Thanksgiving Monday

The snow is melting and the forecast for Thanksgiving Day is rain.  Last week’s storm was forecast so I was forced to cut the pampas grass – for those of you who asked.  On the other hand, the weather forecasters are so wrong so many times that I wonder why I believed them last week – ha!  I just loved all the chatter in the comments section.  It kind of felt like a neighborhood club chatting over a cup of coffee.  I did truly just love it! 

 The snow is very beautiful and I do not fail to notice that.  Of course, I don’t have to get out on the roads to go anywhere.  I can sit inside and enjoy the view.

Here is the view in my bed with Tasha and Libby who are here for 10 days.

Toby and Dakota arrived last night for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Faye and Telly are good sports about having company.

Two more dogs arrive tomorrow and one more arrives Wednesday for a full house of 9 dogs! 

And then there’s Ernie Joe Mauer!

28 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Monday

  1. Carol

    Where else would a cat be in a cozy Quilty house but stretched out on an end table? Where on earth did Ernie Jo Mauer get his name?

  2. Angie Rowland

    Ernie Joe doesn’t seem fazed at all. It isn’t the dogs going to the kennel, but the kids going to Grandma’s. They are so lucky to have you. No trauma for the pets when they come home. Must be a GREAT peace of mind for the fur parents.

  3. Patty

    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving there in your cozy home!
    Love the snow! It is warm here. Hoping for some rain!

  4. Paula S.

    Ernie Joe isn’t intimidated by a houseful of dogs. After all, he owns the place, right?

  5. Caryn (lover of all beagles) B.

    Dakota is such a good looking beagle. I enjoy seeing pictures of him/her.

  6. Mary Etherington

    Carol – Ernest Hemingway raised polydactyl cats on Key West and Joe Mauer played catcher and/or first base with big gloves for either position. My mom just loved Joe Mauer and we were hoping she would want this cat but she didn’t. Thus his name – Ernie Joe Mauer. Ha! He just showed up here in August, 2009, right before Mom’s 90th birthday. When he jumps into my lap, it’s like holding a 3 year old toddler!

  7. Kathy Scotth

    I thought at first you were in the “boarding” business for all the doggies that were in the house. From one comment I learned they are the pets of your children. How wonderful to have all the kids and pets together. Hope they behave and have a happy time at your home. Lovely snow view from your home but I wouldn’t want to shovel it from the drive. Glad you can stay home and enjoy the pets and view. It’s wonderful with family is together.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – I’m chuckling at your comment. I really am boarding these dogs for friends and family. I don’t even have any kids so the dogs become my kids. And yes, they are lucky dogs!

  8. PJ

    You are such an amazing gal, you are certainly the energizing bunny, do you ever run out of steam????😄 9 dogs now that will be quite a puppy party, all your posts, brightens my day to see them.. Happy Thanksgiving 🍗🍗🦃🦃

  9. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the pictures of the snow and all the dogs. The best picture of Ernie. He is a trooper to put up with all those dogs.
    Happy Thanksgiving from Virginia.
    Carolyn B

  10. Cathy

    I just love seeing all the furry kids enjoying your home. These certainly are lucky dogs to be spending Thanksgiving with you instead of being boarded in some sterile, cold kennel. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. MartyCae

    Thanks so much for the picture of Ernie Joe Mauer! He looks so relaxed! Do Faye and Telly eat Turkey scraps?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lori – the cat is still there – I will take its picture and post tomorrow.

  12. Linda in TX

    I have been a follower for a year or so and love seeing all the goings on in your life. Do all the dogs just naturally get along with each other? I feel like you have a magic spell cast over your home and yards and the dogs just enter the force field and suddenly all love each other. (Actually, I believe that you can create an atmosphere that encourages that – and it appears that you have.) I really enjoy seeing all the visitors and all the ‘chores’ you’re up to. I love Ernie Joe Mauer – he is the boss of ’em all! Does he ever lose patience with any of the dogs? Anyway – I love your blog. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The dogs that seems to have an aggressive streak must stay in the kennel and yard because I simply cannot take any chances! Ernie never loses his temper – he’s always calm and always assumes he’s in charge. Another thing – when dogs are confined, they tend to be argumentative. I have 7 fenced acres and they can run off any excess energy. Thanks for reading!

  13. Claudia Voorhees

    Lucky pups that get to come stay at your house !! Just want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving !! No snow here – yet- for us in eastern ND. We just treasure each day we don’t have snow and really cold temps.
    Happy Thanksgiving !

  14. Freda Ireland

    Love PIC of snow on/off of Roof! Now, I know why it is called “A Blanket of Snow!” I enjoy reading all the comments also! Great Dog PICs!
    Ernie Joe Mauer may be the Brother to our Fluffy! I opened the door about a year & a half ago and she walked in! I said, “Hi Fluffy! & she said, “Mow!” I tell people, “She rescued herself!”
    My William confessed, later, that he had been feeding her in the garage!
    She had been lost for a long time because she only weighed 4 lbs when we took her to the Vet about 2 week later. She was ALL legs & tail! Now, she weighs 14 lbs and looks more proportional; well, except she is OVER Weight! Difficult to put 1 cat on a diet when there are 5 others! She WAS /IS the ALPHA cat, from day 1 !
    She look like a Orange Female “Norwegian Forest Cat” with Long Ear “Furnishings” & a Lovely “Ruff” around her neck! When she is walking away from you, with her “Tail in the Air”, it looks like she is wearing “Harem Pants”!
    She is our only “Talking” Cat (She even talks to herself; if she sees something puzzling, she says “Hum!!!”). But, she would only say “Mow!” and “No!!!” to me! She says, “No!!!” to every question! I have worked at trying to get her to say “Me-ow! Last week she looked at her empty food bowl & then, looked up at me & said, “Mow”! I looked at her & I said “Me-ow!!! We repeated this, more than a few times, until she said finely Said, “ME-OW!” I Filled her bowl FULL!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Freda (Oxford, Alabama!)

  15. Bobby Sutton

    I so love the pictures. No snow here yet, but the amount of acorns and black walnuts that have fallen predict a pretty cold winter! Nine dogs is a lot to keep up with. However, friend and neighbor Leslie Kemp does that every day. I give you both lots of credit. I can hardly keep up with the one cat I have!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, how I wish I lived closer to Les so I could lend her a hand! She has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

  16. Gloria Yates

    Ernie Joe looks just like my Monte but Monte doesn’t like dogs. Monte is one big cat and you know it when he jumps on you. My husband doesn’t like cats so Monte knows to come to me. Monte originally belonged to the neighbors across the street but they began fostering dogs and I began to try to pet Monte when he roamed around. Now, he is my cat, won’t go across the street anymore and spends a lot of the day inside sleeping. For quite some time, they furnished his food but I now do buy his food. I love that cat!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sounds like Monte picked you and you were sweet enough to take him in so he didn’t have to put up with those dogs! No wonder he loves you!

  17. Launa

    Looks as tho Ernie Joe is just as relaxed no matter how many visiting dogs are there enjoying their “staycations” with you!

  18. Mary C.

    A houseful of 9 dogs…sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving! They are indeed lucky to get boarded at your house instead of a kennel. Hope you find a little time for quilting in between letting everyone in & out. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Diane

    Wow Mary. You have a houseful. When all of us come visit do we get nice soft beds, too? LOL. I love to see Ernie Joe. I taught American Literature for 30 years so do have a soft place for Hemingway and his cats:) Have a GREAT Thanksgiving. Nice in Central Ohio–about 50 degrees. Don’t forget Small Business Saturday on the 28th:)

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