Telly Is So Happy!

Telly loves to play but not with just any dog and not all dogs that stay with us want to play.  Mia is such a sweet girl but is timid and reserved and is not the rambunctious playing sort of dog.  Mia went home yesterday leaving me time to run to Target and the grocery store before chore time.  Telly and I also stopped in town to walk and practice our obedience training.

After supper Mo, the young golden doodle puppy arrived and it was like somebody turned the switch on Telly.  They ran and played and jumped and “rassled” until they both collapsed.

This morning it started all over again until they stopped for a break.

I have been taking Telly to town every day to walk and practice her obedience skills and it won’t hurt me to walk a mile or so either!  She loves going to town!  Sometimes we walk with Connie and Hope.

My second church is having their soup luncheon and bazaar next Saturday and to help them out I sewed a few small table toppers.

They aren’t very much but every little sale helps, I understand.  Here’s a picture of each one individually so you get an idea that a few blocks can make a nice project.

And the Wildflower quilt can be found here:

It’s another gorgeous day in North Iowa.

22 thoughts on “Telly Is So Happy!

  1. Angie Rowland

    Your table toppers are adorable and it sometimes only takes a wee bit of color on a table to add that festive feeling to the room. In Baltimore the colors are coming out and good to enjoy them when we can as the winter colors will be coming soon.
    Enjoy your weekend. You always brighten mine.

  2. Maryjane in CA

    Your house is just beautiful and that tree just gives it the perfect setting. Thanks for all your pics. Dogs are all so cute and photogenic.

  3. Kathy

    Table toppers look like a great way for me to get into quilting. I’m a novice and many years ago made a patchwork vest, but then other distractions of life got me sidelined. I’ll be checking out a fabric store to get a few bits of material to venture into this craft. You certainly live a rich and varied life with your dogs, gardening and of course your creative outlet with quilting. I get inspired each time I read your entries.

  4. Pam

    Love your church contributions. I’ve been working on mug rugs, jar wrappers, pouches and a table runner for my church. Don’t you love Kim Brackett’s books? The colors are spectacular here in the mountains too!

  5. LMK

    another nice fall day, i love days like this, wished they would stay the whole month of nov. we are planning to go to cedar rapids again (nov. 26 & 27) for our get together it is for both thanksgiving & christmas, been doing it this way for a couple of years now. (seems to work better than going down for each one. denise will go too. one more day for the prim barn (south of lake city) started wed. but paul has been working, also working today so maybe we can go tomorrow, a nice drive up that way too. find a place to have a chicken dinner, yrs. ago we would go to my parents on sun. and my mother would fix fried chicken, potatoes & gravy, cole slaw & maybe green beans. so now i still want fried chicken on sunday but it has been awhile now, good places are hard to find although we don’t mind kentucky chicken (if all else fails) just wanted to tell you i enjoy your emails a lot, everything is interesting and like the pictures (like the other lady said you have a real nice place, esp. out in the country)

  6. Diana W

    I love the soup luncheon/bazaar idea. Wish our church would do this. Will have to mention to the pastor. We are so happy at my house with my Cubs win on Wednesday, and the absolutely beautiful Iowa weather. I sewed with the guild today, but left early to enjoy the nice day. Love your little quilts!

  7. Julie Burkhardt

    My daughter and son-in- law volunteer at an orphanage in Jamaica..I donated 2 small quilts for their fundraiser auction…to my surprise they brought $750. That is 10 weeks of groceries for the boys. Next year I will donate a larger one and several small ones. Makes me feel all giddy inside when I can help a worthy cause.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie – that is unbelievable and just fantastic! Small acts of kindness can change the world!!

      1. Cindie

        I would say you are changing the world with your small acts of kindness. Your email stories and pictures make my day!
        God bless

  8. Carolyn

    Often after completing a large quilt I want to make something without the hassle. It’s usually a miniature quilt or a pretty tabletopper. Yep, I am still creating, it not something bed size. It’s amazing how they accumulate.

  9. Diane

    Love that last Fall picture with your house and beautiful tree:) Are Telly and Mo the same kind of dog–something doodles? They look alike–kind of Ebony and Ivory:) Those little table toppers give me such good ideas. Just need to finish up a few other projects–LOL–like maybe 50!! But, our Guild fundraiser went well so I have time to make them for the next one:) Enjoy the Fall.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – Mo is a golden doodle and Telly is a labradoodle. They are very similar – each mixed with poodle but one is half golden retriever and the other one is half Labrador retriever.

  10. Marian

    Had a perfect day temperature wise and then your update. So enjoyed the pups, quilts, photography! No kitties or Emma in sight? šŸ˜»šŸ¶

  11. Carol

    Such fun news today, love the romping pups, your small but pretty projects and your lovely home in fall. Nice photos!

  12. Jeri Niksich

    The last picture of fall in Iowa sure made me miss the wonderful fall colors of yellows, reds, greens and oranges. Here is South Texas the only fall colors we see are green and Brown’s. Evergreen trees and Brown’s of dead leaves. I do so miss the Iowa fall color changes, but then again I do not miss the changing of the weather from warm to cool to cold, instead I’ll take the the few color changes along with the weather changes of hot to warm with the occasional cold front. Nope I think I’ll stick with Texas weather changes & forego the color changes. I miss you Iowa but I love Texas weather.

  13. Cynthia Sabinske

    Love the table toppers, and will have to try the pinwheels one like pinwheels the best! Your home, yard so pretty! Good that you vpcan take Telly for walks, it is good for us! Love reading your blog.

  14. Bobbie Knight

    I love seeing the projects you do, but especially when you take bit and pieces of leftovers and make a cute table topper. I save leftover scraps and somethimes think I am nuts, but these little projects really inspire me to get busy and sew a quick project today. Thank you for all your postings!

  15. Diane

    Aha—thanks for the info on the kinds of doodles, Mary. They are really cute. Don’t they look like two old guys enjoying each other’s company? šŸ™‚ PS I am working on a quilt from COUNTRY SEAMS. It still has great patterns and I still love it!! Copyright 1995:)

  16. Susie

    Mia’s happy little face just kills me she is so cute! Your bazaar donations are wonderful. I wish I lived nearby and could attend I would be purchasing them for sure.

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