Surgery Went Well

Rick’s surgery yesterday at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN took 3-1/2 hours and went well. He is now hospitalized next door at Methodist Hospital until Friday. When he left the recovery room they wheeled his bed through the skywalk and into his hospital room – so easy.

Here are the screws that were removed from his ankle – they are huge! And he says he couldn’t feel them – they’ve been in there for 20 years. Yikes!

The doctor removed a wedge of bone from the top of his foot, put in a plate and screwed it all together again so that his foot will sit straight when he walks. We are so hopeful that he’ll be able to be more mobile in the future. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!

Doesn’t every situation have a funny side? Monday night I couldn’t sleep – naturally – and the last time I looked at the clock it was 3:45. The next thing I knew Rick was calling me on my phone wondering if I was up. I said no, I had just gotten to sleep and by the way, what time is it? It was 6:45! We were leaving between 6-6:15! I jumped out of bed, stepped into my clothes and threw on some makeup. When I checked my alarm, I had set it for 5:15 PM – not AM!!!!! Yikes! Becky arrived to stay with the dogs and we checked in at the surgery desk at 8:30. As we sat down in the waiting room, I looked down at my feet and this is what I saw.

Yup – two different shoes – one an everyday black slip-on that I’ve even worn to the barn on occasion and the right shoe is a church shoe! Oh, did we ever have a laugh!

So that was my day – all is well. Tomorrow a guy from Antiques Road Show is coming to the library and I signed up to take a picture in for him to evaluate. I’ll let you know how it goes.

72 thoughts on “Surgery Went Well

  1. Jean Elliott

    Glad the surgery is over and it went well…those screws..yikes! Too funny about the shoes!

  2. Linette Anne Stewart

    Love your stories Mary! Glad Rick’s surgery went well. Have a good day!!

  3. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary, so glad to hear all went well with Rickโ€™s surgery. You must both be feeling very relieved. Love the shoe photo: at least they were both black! Maybe you will start a new trend in Rochester. I would be willing to bet that you are not the first wife who has worn odd shoes to the clinic.

  4. Holly Gangelhoff TH

    I’m so glad everything went well! I had a good laugh about the shoes! It must be much warmer there than it is here–no socks! Those skyways are pretty handy. You can take them all the way from the clinic to the library, but it does wind around a bit. Your shoes will be a talking point all day!

  5. Anita Fetzer

    Well they both had criss cross straps , not too bad for that hour. Continued prayers for Rick and you. Anita

  6. Janie

    Glad all went well. My husband (now passed) had a steel rod in his femur from a cave-in. Also had his ankle fused! Shoes are hilarious! Don’t you hate that when you set alarm incorrectly? Been there…lol

  7. Jane Dumler

    So glad to hear surgery went well. My husband, a retired MD, says with orthopedic surgery you really need a good carpenter!
    Anxious to hear what antique roadshow says about your picture. Should be a fun day.

  8. MartyCae

    Blessings to Rick.

    Got a charge out of the shoe story – maybe you are setting a new trend!

  9. Kathy Hanson

    What a day you and Rick had! So funny to read about having your alarm set wrong and having to rush to get ready. Not so much fun when you are doing it though! So glad that all went well with his surgery, what a relief for both of you. Loved the picture of the shoes, glad you got the rest of your clothes on though. Do let us know what happens with the Antique Roadshow – sounds like an adventure!

  10. Jeanne H

    So glad that the surgery went well. : ) Orthopods are the engineers of doctors! LOL

    Someone I know had broken her wrist and had hardware put in that was later taken out. It was hard to believe that they would have put such a heavy-duty plate in a woman’s wrist! It had to be 1/8″ thick!

  11. Angie

    I had a friend that got news her son had been in a horrible ski accident so off to VT from Baltimore she went. After fog delays and 10 hours she was by his bedside. With relief she went to unpack to realize that she had basically dumped her dresser drawer and had 12 pairs of underwear and nothing else.
    In case as these we are not responsible. Glad everything went well. Take care of YOURSELF as well as Rick.

  12. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, glad Rick’s surgery went well and you sure made me laugh about the shoes. We have 6 inches of snow here in the Shenandoah Valley.
    Carolyn B

  13. Anne

    So glad the surgery went well-a relief i’m sure for you both. Hope that recovery is speedy. I loved the picture of your shoes-new fashion statement?

  14. PJ

    So happy the surgery went well n it is past him! Now just healing n great recovery!!! Got a chuckle out of your shoes๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚!!

  15. Mary R.

    So happy that the surgery went well and hoping for a speedy recovery. I have also worn two different shoes and didn’t even notice that one was a flat shoes and the other with a heel! Take care of yourself and stay well.

  16. Karen barto

    Glad the surgery went well, g old luck on the revovery.I think that is worse than the surgery. Just listen and do what they tell you, and he should be good as new.

  17. Sandra Pierson

    So glad surgery went well and is behind you both.
    Such a funny thing with your shoes. Isn’t that just how life goes?

    Love and prayers for you both during Rick’s recovery.


  18. Sara Reynolds

    I am so glad that Rick’s surgery went well. Both of you are in my prayers. I have done the same with shoes, especially when I am in a hurry. How long will Rick be in the hospital?

  19. Sue

    I am laughing out loud about the shoes. Oh, Mary….that is so like something I would do. Even the sleeping in part. I am also giddy with relief about his surgery going well and wanting him to be able to walk straight from now on. Modern surgery is amazing, isn’t it?
    Good luck with the road show interview. My daughter and I sent in a photo of one of my treasures when they were in Oregon, but never heard back from them. And, you have an interview. Can’t wait to hear about it. Better yet…would love to see you on the show. Wouldn’t that be great??

  20. Jeanine

    Glad to hear the surgery went well. One Sunday morning I looked at my shoes after I got to church and noticed I had two different sandals on. No one said anything about it and I didn’t tell anyone about it either! It happens to the best of us. Pray all continues to go well with Rick.

  21. Sandra Goddard

    Thanks for the update. I appreciate you taking the time to let all of us know how things went when I am sure you had so much on your mind. Prayers being sent your way. Love the shoe story made my day!

  22. Dee T.

    Glad that Ricks surgery went well. Post-op is painful, but your morning mishaps will always have you laughing and the pain will not be noticeable. Maybe Rick can press your fabric pieces during his recovery while sitting down. I had my dad for several months after his heart surgery and he pressed all my half square triangles It kept him busy and was a help for me. Take care and take care of Rick.

  23. Tanya

    Thanks for the update. We have been sending prayers and good thoughts your way. Hope that your Antiques Roadshow item is worth a mint! (Maybe you can buy some new shoes with your windfall…but, gosh, you may already have a pair just like those cute black ones in your closet!)

  24. Carol

    Glad to hear that all went well with Rick’s surgery. And I love your shoes. Bet you have another pair just like it at home. Thanks for starting my day out with a good laugh

  25. Ellie

    So glad to hear Ricks surgery went well and he is on the mend! May the rehab go smoothly also!
    If the worst that happened was mismatched shoes you were lucky!

  26. sandy

    so happy to hear that the surgery went well…..
    hahaha about the shoes….so funny!
    Enjoy the Antique Roadshow…..I would love to do that ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Sharon Geiger

    So thankful to hear that surgery went well! I pray that Rick mends successfully, too. Too funny about the shoes. Maybe you are starting a new fashion trend!

  28. Marilyn

    Wonderful that the surgery went well…So funny about the shoes.. Now you need some sleep!

  29. Carla Waltz

    So glad the surgery went well. You made me laugh out loud. That has been one of my nightmares my whole life – looking down at my shoes and seeing slippers or miss matched shoes. Thank you for the laugh!

  30. Kate Schloemer

    Oh how funny Mary!!! So glad to know I’m not the only one to set her clock wrong with P. M. Instead of A. M. Lol…
    At least your shoes were both black. Hahaha.
    Blessings to you both.

  31. Joyce C

    I think your shoe fiasco may have been just what you two needed to break the stress!!! A good laugh is always welcomed. Good luck on your Antique Roadshow pic! In looking at those heavy duty screws and knowing how handy Rick is… I bet he could fashion a belt buckle out of them! What a conversation starter that would be!

  32. Kathy

    I was laughing out loud in my living room with the shoe picture. I can imagine how you reacted when you looked down too. So I had a good belly laugh for the day. Thank you ever so much sharing how surgery went and what they did to help him walk correctly. Get some much needed rest and thank you again.

  33. Joanne

    So happy to hear all went well fo Rick. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Laughed at the picture I did the same thing on our way to keepsake quilting in NH. Diane E. And Michele K. Were both with me. Could not understand why I was being stared at ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joanne – sounds like most of us have done it! Ha! I’m in good company!

  34. Julianna

    Thank heaven that surgery is behind you both. So glad all is progressing and how typical of you to find some humor in the situation. I wish I could say I’ve never done that – but – I belong to the club too ๐Ÿ™‚ Continuing prayers

  35. Terry

    Very thankful to hear that Rick’s surgery went well. Will pray that he has an easy recovery and much improved walking. Loved both of your shoes!

  36. Diane

    Whew–great to hear. I hope Rick will be much more mobile. My husband has six of those screws and long rods in his back and now new knees–I’m using him as a magnet holder:)

    Love the shoes. A teacher wore one brown loafer and one black tie shoe to school and didn’t notice until the kids told him. And yes, he had tied the one shoe!! Yours at least are alike.

    Please do let us know about the Road show picture. Continued good thoughts for you both.

    1. Ann Barlament

      Hahaha….a magnet holder. It might be entertaining to take him through the airport!

      1. Diane

        We haven’t tried with the new knees yet, but his Dr. did give him a letter. We’ll see:)

  37. Colleen

    Every day needs a laugh a smile hopefully in the coming years you will remember fondly the day you wore church and barb shoes together.
    Surgery while waiting seems to take forever
    After it’s over not so long
    Then recovering seems like a long process and rehabilitation drags a long
    And with work and luck it’s all behind and the funny bits are the best parts to remember and comment on
    You and you family of blood and friendship and paws and feet and hoves are loved

  38. Mary Ann

    Wonderful news. Everyone needs something to smile about, at least they were the same color..๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  39. Sherry Whalen

    Good news about Rick – about the shoes — did you tell everyone that you have a pair just like these at home?!?

  40. Denise Weise

    Thanks for the laugh. At least you had one right shoe and one left shoe on. Happy to hear Rick’s surgery went well. God Bless

  41. Donna Sproston

    Happy the surgery went well and healing can begin! At least you provided entertainment for those waiting! You may have started a trend!

  42. Wendy

    Glad to hear that the surgery is done and went smoothly (aside from the shoe snafu!) I am sure you were more than a little preoccupied when you got dressed for the day. Too funny.

  43. Julie Rito

    Been there, done that! 45 years ago when my daughter was born, she had jaundice but we were allowed to bring her home. Two days later, her skin had changed some, so I called the DR and they said to bring her in right away. I was so nervous and worried there was something wrong. As I was standing in the reception room, I looked at my feet and I had one red loafer on, and one blue one on!!
    We sure had a good laugh.

  44. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, for the luck. Ain’t life grand?? By the map it looks like you have about 100 miles, mostly interstate, to Rochester? I think the doctors have more experience these days and better ways to do things. When my husband had his 2nd hip surgery, they were laughing that the operating room sounds just like a car repair shop with the clang, bang, metal dropping to the floor, etc. with these surgeries. Very interesting.
    It will get better day, but not quick enough. Good the cats and dogs can entertain him during his recovery. They are a real help and some of the best friends he could ever have.
    Betty Klosterman

  45. Mareen

    So glad all went well….sounds like something I would do take care I m taking something up as well!

  46. Marcia Rocheleau

    The funny that about those shoes you had on ….. I get you have another pair just like it!
    A friend of my parents realized she had two different colored shoes on at my wedding; same style in 2 colors! You aren’t the first!!!

  47. Susan the Farm Quilter

    So very glad his surgery went well! I’ve done the alarm clock thing AND the shoe thing – getting ready in the dark for church…one black, one navy blue…sigh. The struggle is real!!! Praying for a miraculous recovery for hubby!

  48. Kate

    I am laughing so hard at this. I wore two different earrings to church one Sunday and thought that was bad! Well, you have started a new craze. After all, kids have been wearing two different socks lately. Glad to hear Rick’s surgery went well and yes, how in the world did he not feel those things in his foot?

  49. Sharon Cervenka

    Sending good thoughts! Glad the surgery is over!
    Now, may his recovery go smoothly.

  50. Janice Brown

    Mary, Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Hoping the recovery goes just as smoothly for both of you.

  51. Katie

    Amen for your husband..may he heal soon, and get lots of relief…
    I love your shoe mix up, itโ€™s a Senior thing…..I have to laugh at myself when I put my clothes on inside out…๐Ÿ˜Š

  52. Martha Engstler

    I had screws like Rick also 20 years ago. They were taken out back then when the foot healed. My foot has never been right because the doctor should have been a foot doctor not just an orthopedic doc.
    Maybe you could start a new fad with the shoes. It’s “IN” to wear two different socks. Prayers still for you and Rick.

  53. Robin Boggan

    So glad everything went well for Rick! So funny about your shoes. I think that has happen to everyone. Take care and in my prayers.

  54. Mary

    At least the shoes were the same color. So glad to heat that hubby is doing well. Now you can get some needed sleep.

  55. Katie Hayse

    Today is National Down Syndrome day. You are supposed to wear mismatched socks.
    Since you aren’t wearing socks, I guess you were celebrating with your shoes! ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. Jo's Country Junction

    AHHH! I went to send you an email and your address isn’t there. I think the computer switch must have lost it. Just wanted to say that I’m cheering you both on…Rick with recover and you with managing all of the farm. Thanks for the update. I think of you often. Jo

  57. Dee Winter

    So glad all went well, I can sympathize with that not being able to sleep. Sometimes I’ve gone the night before when it’s a driving experience so I didn’t have to worry about getting there. When my mother in law was sick, my husband had a job interview. He went to the hospital after the interview and his sister noticed he had on two different brown boots. When he got home he realized they were both left boots.
    Take care,

  58. Nicole Hanson

    Ha! Ha! That is funny! Bet you have another pair of shoes just like them!!! think we have all done that a time or two.
    Best wishes to Rick for a speedy recovery with excellent results!

  59. Karen

    So happy to hear the surgery went well. It must have been your “lucky” shoes! Hoping the recovery goes as well with better than hoped for results.

  60. Ann Barlament

    WOW…those look like deck screw, not something that came out of his foot. I’m cringing at the thought. Glad that surgery is now behind you!

    I LOVE the shoes!! Perhaps it will be a new trend!!

  61. Janine

    So glad to hear that the surgery is done and went well. Just having those screws out is a plus! I am at work reading your message and laughed out loud when I saw the shoe photo. What a hoot!

  62. Janet Snyder

    Love that shoe mix-up. So good for us to have something to laugh at during times of stress. Thanks for the update.

  63. terry

    So happy Rick’s surgery went well. I haven’t stopped laughing about the shoes. Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle.

  64. Renee Arnett

    Iโ€™m so glad to hear that everything went well with Rickโ€™s surgery. Hugs to you both. Youโ€™re a trend setting in shoe fashion!!!!

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