Telly to the groomer! 2-20 – 24

Telly earlier today –

After grooming –

She’s beautiful! Soft and silky and smells so nice!! And I’l bet she feels like a million bucks!

That was this afternoon – late this morning Becky came and helped me move some furniture upstairs. Didn’t have time to clean and decorate – another day.

When I had to leave Telly for 2 hours, I drove on to Algona to pick up chicken feed at the farm store and then uptown to the thrift store. And it was a good day at the thrift store.

This heavy white casserole for $2.00 – I’ve looked up BIA but can’t confirm source.

No lid

Roseville 7” bowl – $3 – great for cat food

This vintage yellow basket – $.50. Paint is not new, some wear but tasteful and I don’t want it to look new.

10 stuffed animals – $.25 each. I picked the ones without beads in the stuffing. My arms were full and a little girl asked why I was buying so many – her eyes crinkled when I told her they were for my dogs.

One book – $.25. I read the books and return them – it’s like a rental system.

And Be Still for $1.00 – it’s going in my window sill.

Now wasn’t that fun?

When I picked Telly up I was thrilled! She’s pretty tired tonight and I’m just hoping she doesn’t roll in something nasty for a couple days.

So remember these quilts from last Christmas?

Here are some others that are waiting for quilting.

I believe all are Susan Winget but the horse that I’m working on is this:

I need to look up Steele Creek Studios.

When I was at the farm store this gal parked beside me with this bird backpack on. Inside is a conure, a small parrot-like bird. This little sweetheart is named Periwinkle!

I was flabbergasted – of course I had to ask if I could take a picture.

Reader photos

Thank you to everyone who sent postage donations and such nice letters – they nearly bring tears to my eyes. And another newspaper story about Caitlin came from Helen in Texas. She’ll be playing Thursday night against Indiana – it will be a tough game which is on Peacock again.

This horse was at the thrift store which brought back memories of Danny riding the spring horse I gave him. Becky said it was the best present he ever got – he wore the springs out 3 times! Haha!

Did any of your families have a Wonder Horse? Such great memories here.

Had to include this picture, too.

Later this week I’ve got Twyla’s favorites to share with you. It’s been a good day!

92 thoughts on “Telly to the groomer! 2-20 – 24

  1. Bonny

    Mary thank you for the blog about nothing, which is likely to include a little bit of everything! So sweet! Such a gift! Thank you! 🙏

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonny – a little bit of everything because that’s what our days consist of – yours, too, I’m sure!!!

  2. Anne Starnes

    Telly looks wonderful, what a difference!
    I have those 2 horse panels … mine came from Hobby Lobby.
    And your women’s b-ball team is amazing! My college roomie, 3 hrs. away, has gotten me interested in watching our school’s Lady Gamecocks (geez … I hate that dumb name, I call them the Lady Chicks!!) They’re pretty dang good, too!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Anne – oh, S Carolina is deadly good! I, too, hate the name – wth is a gamecock anyway? Sounds like illegal cock fighting. And Dawn Staley is formidable!!

  3. Diane in Colorado

    Oh, I will be curious to hear what you think of your 25 cent book. Jodi Picoult has become my current favorite author. I’m reading her Small Great Things right now.

    Telly looks great! And yes, I bet she feels like a million bucks!

    I got to take Laurel to her swim lesson this evening. Tomorrow we will go to gymnastics! This Grandma is going to be happily worn out by the end of the week!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I’m so glad you’re able to enjoy the kiddos! I have read many Jodi books but I don’t always like her endings – sort of up in the air.

      1. Diane In Colorado

        I especially loved My Sister’s Keeper—it really wrestled with some ethical issues I found very interesting. I experienced a wide range of emotions reading it!

        The Grands have kept me hopping—today we had gymnastics this morning and a trampoline park late this afternoon. Justin and Liz made it to Brisbane, Australia today and FaceTimed the kids from there. So many great hugs and snuggles!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane – I have forgotten why they’re traveling to Australia – ? I’ll write you an email about My Sister’s Keeper

  4. Susie Lenz

    You found a lot of treasures at the thrift store! Isn’t it fun to get so many items for so little money? Re-using,re-purposing,it’s all environmentally friendly,too! I too, enjoy a good bargain. Thrift-on!! Thanks for sharing your very full day.

  5. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Telly looks wonderful. Our Eddy will be groomed in two weeks and I can’t wait. Whenever he’s groomed I always say he can’t go outside, which of course is a joke. His cleanliness only seems to last one or two days. I guess I’m lucky as he is mostly a black dog so the dirt hides well. Thanks for the blog about nothing. I always look forward to reading it.

  6. Mary in Ca.

    My daughter had a horse like that. Did not wear out the springs…but wore out 2, Nine track tape of HOTEL CALIFORNIA…sucking a pacifier the whole time. (1977)

  7. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I forgot to mention my boys had a wonder horse too. Not sure if that’s why my youngest loves horses but he has two of his own now and trains horses on the side. Currently he is training his 3 yr old gelding. Elliot is a beautiful big boy.

  8. patti

    The wonder horse. my son had one and loved it. his son now (4 y.o.) is loving it though they have live horses that he has riden with his mother. i love the log cabin quilt featured. i want one of these and will have to force myself to stop and make myself one. the rabbits were cute also. your thrift store finds are great. i don’t get to go out like that so vicariously will live through you. good stuff. telly looks wonderful. started to bind my recent quilt i got quilted. tension problems way more than expected. i think i have to take it apart and do it again. the glide bobbin thread i used is a pain to deal with. will not use it again. in fact i just may put a new back on this one, use a different color thread on the top and re-quilt it. will have to see. it’s a bear trying to undo it. of course, i used a woven plaid on the back. oh well, still thinking on it. happy quilting to all. patti in florida p.s. yes a longarm makes quilting quicker, but taking out all those stitches still takes forever.

  9. Angie from Baltimore

    That casserole was a steal. Especially with a lid. Big enough for stuffed cabbage which I have been wanting.
    When I am looking I always have to have a “use” for the item but mostly because I need it.
    I am in the declutter mode there is even a group on Facebook to encourage you. It has made a world of difference and now I have more space for necessary items
    Love news from the farm and Telly looks “overjoyed “. NOT

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – well, sadly the casserole is missing the cover so I’ll have to use foil and keep my eyes peeled for a cover at the thrift stores.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – I think Telly was just exhausted after her spa day. She sleeps a lot and she missed that yesterday. I look at her and try to imagine how much better her skin must feel.

  10. DebMac

    My brothers and I had a Wonder horse. Ours was a bigger model so we rode it for quite a long time. It got passed down through the cousins. My nephew had a smaller model which he handed down to my children. Our daughter loved to ride it while watching Davey Crockett reruns on tv. When our son was 9 months old, he would climb up on one side and ride with her. When he was able to get a leg over the horse, he went crazy. He tipped it over several times riding so hard and managed to get “thrown off” into a sliding glass door. We think he took his hands off at the wrong time/speed. He got up, climbed back on and still rode hell for leather. (No wonder he became a Marine.) We passed it back to my nephew when he had children. I hadn’t thought about Wonder horses in years. Wonder if they still make them?
    It’s nice that your cats eat off Roseville pottery. My MIL collects blue Spode china and found a pink piece of Spode which she gave to me because I wasn’t into blue like the rest of the DILs. When we got our first dog she gave us a hard time about spoiling the dog so we sent her a picture of the puppy eating out of the pink Spode. My FIL said she was rather miffed about it until he told her that the picture was staged and that he was positive we weren’t feeding the dog out of the Spode. I may have lost a few favorite DIL points over that one as she never gave me any more Spode.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DebMac – Loved the Spode story! Haha! It’s the shape of this bowl that makes it a great cat food bowl – shallow and not too big. It’s already in use this morning. I have adopted a new attitude about using everything – what’s left will land in a thrift store anyway when I die. I hope some of my younger readers can rescue some of it.

      1. DebMac

        My great aunt and uncle were “affluent”. He had done very well in business and she liked nice things and he indulged her. When they decided to downsize, she went through everything and realized she was getting rid of the nice stuff because they never used it. After a period of reflection, she got rid of the everyday stuff and used the good stuff because her husband has worked hard to provide it for her. She loved eating off the “good” china and didn’t fret if a piece was broken as they had no children to leave things to and the pattern was dated even though she liked it. No more ratty towels, she used the nice monogrammed ones. Since she shared this bit of wisdom with me, I have always tried to “use the good stuff” and not let it sit there collecting dust.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          DebMac – yes, what great advice! Why do we think we’re not worthy of the good stuff? I’m going to adopt the same attitude with my favorite fabric – what am I saving it for? To go out of date?

  11. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Telly looks great! I thought she was a boy dog! I have tried to get a mobile groomer for Bella but they are always full, so it’s a bath in the sink and me with the clippers, no expert unfortunately. Bought a new pair of swimming togs today in preparation for lots of time in the spa pool on the cruise. You did well shifting, l have just sent a boot load of stuff to the charity store after spring cleaning. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  12. Charlotte in No. California

    My kids had a Wonder Horse. They loved riding it but never wore out the springs. My husband’s niece would fall asleep riding hers. I’ll have to ask her if she remembers that horse. Telly looks great. My dog always smelled so good after going to the groomers. What great thrift finds you got on your latest trip. I’ll have to stop at the one near me….no I’m trying to get rid of things. I’ll just stick to buying fabric.

  13. Barbara Yarnell

    Telly looks great! My Molly got groomed yesterday too and she looks and smells so nice. I’m sure she’ll have to go outside and roll several times today. Your thrift stores there seem so much better than what we have. Here they take old stuff and “upcycle” it and charge a big price or its new stuff made to look old. Farmhouse style, I think its called. That log cabin quilt is beautiful, looks like a ton of work!

  14. Lynette in Orlando

    Oh my gosh you brought back memories with the spring horse!!! I rode mine for HOURS as a kid!!!! I think I still have it somewhere actually. I loved that horse with all my heart — named it Whitey Joe……

    I need to find a thrift store and do some shopping. You seem to always find treasures. 🙂

  15. Linda Gabor

    This post made me smile. Sometimes life gets so hectic we forget that the little things are where happiness comes from. I enjoy reading your blog every morning and feel I know you and the ladies who contribute. I’m a care giver for my husband so every morning with my coffee before my day starts this blog is my escape to the farm and visit with friends. Your blog is not a blog about nothing to me it’s a life saver. Have a happy day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – thank you! The blog gets me out of bed many mornings to talk to everybody. Mornings were so boring before we all got this conversation started. It takes me 2-3 cups of coffee to read thru everything.

  16. Laura VS

    Love the log cabin quilt. I have done two puzzles that are very similar to the first truck panel. They were an “advent” style puzzle. You did a portion of the puzzle a day, for twelve days. It was fun.

  17. Betsy

    I love reading your blog. I was so surprised to you found a piece of Roseville Ohio pottery in Iowa. I am also from Ohio and I live just about 45 minutes from Roseville. I also have a stainless slip pitcher that was used at the pottery to pour the clay. Keep up the blog I love looking for it and reading it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betsy – thank you for reading! I have two floral Roseville vases that were my mom’s. There’s a lot of Roseville stuff in the Midwest actually and this “confetti” speckled bowl has never been my favorite look but the shape attracted me.

  18. Gloria from CC

    Telly looks so pretty. Reminds me of a story about Pooh Bear #1 – I took him to get groomed and he looked so cute and smelled like flowers. When we got home I set him down on the driveway and Bandit (Norwegian Elkhound) wandered over – lifted his leg – and peed all over Pooh! What a mess!
    I saw a lady in Trader Jo’s in Rochester wearing one of those bubble back packs with her cat inside. She said she takes her cat everywhere in the bubble.
    Beautiful quilts today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – haha! Bandit was just marking his property! I had never seen a back pack like that – would a bird or cat actually want to go in one of those, do you think? I would think it could be stressful for them.

      1. Gloria from CC

        I asked the lady that question and she said her cat loved the bubble. The cat seemed happy in there, not agitated. I was thinking about getting one for Angel but I think she’s too hyper.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Gloria – Angel might love it and she’s riding up high where she can see everything. Too bad I can’t fit Hazel in one!

  19. Carolyn of Ohio

    Those Wonder horse stories are great. Never thought you could replace the springs. My grandkids had a horse with springs, but a more modern design. The two oldest would ride together. Love your Christmas panels. Couldn’t get over the bird in the backpack. People will think of anything!
    Love Telly’s new look. Must take my Buster to the groomer soon. Warm wishes to you And your resders.

  20. Kim from Wi

    Some great finds at the thrift store and how cute is the bird back pack? Loved all the quilts and I sure wish Caitlyn a great night. We are on a road trip for the next few days, had to break the winter up. We stopped in Metropolis, Ill and saw the huge Superman Statue and wandered the museum and gift shop. Such fun, now we are headed to meet up with some friends from TN for a few days. Its 70 and the sun is shining.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Maureen – Harper Lee! What a great name – what does he look like? You could send a picture to my email.

  21. Kathy in Western NY

    What a trip down memory lane looking at the riding horse. We had one for our kids and passed it on. Sure took up a lot of floor space in our tiny place but they loved it. Telly looks much younger all spiffed up.
    I passed up buying several panels at that sale in Buffalo as I struggle with them. It’s like our own little quilt group too reading others comments on them. Making Harvey was so much fun last year and I thank you for designing one of the most fun patterns I ever made. He looks so cute on my front door for all to see and I would remake him once he fades. I’m glad I am taking time to wash all this fabric I bought at the estate sale as I found a bug in one piece of pastel Fossil fern line that I tossed as it was very stained.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – yes, it will be worth it to have all that fabric washed and ready to use! Do you really have to press it all? Ugh. I suppose – I refuse to cut wrinkled fabric – too hard. Yes, panels are a struggle some times – maybe I should do a short tutorial?

        1. Kathy in NY

          I agree a tutorial would be wonderful. Someone like you who’s made as many as you have could offer some ways to make it less frustrating to us. And your readers have ideas too so would make a good blog post.

          1. Lynne from NJ

            Yes, I would love a tutorial also. I have a few panels just waiting for some borders. Poor Telly. She looks great but doesn’t look happy. Great pictures of your nephew. I’m glad you reminded us of the game tomorrow. I hope you decided on the goat t-shirt – seems perfect for your farm life.

  22. Marie C

    Great post today. I had a wonderhorse. I spent so much time riding it. Thanks for the memories. My dog gets so excited when we bring him a stuffed animal. Unfortunately they don’t last long, maybe an evening. Love the log cabin quilt. It’s on my bucket list.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie – the stuffed animals don’t last long around here either but when they only cost a quarter, I don’t care. My dogs have a good time which is priceless to me.

  23. Donna Jo

    Telly looks fabulous! Our neighbors across the street have a labradoodle named Benny. They have a groomer who works out of a special van groom him. When I see it I always think Benny is having a spa day. This groomer is so busy he won’t take any new clients. Great thrift store finds! My friend texted me last night saying we need to hit the thrift stores and do lunch soon! Guess I will be going to the bar again on Thursday to watch Iowa! I hate watching in a loud bar!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – for $5.99 you could stay home in the quiet and watch the game. Our most popular sports bar is called The Other Place and on game days the parking lot is full, it’s hard to get a great table unless you get there very early and IT IS LOUD! And you can’t hear the game – only watch. Ugh. Wish you lived near me – I’d invite you over to watch!

      1. Donna Jo

        Mary there’s only 2 regular games left on Peacock and 2 others that I can watch from home. I will suffer at the bar for just 2 games!☺️ My husband said if you ever come to Kansas City, he wants to treat you to KC bbq and beer! He can’t believe how much I love watching Iowa play basketball!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Donna Jo – I I’ll take him up on the offer of bbq and beer! Sounds so good and I wish we had it in North Iowa! Many years ago a friend in KC took Connie and I out for BBQ and I can still see that huge platter of food! Here’s a KC fact for you – we did Quilt Market several times in KC and one time our van got broken into and all our luggage stolen – before we had checked in at the hotel. We had nothing! Had to set up our booth and then headed to the mall for one pair of black pants, 4 shirts, underwear, shoes and MAKEUP! All of our money for selling from our booth was also gone. Other vendors helped if they could but when we finally headed home with the passenger window taped closed I was very relieved. How’s that for my KC story?

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – I have heard about grooming vans and would love one around here. I will not let Telly get so bad again – my groomer is so busy and booked up that I already made her an appt in June.

  24. Sandra Goddard

    Oh we had the spring horse too our daughter Holly rode that horse for hours. She too wore out several sets of springs. Now as an adult her love of horses has transferred to the real things. She has had many horses both here when she lived home and since she has been married. Thanks for the memories

  25. Sue Baker

    Yes our son born in 1965 rode his spring horse to death. The 2 sons who foiiowes a bit later, not so much.

  26. NJ

    Our 2 kids spent lots of time on their jumping horse & a rocking horse. I remember the rocking horse had a label “Harry the Hairless Horse” so their names were Harry and Rocky. Those horses took up a lot of space in our small house but good memories.

    Our granddaughter’s husband trains roping horses as a sideline and they often watch a little rodeo on tv. The 3 year old (Cooper) rides his rocking horse in front of the tv, wearing his cowboy hat. When the rider on tv falls off his horse, Cooper does the same. So cute.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      NJ – oh, how sweet! Cooper falls off the horse when the rider on tv falls off? What a video that would be! Send it to America’s Funniest Home Videos before he gets too big. I’d myself would love to see it.

  27. Kim

    We had a Bucky the Wonder horse as kids! Love the log cabin quilt and the cute Harvey’s. Great thrift store finds. My sister and I have a favorite where we always find good stuff.
    Love reading your blog everyday!
    Go Caitlin!

  28. Linda in MI

    Mary, your blog this morning is wonderful. Telly looks so cute but I think she looked adorable before the spa!

    You made wonderful fines at the thrift store, makes me want to go but I have a busy day as usual and I – have enough to dust (which I don’t do often!)

    Have a wonderful day. It is suppose to get near 50 today and it’s still February which is normally the most bitter month of all.

  29. Fran

    That was a great day! Good finds. I love days like that!

    It’s so warm here in IA. I got a walk on Monday but not yesterday. I will get one today before I have to head to the city. I would rather stay home and sew.

    Loved the quilts especially Harvey! Ah, Telly! Looking good!

  30. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Loved the quilts today. Those are nice panels. Telly looks great with a new haircut. I loved the pictures of the rocking horse. My kids didn’t have one of those but they had a Little Tykes car, orange and yellow, that they rode on in our family room and sat in all the time! Have a great day everyone!

  31. Lois Ann Johnson

    I loved all of your thrift store “finds”, Mary. Good job shopping. I was interested in your comments about the Wonder Horse because my children had one, too. I remember we bought it for our oldest daughter (for Christmas) in 1958 when she was not quite 2 yrs. old. She would rock herself to sleep on that darn thing and we would have to keep an eye on her so she wouldn’t fall off! It was eventually passed on down to the 3 younger kids and I don’t think the springs wore out. What great memories!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois Ann – she rocked herself asleep! Oh, how sweet – yes, just seeing that horse brought back many memories and I’m glad I posted it because I can see I’m not the only one with memories connected to that horse. I have enjoyed this conversation!

  32. M

    My daughter had a horse like that. Hers was black and white. She rode that critter so hard his nose would almost touch the floor. To this day she LOVES horses. When she was young, we had to wait each time we went anywhere for her to tie her imaginary horse to the back bumper of the car. Back then children did not have car seats or seat belts. Even though we had strict rules about SITTING not standing in the seats, she would sneak up and look out the back window off and on to be sure her imaginary horse was ok galloping behind the car.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      M – oh, that is such a sweet story it should be a children’s book!!! Honestly – what kid wouldn’t love that story!!

  33. Judy from Wisconsin

    So enjoyed the blog today. I was not familiar with Wonder horse. We had a Marvel the Mustang which was popular in the late 60’s.

  34. Dianne in So CA

    Mary, I love the pictures of the wonder horse! I am 67 and my sister and I had one. My grandchildren have ridden and one is still riding it now! Thanks for sharing so many cool things!

  35. Nancy Rubeck

    I’m taking my 2 grandsons to the Iowa Indiana game. We live in Indiana, but boys have Caitlin’s shirts!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – I am so jealous!! I want to come along! So you’re going to sit in the Indiana stands with Caitlin shirts on???? Let me know how that was received? Haha! She is phenomenal and I’ll be watching Thursday night, too. Can’t wait to see those Logo Threes and the lightning fast passes!

      1. Mary H

        Oh yes, we bought our boys a 2nd hand horse and they had ours of fun on it. After moving it 3 times to new towns,it was passed on to a new owner.

  36. maria Stever

    Hi Mary! I am a day late. Still want to snuggle my face in Telly’s fur back. He is beautiful. Isn’t this winter something else…supposed to be 50 today and no snow on the ground. Yay! The Christmas truck quilts are just great and so colorful. The gal with the bird is so unique. Only in Iowa! Ha! Your thrift store finds are just great. You are so lucky! Glad to hear you had a wonderful day. I think I have projects to get to. I wish Caitlin was on ESPN.

  37. Marian

    Hi Mary! I am a day late. Still want to snuggle my face in Telly’s fur back. He is beautiful. Isn’t this winter something else…supposed to be 50 today and no snow on the ground. Yay! The Christmas truck quilts are just great and so colorful. The gal with the bird is so unique. Only in Iowa! Ha! Your thrift store finds are just great. You are so lucky! Glad to hear you had a wonderful day. I think I have projects to get to. I wish Caitlin was on ESPN.

  38. Jay

    I don’t remember who had the spring horse when my boys were little, but I vividly remember the SOUND of the endless bouncing springs!

  39. Gloria in NC

    I so enjoyed the blog and comments today! I had forgotten the Wonder Horse. I need to ask my daughters if they remember him. We passed it on to our niece’s. Telly looks so clean. I want to order a pattern for Harvey and wrote down all info, but misplaced my notes. I know….but could you include the info again or email me? We have been in this house for 10 months and I still have not found a good place for some things. Rearranged the master closet today! After my rest, I hope to get to sewing room.

  40. Kris in WI

    Telly is such a pretty girl after her day at the spa. Now to catch up on those missed naps…and perhaps a stroll outside to check out the mud!
    Mary, nice work thrift shopping! I always love to see what you find. I thought for sure the next picture after the new white casserole dish would be the cat IN the casserole! Oh, the fun and fluff that will happen when the new stuffy toys come out to play! 25 cents for a book? Try $1.95 at our local shop!
    DebMac–Great story about the dog eating out of the Spode. LOL! I’m just sorry you weren’t gifted any more pieces.
    I have several panels that are waiting for a good finishing idea. I think a simple border just might do it. Better than sitting in the box waiting for inspiration for another 15-20 years.
    Have a great day, everyone, and thanks again for your blog, Mary. I’m headed down to the basement to finish a few more LWR quilts and find the fabrics to finish one of the panels. Kris

  41. Joy in NW Iowa

    My parents gave our daughter one of those horses when she was one. You should have seen the fear when we set her on it! But it wasn’t long and that thing was rocking all over the toy room! Then the boys came a long and rode it too. I can still hear the bouncing!
    I love all the quilts
    I love Telly’s new hair do! So pretty!
    Well, best get that sewing machine humming!

  42. San

    We had a unicorn rocker, not a horse. I loved it anyway and didn’t know the difference. It was passed onto my cousin for her children. It’s a shame today’s toys don’t last as long.

    What a pretty pup!

    Thanks for sharking all of the Christmas panels.

    San / Murphy, NC / Sunny and around 60 today

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      San – what does “sharking” mean? Buying them? This is an old panel, I think. It’s been around a long time but I had never seen it before. If I find out the age I’ll let you know.

  43. Mary Etherington Post author

    Beamer’s mom – you mean it survived through 5 kids? That really is a Wonder Horse!

  44. Beth T.

    My littlest brother received a bouncy horse in 1982, when he was two years old. He called it, “Sugar Gum”. He loved that thing, and rode it for a couple of years; he used to bounce it so vigorously he would “walk it” across the room. Sweet, happy memories.

  45. Dee

    My sister had one of those horses. She got the horse, I got a bike. My mom was so upset that I struggled to learn to ride that bike. She couldn’t ride one, so she was sure I was too stupid to do it. I fooled her! I learned to ride the bike. and drive a car, and lots of other things she wasn’t sure she wanted me to know.

  46. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Another great blog, Mary. Telly looks beautiful. I’ll bet that gave her a boost😃. I love all those horse panels! I just found one I have had for a while. On the list. Mary, we live not too far from Roseville and Crooksville pottery. I have some of the old ones. Truthfully, some are kind of ugly. The readers quilts are fun. My Harvey will be out next month. We are fascinated by the bird in the backpack. Great invention. My kids had a hand me down horse, too, that they loved. It went to the nephews. Beautiful here~~62*. Wonderful. The dogs on my route love good weather b/c I am out with treats.😃

  47. Farmer Tims ‘ wife Ellen

    This is great post!!! I forgot I have one upstairs in my attic and with 6 little grands a under 4 and another arriving in April. Farmer Tim will need something to help keep the bigs busy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ellen – oh my gosh, you’ve got one? Get it down from the attic. You’re lucky you have one – I went on EBay and some of the vintage ones are upwards of $500.

  48. Debra Reber

    We have the spring horse that my husband had as a child, “Palomino Pal”. It has been given back & forth between my husband & his brother for years. Now all the grandchildren are riding it. It has had springs replaced probably 3 times. Our youngest grandchild has almost grown too big to ride it, but my husband will never give it up!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debra – I went on EBay to see what they’re worth and some of the vintage ones are worth up to $500!! I love that it’s still being passed around – you can buy a new set of springs on EBay, too – what a great toy!

      1. Debra Reber

        Wow, I can’t believe it could be worth $500!! But I don’t think my husband will ever part with it!!

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