Sunday Repost

Here are the missing photos – a huge tractor,

Cheryl, Reed’s Grandma,

And Chauncey, who looks like we imagine Toto must have looked like!

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Becky and I went to church this morning at Clear Lake where Sunday services are held in the park.

We estimated the crowd to be about 400 people! I love going to church in the park!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Repost

  1. laurie jo

    Summer church in the park sounds wonderful. I really like what you are wearing, do you make it yourself? If so, what pattern did you use?

  2. Sue in Oregon

    Thanks for posting the rest of the photos of Duesey Day in Garner. My husband will love the big tractor when I show him. Plus, Toto in a bag, is adorable. I think I would love a little dog like him because he reminds me of one I had for 17 years.
    What does Duesey stand for? A pioneer, perhaps?
    I love your dog fabric tunic, Mary. Did you make it? Very cute and cool.

  3. Beryl Hoff Montana

    WOW! That is a big tractor!
    “Toto” is darling!!
    I have been in that park many years ago, probably about 1959 when my cousin graduated from Clear Lake High School! It is still beautiful!! It would be an awesome service with 400 participating in the service!!

    Thanks for taking the time to re-post the missing pictures!!

  4. Rita in Iowa

    Mary you look like your just chilling out. If you weren’t at a church service you would look even better with your favorite beer in your hand! Lol
    Very warm day spent at a Family Reunion in Newhall, Iowa. It was the Aunt/Uncles that are still alive, there children and it was many of the 4th generations. My sister from Chicago brought our grandson with them and he had a great time. Spent Saturday night with us and then returned him home today.
    There were close to 100 in attendance. Good Food.

  5. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks for posting the missing pictures Mary. Church in the park sounds wonderful. Love love love the little doggie picture and story. Good that you were the angel who found him.
    Are you sure we only have to X out the ads and not open them and look at their website for you to get credit for them? It seems so many of us loyal readers do click X on the ads a couple of times a day so we can read the comments and also help with the blog. I know you said for us to close them with the X but I just wonder why It’s not working too well with something so easy for us to do.

  6. Mary Evans

    I closed all but one, but it won’t let you close it. No X. Bad ad co.

  7. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Tractors sure have come a long way. We never see anything like this one but we don’t have such wide spread crops either, WOW! I always open the ads then X it out. Is it necessary to open the ad before closing it? Such a sweet picture of Chauncey.

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    That is one big tractor, and one little dog!

    Are you sure all we have to do for your credit is click the X up in the ad corners? Very easy job for us.

  9. Kathy Hanson

    Love the picture of you at church in the park and what a darling little dog, and to travel all over in the pack! What a lovely couple of days you have had!

  10. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Great pics in both posts. Lots of ads to close. That is such a nice story about Chauncey. Squeak, the Big Lots kitten, would approve.😺😺. We always had a Memorial Day parade in Allegany County NY. Here in Ohio we watch our grand daughters in the 4th parade—4-H, Girl Scouts, band. It looks like a fun day.

  11. Jeanie Stufflebeam from sw Illinois

    Thanks for reposting the missing pics, Mary. It looked like a great parade. Roy is just as cute now as he was 40 years ago. Chauncey is adorable, too. The last picture is a great one of you in the park.
    I grew up a half-hour west of Peoria IL in a small community, so I really appreciate and can identify with your description of small town celebrations. We have class reunion groups in our fall Homecoming parades, so much fun.

  12. Felicia Hamlin

    I close a lot of adds today! Service in the Park sounds like fun. Your picture is so good, but then you are a pretty lady! How is the gosling? I hope he is OK.

  13. Jan VanDeWalle

    Next weekend is Yamhill, Oregon , Derby Day The whole town turns out. Parade in the morning with kids on horses, FFA kids on a float, school band on a truck or trailer, fire trucks, old and new. Always some collector cars, and a local Politician or two. On to the park for Flag raising by local Boy Scouts, soapbox derby races, kid 8 to 11. Frog jumping contest . Tricycle races, toddler to Grandpas. Bingo all day and many food venders, auction live and silent a band for dancing later in the day. Sunday is park cleanup and picnic in the park.
    Fun small town event. Jan in Oregon

  14. Margaret Jessen

    I have been clicking ads two & three times a day, since we decided all we had to do was click on the X. Love small town parades. Great pictures people and animals. Love the blog!

  15. Dottie

    That tractor really is huge! Never seen one like it before. Chauncey is adorable and has the best seat in the park since he gets to see everything. Miss the small town parades. Thanks for sharing.

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