A friend of mine told me to quit whining about George and be happy for him and she’s right! I am happy for George – he will live out his life in luxury and what dog wouldn’t like that? Think of all the dogs who will die at a shelter or on the streets as a stray. George is one of the lucky dogs in the world. My friend in SC is putting her 22 year old black lab down today – she promised him that when he “told” her it was time to go the the bridge, she would listen.

So, Friends, I apologize for whining – I am thrilled for George! He is one of the luckiest dogs in the world this morning and I could not be happier for him. Maybe YOU could save a dog from a life in a cage – maybe your home has room for another dog. I promise to quit whining.

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  1. Spencer Theresa

    You are not whining! This is your passion, Thank you for all you do with animals

  2. Jill

    I don’t think you need to apologize for sharing your feelings about George. They were honest and real. I once saw a picture of a dog from out local shelter, Harry. I just knew he was meant for me. I didn’t think out current dog would accept another dog (I was wrong about that) but once Harry’s picture was on Facebook, he was adopted just that quick. I was in tears over the fact that I couldn’t have that dog! I felt your pain and knew how you felt.

  3. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Mary, I liked your emotional honesty! Almost every situation gives us mixed emotions. It just happened so you deserve some grace.

  4. Sue

    Your love just spills through when you have to give back. You deserve a little down time. But, it is good to see the thankful part too. You are kind, that hurts at times.

  5. Susan

    Your love just spills through when you have to give back. You deserve a little down time. But, it is good to see the thankful part too. You are kind, that hurts at times.

  6. Kathy Hanson

    It is so easy to fall in love with a dog, even though you knew you were blessed with fostering him. It is just fine that you were sad – you would want to keep them all but do know that that just isn’t possible. So give yourself a break, I am always happy to hear about your feelings so say whatever you need to on the blog or anywhere else! Sp glad he got a wonderful “forever home” and I’m sure the new family will let you know how he is doing. He looked like a very special little fellow!

  7. Angie from Baltimore

    You aren’t whinnying you are just missing him. Isn’t he lucky that two people wanted him when I am sure he felt alone and unwanted until you came along and brought him to the next phase of his life. He looked so comfortable in that picture and I am sure he now knows he is lovable and wanted.
    So go on missing him knowing he is being loved.

  8. Vickie Lemonds

    I disagree! I don’t think you were whining, but grieving. You’d let George into your life abd heart, even contemplating adopting him. You had every right to be sad and a bit heartsick too. Often times, expressing those thoughts out loud is very therapeutic and allows us to move past the loss. George is a lucky one to have a second chance and how very, very lucky that he passed through your life for a brief moment in time. Now, he’s received love from, at least, two homes.
    I appreciate your thoughts and sympathize too.

  9. Ginny

    You know how I feel about your foster experience, it’s hard to see them go but you made a difference in their life.
    It is ironic that FB posted a memory for me…it was 3 years ago that we welcomed baby Arlo into our family. Hazel was just a baby and the two of them had fun playing together.
    This afternoon Ranger will be leaving us but he will live on in our hearts. No matter how they leave us whether to a new home or to the bridge they live on in our hearts and we can be grateful for having them in our life.

  10. Deb E

    You weren’t whining, you were missing an old dog that you love. It’s hard when they leave (either to a new home as in your case or through death). We have three that were adopted, and there is no greater joy than seeing the look on their faces when they realize they now are going home with their new family. I think if I brought home another dog my family would shoot me and the 3 fur babies would revolt! : )

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb E – haha! I think Rick would just shake his head if I brought home another dog right now – and he wouldn’t necessarily be happy! Ah, the life of a dog rescuer!

  11. Teresa

    It’s ok to miss him and allow yourself the grief, don’t apologize for having feelings!
    I believe that all the dogs that pass through your life are blessed. You do good every time you open your door to them.

  12. Linette Stewart

    I always wanted to foster dogs but like you Mary I get too attached way too quickly. I wish I could change that. You did a wonderful thing for George.

  13. Roxanne

    Only a very good friend can tell us when to stop whining. You are blessed with so many good people in your life—we all think you’re the best! Next time maybe keep your foster dog to yourself a few extra days – it’s a fine line.❤️

  14. Ruth

    I have read your blog for many years and never commented. You speak from your heart and so many times your thoughts resonate with mine. God bless friends that work through their emotions and share them with others. God bless friends that remind us to live in gratitude. During this time of uncertainty, especially at a senior age, life has slowed down, and given us permission to do what we have a passion for, count our blessings, and read a heart warming blog written by a sincere, generous woman. Thank you

  15. Kathy in western NY

    You are human and I am grateful you feel compassion and have a heart so don’t ever think you have to apologize for being the caring soul you are. My kind of people I chose to surround my life with….wish we lived closer.

  16. Carla

    I haven’t been here very long, but I can already see that you are a good soul. Not many people care about animals, not truly anyway. Yesterday while doing yard work we found a mama kitty and 3 new kittens. Local shelter is full. It’s always full. So my son made a post on a local rehoming fb site. Too late. She took them somewhere else. If the shelter hadn’t been full I could have probably caught them all, as the mama isn’t feral, and gotten them somewhere they have a chance. In my rural area this happens often. It’s a darn shame. Not sure if I’ll get another chance to get them. But I’ll keep an eye out.

  17. Amy M

    Mary, you get attached to animals so quickly it is emotional, you wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t care as much as you do. These dogs are needing forever homes and they are being saved by you for someone to creative a beautiful home for them. You give them great socialization time and for some a farm experience they may not ever get if they go to live in the city. Give yourself a big pat on the back and anxiously await the next one sent to you for whatever reason.

  18. Sandra Goddard

    You are not whining. I don’t know as I could of given him up. Most cats and dogs are instantly love at first sight and thus we keep them. My kids and their families are the same way. It is our lot in life.

  19. Sue franke

    My husband and I lost our wonderful adopted lab about a month ago to stomach cancer. Heartbreaking. We’ve registered with several adoption sites for another lab but have been told that because more people are working from home these days, dogs to be adopted aren’t readily available. That’s a great thing for the dogs but not for us. Well just keep looking. The perfect companion for us is out there somewhere.

  20. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Hey, Mary, I did not for one second think you were whining! I thought you were so happy George got a loving placement! Whining and having loving feelings are two entirely different things, which a loving person should recognize. Pay no attention to critics, Mary, and just keep opening your heart to strays and the homeless animals and your fans.

  21. Janice Ritt

    I understand your feelings – that’s how we animal people are! I volunteer at an animal shelter (have, since 2003) and can’t go there because of the virus and I miss it terribly. They don’t want me there because of my age (I’m 83) and they don’t want me to be exposed. I have 3 cats from there (lost 1 about 2 years ago) and I still miss him terribly.

  22. Melody

    So silly to say you are whining about George or any other animal. Your love of all animals big or small is shone everyday in your actions. Can’t think of anyone more caring and loving than you.

  23. KarenBarto

    Wow, That is wonderful for a lab to live that long. My chocolate lab just turned 10 and I pray that he has 10 more years with us. Love all the photo’s of the quilts. So many talented woman out there.

  24. Shirley

    We have had our little minpin/chihuahua rescue for a year now. He came to Alaska from a highkill shelter in LA courtesy of Alaska Airlines. He has been our saving grace during quarantine. He is a real little snuggle bug.

  25. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love that you can share your feelings on your blog when you are feeling down, as well as when life is just hunky dory. We all know how passionate you are about your animals. I understand how conflicted you felt, since events with George happened quickly. I love hearing all about your life.
    Actually, whining is one of the things I do best. ha ha

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanie S – haha! So what do YOU whine about? We all want to know!

  26. Noeleen Taylor

    Friends ;
    They can encourage and criticise . We listen and sympathise. We cry with you or enjoy the delights of your visiting pets, and Hazel, the chooks, and goat. It’s like a breath of reality in times of news filled with doom and gloom. Thank you Mary, i’d rather you kept it real. and from your heart.
    Love, Noel.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      No eleven Taylor – I can tell where you’re from when you call the chickens chooks! Haha! Next year I’m ordering chicks again – I can’t wait!


    Mary, never apologize for the heart that God gave you… It is precious to Him and to us! With love, C

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