One gosling hatched this afternoon and since I know what poor mothers geese are, I picked him up and brought him to the house. Guess I now have a pet goose!
Getting ready for about 70 relatives coming Saturday after the Hobo Day parade in Britt.

9 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. helen

    We had a boy living next door to us who adopted every kind of animal. One was a goose and of course our grass was much greener than our neighbors. They had been in our yard and were now trying to get back under the fence, but that was definitely not the way they arrived. I felt so sorry for them struggling that I picked several up and tried to place them over the fence. All of a sudden I heard my husband shout, “LOOK OUT”! The mother, wings outspread, was ready to attack my rear as I was bending over. She was definitely watching out for her babies.

  2. Kathie Chapman

    Glad to hear that you were able to help Susannah and having a goose would be fun – I hear they are good guard “dogs”.


  3. Ann Barlament

    Awww what I cute fluff… aren’t they good for fertilizing and for eating bugs in the garden?

    My grand parents used to raise ducklings in their creek. I would go out and name them & my grandmother was determined to NOT grow attached to them, as they filled the freezer each fall.

  4. Carol

    Oh oh oh. I love it! Of all your sweet animals, this little new one is my favorite. I have wanted a pet goose since I saw the old Gary Cooper movie Friendly Persuasion. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Michelle H

    I say what a lucky little gosling this one is to now have you for its mother. I love your animal stories and adventures. As a former Iowan transplanted to So Cal I long for my old country days, and reading your stories puts a smile on my face and fills my heart with joy.
    Thank you, Mary.

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