23 thoughts on “Test

  1. Nancy

    Can’t wait to see what’s in those boxes! Having two lovely Berninas myself, I love to see what others have!

  2. Cathy

    Uh-oh! Looks like someone is going to have fun. Good for you, you deserve to do something nice for yourself.

  3. Donna Sproston

    I think you are telling me it is time to invest in a Bernina. I have my entry level Brother and can buy a lot of fabric for the price to upgrade. As for the photo, it looks normal in the email and elongated in the comment section. The elongated Bernina would be an interesting machine for the vertically challenged to operate, but you car would fit in less space than a mini-Cooper. Not to worry. By the time we figure out why the computer does this, it will be time for Windows 23.

  4. Dee W

    Box is tall and skinny when you go to comment. Otherwise I thought you were just trying to make sure we all were drooling over the bernina box. I met Alex Anderson when she was test stitching a new sit down bernina quilt machine in Des Moines. We were chatting, then I realized who I was chatting with!

  5. Debbie Miller

    Email pix-normal-short and wide. Blog pix-tall and skinny. Maybe I need to start a blog and post lots of pictures of myself!
    Can’t wait to see new machines!

  6. patti leal

    oh yeah. you’re broadcasting loud and clear. you just wanted to make sure we saw that big ‘ole box of machine. so what model did you get?
    patti in florida

  7. Cindie

    So curious as to what model Bernina you got. I am thinking about a new machine, but not at all sure what model I want.
    Tell us how the test drive went.
    The pictures aren’t a problem for me. Technolog often plays tricks. It isn’t as if I didn’t know it was a car with a box in the back!!!
    Glad you are feeling a bit better.
    Be well

  8. Ginny

    Picture is fine until I go comments then it’s tall and skinny but as someone else said it’s not big deal.
    It’s amazing what will jump in your van at a fabric store! You deserve a new toy


  9. Janice

    Oops! I have to correct what I said earlier. Most of the photos in the Time Heals post appear normal size. The last few photos of magazine and car appear skinny and long. Is it the way you hold your i-phone (vertical versus horizontal)?

  10. Amy

    I’m with the others…photo in email looks fine but when I go to website it is skewed. Now here is a test back to you…..can you post a video to the blog? Let’s see this new machine humming a tune!

  11. Janice

    Picture in email looks OK but on website it appears skinny/ and narrow. Photos in Time Heals post on website appear normal. Looks like sometimes your pictures are OK and other times skinny & narrow. If I click on each of the skinny & narrow photo I do get o view a normal photo. What do you use to take photos? Is it always the same?

    Please don’t keep us in suspense on the Bernina machines?

  12. Brenda

    Is this a test … Or a tease???
    Over 100 in Phoenix but we arrived in MT last night where it’s in the 60s and I’m cold.

  13. Susan Sundermeyer

    Ok, is Bernina paying you to tempt me into buying a new machine?! Lol!

  14. Donna O

    I’m jealous…..I have two Berninas but I have lot of fabric s I could use another machine so I can whittle down my stash 😉 I’m happy for you and glad you’re missing Faye is getting easier each day.

  15. Ann Barlament

    someone must be complaining about the pictures…. when I look at it through my email the box is shorter. When it displays on Chicken Scratch, the box appears tall and skinny.

    If this is your test…I personally think people should lighten up!! it’s still the same picture… why are they being so picky (that ends the sermon for today). Be nice to one another and start using your imagination!!

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