gloria, CC

    Good morning Mary – love the picture of the two dogs. What a handsome pair! And the picture of the morning dove should definitely be framed. It looks so serene and calming. I really don’t want to get started on my feelings about Reeds expenience at the fair. His quilt is fabulous- I challenge anyone to have done a better job of piecing and color coordination. In the big scheme of things one person’s opinion is insignificant. Reed has to be so proud of his creation that he feels like he could burst with pride. Some day when he’s as famous as Ricky Tims, he can think back to this fair and realize it was another learning experience. Good job Reed!

  29. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Everything is looking great on this end; Reed’s quilt is amazing– sure hope that he continues! Thanks for hanging in there, Mary; I can feel your frustration.

  30. Jean

    Your pictures showed up fine today. I’m so sad about this blog. I looked forward to it always. The pictures were the best part. I wonder if another hacker would be of some help into solving the riddle.

  31. Beth Laverty

    All the pictures showed up here. And so happy to have a look at Reed’s beautiful quilt again! What a talented young man!

  32. Dori

    Reed’s quilt is wonderful! Don’t let the criticism get you down. Sorry about your blog problens.

  33. Dee trzaskowski

    Reed’s quilt is beautiful and looks professional. Maybe the judges didn’t believe that he made it. Reed keep quilting. Show them how great you sew. Maybe one of his quilts will make a magazine or newspaper.

  34. Jackie

    I agree with all the comments. Reed’s quilt is outstanding. Another judge another outcome. I got a blue ribbon at the state fair but got nothing at our local show. He is doing incredible work for his age. Tell him not to give up.

  35. Sue in Oregon

    Same here. All the photos are straight up. I have had sideways ones in the past, but not today. In fact, today’s blog post seems like old times and everything is as usual. I know you are still struggling, though, and I feel very sad for you about that. Such frustration just isn’t fair.
    All the #8s are wonderful. Reed’s, though, is fantastic. The photo with the flowers in the background is amazing. You should frame that one.

  36. Sunflower from Michigan

    The pictures and text came thru just fine but I’m not getting any ads to close. I haven’t had any for about 3 days now. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone with an idea what I should do? I’ve always had ads and haven’t changed anything. Thanks for any suggestions, I want to support the blog.

  37. Peggy

    The pictures all came through right side up. Reed quilt is lovely. He sure did a good job. Have a good week.

  38. Launa

    Congratulations to Reed for his quilt! Great fabric choices.
    Thanks to you, Mary for continuing to post for your quilting fans. Love to see what pictures you post.
    Can you believe it’s been cool up here in Idaho with the many electrical storms? We’ve had a small fire in the wood stove since morning just to keep the chill off! Our high outside got to mid 60’s. Can’t remember so much lightning and rain the past few years.
    Closed one ad!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – it seems like you have electrical rainstorms every day or am I wrong? That seems unusual

    2. Pat Smith

      The pictures are beautiful—I saw Reed’s quilt a new way today. Hanging on the fence I can see the way the blocks form a star in the center. Probably everyone else already saw that. But, if I enlarge the picture, the star disappears. His quilt makes me want to do another log cabin to get that star arrangement. I hope he keeps working at quilting. We have a running joke at our house. My husband wants me to participate in his interests, first it was golf and then playing the ukulele. I tried both but didn’t find them of huge interest. I asked him when he is going to get a sewing machine and join me in my quilting room? Hmmm, it hadn’t happened yet!

  39. mary jane

    It was so nice to get the mail and photos today. But like Dot, the first 3 were sideways. We all enjoy hearing from you and knowing how hard you have worked to get us the information. Greatly appreciated Mary. My # 8 is at the quilters shop and my #3 is on my cutting table…it is a lot easier than the #8…. Reeds quilt is wonderful, a lot of work in it. Does he have the starting of the Dirty Dozen yet?

  40. Patricia

    Reed’s quilt is fantastic. I could only close one ad and just don’t understand why some days there are several to close. Not today. The only picture that was kind of wonky was the first one. Thanks Mary.

  41. Lynda

    Reed’s quilt is beautiful! Your pictures came through and I was also able to close an ad. Have a great week

  42. Pamela Williams

    I agree with Connie R. that Reed’s quilt is spectacular. It is so striking among your flowers. I really zoomed in to study it and it looks like he did a perfect job. I hope he is proud of a job well done.

  43. Dot

    For the last few days, most of the photos have been sideways in my browser! Today, the first three were sideways, but the dove and Reed’s quilt were turned the right way. What a hassle for you this has been!

  44. Kathy Hanson

    Reed’s quilt is so beautiful – if I had been the judge it would have gone to the State Fair!!! I’m sure he will keep up the good work, probably has started his next one! Way to go Reed! Your pictures did come through so we can see them – ads too. So, even though this is frustrating for you, we really appreciate all you are doing. Hope your Monday goes well, sounds like you will be busy!

  45. the other Angie

    So great to see this post. The pictures came through fine. And, Reed is totally amazing!! His quilt is beautiful. That was a lot of work and focus and his efforts were certainly a success. Wow! Thanks so much for continuing to work to resolve this computer craziness. Have a good Monday!

  46. Mary

    I love Reed’s quilt. The judge must not have been able to see quality. I think it’s a winner – blue ribbon or gold medal!

  47. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Your pictures came through just fine. I appreciate all your effort. I was able to close about 15 ads between my Kindel and this email. Reeds quilt is beautiful. Hope he keeps up the great work. I question the judges judging. No question to me that he should have the blue ribbon.

  48. Connie R.

    Reed’s quilt is just spectacular. Hopefully this year’s fair experience doesn’t discourage him from continuing to quilt. He has such a talent for it. Great job, Reed!

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