The Big Job Ahead of Me

We tore the dirty carpet out of our upstairs last year (I think) and still have not replaced it because with all these dogs and cats we just couldn’t decide what to do.  We have very worn pine floors in the original part of the house and I put new pine floors in a pickled white in the piano room.  We decided to go with what we were used to – pine floors.  I have not done one thing to the upstairs since we tore the carpet out.  We’ve been living with sub floors and a general mess and yes, I took pictures of that general mess so you can see the before and after.  The main bedroom is the whole second floor with a loft that looks over the living room and dining room walk thru.  There is a full bath, a large walk thru closet which leads to another small bedroom.  There are beds in the main bedroom, the loft and the small bedroom and I drift from one to another depending on how I’m sleeping on any particular night.

There are dog beds, easy chairs, cat beds, quilts, blankets and rugs for whichever animal wants to sleep where and when the new floor is completed I hope to have this better organized.

The loft is not very wide and only the landing has headroom to stand up in.  Bookcases line the center with a space for a built in TV and the landing is a sunken area about 6′ X 8′.  Wouldn’t a kid just love to lounge up there and watch TV?

Through the closet is the small bedroom with some other details that I can show you when this project is complete.  The bed is built in and there are 2 large storage areas under the slanted roofline.  A ship’s galley stairway leads down to my office.  I will take more pictures when we’re done.

Putting the whole house together again is going to be a huge job because they’re bringing everything in through a living room window.  The entire living room had to be dismantled so they have a straight shot up the steps with the pine boards after they’re cut.  Each room upstairs is emptied and moved as they lay the floor and then shuffled again. Oh but it’s going to take me a month to get it all out back in place again!  It will be a good time to sort and throw – spring cleaning at its best!  They say that honesty is good for the soul but this much is almost painful.  I’ll be anxious to show you the “after” pictures!

And yes, I have two parakeets named Sherman and Timmy.  They were listed as Free in the newspaper but I spent almost $140 on cage and equipment, food and supplies by the time I got them home.  And they really are so darned messy and dusty.  I do like to hear them chirp however.

 I would like to attend a function in April and I’m looking for a house/pet sitter for the day.  Is there anyone out there in this area who might be interested?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll be in touch with you.

29 thoughts on “The Big Job Ahead of Me

  1. Angie Rowland

    We have lost our minds and decided to have the bathroom and kitchen redone. At one point we had no floor in the ONLY bathroom and could see all the way to the basement as there was rotten boards that needed replaced in the kitchen. BUT now we have floors, ceilings a bathroom (lived in motel 2 weeks) and now the plaster dust you can not wipe with damp rag or you get plaster again. We have our bedroom done and I have vacuumed more than I have ever have. When this is finished (supposedly early next week) I will be taking weeks to get all the dust BUT will have the cleanest house on the block but will be clearing out MORE than I did before the project was started. I am sure that it will be ALL for the good when we are done IF we are still talking to each other.

  2. Diane

    Wow, Mary, your house is so interesting. I love it! It is going to be a big job, but it will look wonderful when it’s finished. Was the little bed built in when you bought the house? I think that’s a Dutch or German tradition maybe? Cute. I love the pic of the birds with the kitty “waiting” underneath!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Janet

    What date/hours are you looking for help? I’m not afraid of any animal or any animal behavior or any animal ‘aroma’ πŸ™‚

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janet – I found someone for April 21 but I have some other dates this spring and summer I might be looking for someone. Would you like to leave your phone number? My email is Do you live near Garner?

  4. Donna Ondler

    What are your dates in April ? I do a lot of pet sitting and depending on the dates I may be interested.

  5. Carol

    What is in the water these days? My husband and I are working with an architect right now to design and addition for my mother (she’s going to be 86 in a May, and ready to transition to the first layer of independent/assisted living. We are hoping to add a master suite, and ….WAIT FOR IT….A QUILT STUDIO for me! I will have HEAT AND WINDOWS! No more basement cave. Also it puts me on the same floor, nearby, as my mother ages and needs more help.

    I would love to hear from anyone reading this…WHAT WOULD CONSIDER ESSENTIAL IN A SEWING ROOM/QUILT STUDIO… 15×20 feet?

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Lots of horizontal space with storage below. GOOD LIGHT. Shelving to organize(?) fabric and extra space. Design wall. A TV and maybe an easy chair. Or course, a sewing machine. And space.
        And I’m very envious, but that is alright.

        1. Jan (Mozzie's Grandma)

          When we built our new addition, 5 years ago, I managed to to have a 9 x 12 room with 2 windows for my sewing room. Around one window, I have floor to ceiling book shelves, which I absolutely love. This room is my sanctuary. We had a discussion about putting a door on that room, which we decided against. I told my husband and son that if we put a door on, I would want the lock on the inside of the room. I got 2 really dumb founded looks, and I told them that it was so i could lock them out! They did not see the humor in it. I still think it would be a good idea! I put in wood floor, easy for clean up and finding pins. I have 2 chest of drawers to store my fabric and also several storage totes. One chest of drawers is old and the right height for my cutting board to set on. I love my sewing room, and I feel very lucky to have one.

          1. Carol

            All good thoughts, thank you! Thinking about the cutting board and ironing area to be economical of space. I probably won’t do a door on the hall where mom’s bathroom and bedroom/living area are so I can hear what’s going on. She will have a bedroom door.

        2. Carol

          Oh, good, we will have an extra TV and plenty of chairs because mom can’t part with anything! We really need about 2000 square feet!

        3. Carol

          Betty Klosterman, I replied to you in the wrong spot, below, thanks for the TV tip, as I consider it, a great opportunity to revisit CDs accumulated…sewing techniques, etc. Mom has an extra one she was worried she couldn’t bring, along with plenty of other
          household furnishings!

      2. Carol

        I am writing these down! Architect at the end of the week will get my notes (your notes!).

  6. Carolyn

    I agree with something must be in the water or air. We purchased a house three years ago with two living areas. Sometime later I found the house plans up high where short people like me aren’t likely to locate them. The second living area which is my sewing/rug hooking room should have been a third bedroom. It presently has a 60″ open arched doorway. We decided if we ever need to sell that three bedrooms would move it faster. So to close one doorway, cut and hang a door plus add a closet for that room. It all happens in two weeks and I have been sorting fabrics and moving out what will be in their way. Can’t imagine your remodel project.

    1. Carol

      Hmm, the door and closet = extra bedroom for resale! I hadn’t considered that. Good thought.

  7. PJ

    So love reading your posts, n all your pictures, you really have a job ahead of you, but you will get it done, not sure where your energy comes from…but good for you…just little by little gets it done….we have a upstairs full of treasuresπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… or stuff, I love so many things n use them, as I love to decorate all the time, seasonal n otherwise. My issue is I also love to shop for new decorating things….just a vicious circle…..but do hope to do a sale this year….I said the same last spring….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks for making my day with your blogs!!!!!

  8. Launa

    Mary, I had a touch of deja vu when I saw the glimpse of your Swedish bed! As a very young girl I stayed with a Swedish lady who had two of the beds with the curtains to keep out drafts at night AND each had a small cupboard as the headboard for “snacks”. When I was in college I revisited the Swedish lady and we painted some rosemaling (toleware painting) designs on posts in her downstairs family room.
    No matter how quickly I sew my fabric closets always need a little new to go with the old stash.
    Thanks for showing us your before pictures. March is not coming in like a Lion here in my neck of the CA valley today!

  9. Ann Barlament

    Love your “under the eaves” possibilities. I am a carpenter’s daughter and grew up with built-in’s, so I was the one that had the upstairs bedroom. My dresser, desk, book shelves and craft storage were built into the slant of the roof.

    You can have the big boxy rooms…give me a cozy nook, built-in bed and storage areas. That eclectic look with charm.

  10. Rebecca H

    what a cozy house you have. I love the pine floors. And a white wash on them makes them so much more light and cheery. Thanks for all your pictures. I would come dog/house sit but I live in WA state, darn…..Just remember after your furniture is being moved every which way, this too shall pass.

  11. Clare's niece

    Mary, I have attended retreats at a place with a rustic theme. They put wood look vinyl strips on the floor. Looks and walks like wood but easy maintence of vinyl. Just a thought. You used to come to our house to play cards with Clare and here mom Evelyn. Been to Country Treads a few times as well. My mom Inez was Clare’s older sister. I am Ramona Valley Tankersley and live on Whidbey Island WA.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ramona- isn’t it a small world? Thank you for writing – I wish Clare would contact me – I don’t know how to reach her.

      1. Clare's niece

        Do you know about the class reunion this summer for Crystal Lake? My cousin Van Wilson was also in your class.

  12. Mary

    Thank you for sharing your home with us. It will be a mess for awhile but then as you put things where you want them everything will have a place. I agree to do a little spring tossing/giving while you’re at it would help in the long run. Now if I only take my own advice and get busy. For the person you asked for suggestions for her studio, I say light, light, and more light. I have reslly noticed that as I have aged I need more light, lots more light.

    1. Carol

      Yes, I have the same issue…light! There will be two north windows, and two south windows, colonial longs, 72 inches, I believe. Ceiling pots on either end, north and south, and some sort of cental light. Floor plugs in strategic places so eventually, a long arm. I don’t want any cords where mom might trip.

  13. Jane

    Mary, your home is loaded with character! I love the loft and skylight. I’m sure your pets think it’s the greatest playhouse ever! You are right to choose pine floors! I put terracotta tile in the downstairs of my house and without rugs it’s noisy. Can’t wait to see your finished product!

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