Tattered old quilt top

My quilt inside the tied wool quilt turned out to be just a tattered rag with a couple of interesting fabric patches that I will keep. Wish it had been a treasure!

3 thoughts on “Tattered old quilt top

  1. Ginny Jackson

    I recently refound a crazy quilt my great-grandmother made and embroidered her name and date on (thank goodness). She made it in 1887 and she embroidered all kinds of interesting designs on it. She would have been 42 at the time. I think in “those” days woman were able to get satin and velvet scraps from some place. One of the blocks is threadbare and I think I read that that was caused by dyes. I wish I knew more about her.
    Do you know if there is a group of any kind who documents Iowa quilts?

  2. Jean Elliott

    Looks like a good opportunity for some “crumb” quilting! The wool looks like it would be great for a penny rug!!

  3. Robin

    Kinda still is a treasure if you get some pieces you can use in a new scrappy quilt. These pieces will have their own story….

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