Surprise in the Barn

Remember the naked neck hen who insisted on sitting on the light bulb? Well, she laid a couple eggs in that nest, too, and I didn’t want to disturb her every time I gathered eggs so I left them there.  Lo and behold a chick hatched!  When I was doing chores I heard that soft peeping of a baby chick.  And there it was – with Mom in the nest!  At least this surprise will be easier to handle than kittens.

Mama Kitty is not at all friendly yet but I keep peeking into the box to count kittens – now I think there are 5.  FIVE!!!   

I wonder if there will be more than one chick when I go to the barn today.  I’ll let you know.

Tom and Becky were here last night so Becky helped with Hazel’s first bath.  Hazel stood in the sink like a trooper – didn’t put up any fuss at all.  And she is so so white now!  I guess she was dirtier than I thought.

After the bath I got a picture of her on the lawn chair cushion.  She is very photogenic.

Today I’m going to finish cleaning the porch and go to Menards to get some mulch.  And I must correct my picture and text of Tim yesterday – that was a field cultivator not the planter.  He was preparing the ground. This morning he is actually planting corn.  I love spring in Iowa!!

17 thoughts on “Surprise in the Barn

  1. Rina

    Looks like spring is producing all kinds of new arrivals. First kittens and then a chick. I think you may need to get a bigger box for the kittens pretty quick as they look like they are growing like weeds.

    Hazel is so cute and now as white as snow.

  2. Martha Engstler

    The picture of Hazel on the red background could win a photo contest for sure. Hope your new chick isn’t another rooster. I love the kittens. I want a kitten some day. Yours are so pretty but I bet will be wild. In June we will “baby” sit my grand daughters kitty. She is about 11 months old, still kittenish.

  3. Delores

    Thanks for all of the pics. Hazel obviously trusts you for everything, even a bath. I can see Hazel in a movie, she is so photogenic! And, more “new births. Those were beautiful pics of Tim working his field. Never actually living on a farm, you are giving me a “taste” of what it would be without the work. Again, thanks for sharing.

  4. Dee T.

    The chick isn’t what I thought the surprise was going to be. I am so happy that Hazel enjoyed her bath and was good for you. Most first timers don’t like it. I noticed and like Hazels collar.

  5. Diane

    Hazel looks like she’s saying, “Aren’t I cute?” Yes, she is!! MORE kittens–wow. At a retreat in Amish country one year, a very young, stray, white kitty kept hanging around so I told my husband to bring the carrier and we’d take her home. Another quilter’s daughter wanted her so she took her home in our carrier. That kitty had ELEVEN kittens and she was the skinniest, young kitty I ever saw. One was born without the use of its back legs. The husband went on the internet, learned how to do rehab on that kitten, and today it’s 4 years old and doing just fine on all four legs:) Love the chick, too.

  6. Diane Cannon

    How exciting to find a baby chick!!!
    and the kittens are really cute and should be easy to find them homes–
    and –that doggie–is soooo cute and like you said Hazel does take great photos–
    enjoy the moments,di

  7. Christina Mejer

    Love love love that puppy picture on the red chair cushions! She is very photogenic!

  8. Ann

    you are so blessed with all of your animal friends–God’s perfect little creatures–so sweet.
    Thanks again for sharing. I’m a transplanted farm girl and I love it.

  9. Kathy

    Those baby kitties are growing so fast! Gosh they are so adorable and sweet. Might need a bigger box with some blanket soon to keep them all cuddly as a family. Love Hazels pix against the red cushion.
    Life as it should be…..happy and content to enjoy each season.

  10. Cher

    Oh my gosh, Hazel is the cutest ever!! Seriously, my husband is getting tired of me showing him all the cute pictures of her 😉 If we didn’t have a cute dog of our own, I would be on the hunt for a Piranha, I mean, Hazel of my own!

  11. Susan

    Well Mary, you and your little farm are just full of surprises! Miss Hazel looks beautiful today!

  12. Kathy Hanson

    Yes, Hazel is surely photogenic!! So cute! What lovely surprises you have been getting. Keep us posted!

  13. Felicia Hamlin

    Oh my! What will you name this chickie? Maybe you will have two. After her bath Hazel is like a poster baby. I wish I live closer to come and see those sweet kittens and Hazel and the chick.

  14. Sharon B.

    Oh my goodness! Hazel is melting hearts all over the world! Such a cutie!

  15. Gail O

    Hazel is such a poser. She is adorable. Love your daily blog. I laugh and I cry. Thanks for the fun.

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