The Countdown Is On! 7-23-2020

Tomorrow morning at 10 am our online store will open with these four patterns:

Louise and Friends

Civil Unrest

The Blue and the Gray

Up North, Down South

This is very exciting for us and we owe it all to Kayla! Three cheers for Kayla!

So our new adventure begins with at least 4 new patterns added each week. Next Thursday night, I’ll let you know what’s coming on Friday so keep reading.

Speaking of new adventures, Connie and I have tried many new things over the past 40 years. Some worked, some didn’t. But we were always ready to try something and it’s the same situation here. If this turns out to be just lukewarm, we’ll go back to being retired. So either way, we’ll be happy!

I’m remaking Chicken Gumbo – here’s a peak.

This is what I did today – I hung this great old flag but it’s not quite big enough. I have others – I will look for a bigger one.

Ivy plays hard and then crashes!

She’s a little stinker when it comes to eating because she devours both our dry food and Fresh Pet but won’t touch it at home!

Today’s Dirty Dozen:

Our friend, Jo in Wyoming, has just suffered a severe hailstorm breaking windshields in both their cars and destroying their garden among other damages!

Mary Hawk posted this picture and I was so taken with it because I’ve never seen it before and I love it!

I just showed my friend Jane this old sheet music and I told her that I tell Hazel she’s MY pal of my dreams!

Guess that’s all for tonite! Don’t forget to tune in to our store at 10 am tomorrow, July 24!

24 thoughts on “The Countdown Is On! 7-23-2020

  1. Rhonda in Urbandale, IA

    Congratulations on the online store! I’m excited to see it and many thanks to Kayla for her help. I’m hoping “This Old Farmhouse “ will be a pattern that’s available. So inspired to make that after seeing it updated with the new fabric. If that’s a ways off, can it still be ordered through the mail? $10 check to Country Threads at the address listed?

  2. B. J. Berlo

    P. S. The quilt I most enjoyed making was Bull’s Eye! I bought the book,, went home to my stash, started making it and didn’t stop until it was done!

  3. B. J. Berlo

    So happy to hear that your online store is opening. Congratulations … And I’m sure it will be a huge success! Are you ready to be un-retired? Never say never! I’ve been a big fan for at least 25 years or more and have a great many of your books and patterns. I love reading your blog every day even though I’m a city girl. Enjoy every day – wear your mask and stay safe!

  4. Julie Letvin

    That flag quilt is one of my all-time favorites and was designed by my friends at Yellow Creek Quilt Designs – it’s called Old Glory and is available on their website.

    1. Marcella Janssen

      I have also made Old Glory from Yellow Creek Designs. Yellow Creek Design is located in Pearl City, Il. I am lucky the shop is close enough to me that I can shop there. There is a on line shop and a facebook page. I have my Old Glory quilt on a chair and I like looking at it. I guess it is one of my favorite and it was fun to piece.

  5. Clara

    I would love to know what particular pattern that you used for the masks. They look a little different than many of the masks that I’ve seen.
    Is it an online pattern? Is there a link to the pattern?
    Thanks! The pattern downloads look great. 🙂

  6. Diana in Des Moines

    July 24th will be a happy day around here. Nt only do you start your online endeavor, but my beloved Cubbies will start their short season. W changed cable provides so I could watch baseball in my retitrement, but that didn’t happen obviously!
    Hot weekend in store. I have a kit from Kimberbell to put together for my friend’s quilt shop. I will be in the studio with sewing and baseball. Heaven!

  7. Cathy

    I’m new to following you and have come here because of Jo’s blog.
    Jo mentioned on her blog about hoping you add your patterns for punchneedle patterns. I second that vote!!
    Enjoyed your blog and pictures. Best of luck on your new adventure.

  8. Joy

    How exciting! I do hope the Chicken Gumbo pattern will be available as well as I’ve had that on my wish list for some time now.

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love the chicken blocks! I am quilting my next DD, my KFC quilt which has chickens in the middle of stars. Looking forward to ordering the goat quilt soon,best of luck with the grand opening,sandy

  10. Beryl in Owatonna

    I am sorry to hear about the hail storm. A friend and her husband were there from Longmont, CO, they to lost their windshield or it needs to be replaced because they drove home with it. There was damage to their vehicle besides.
    So many wonderful projects finished!! I like the patterns for the store too…just what I need is another pattern!! LOL! Looking forward to tomorrows program!
    So glad Ivy is at home! She probably doesn’t want to go back to her real home!!
    The drive to Detroit Lakes was very nice…it is so green everywhere. We are enjoying the visit at our brothers
    Memories to night, my brother and I did the dishes and the younger one put them away!! It has been a LONG time since we did that!

  11. Connie

    I am excited for you!! I will be purchasing “Civil Unrest”. Thank you for including it in this weeks four patterns. I do believe it will be in scrappy blues and creams with pops of reds. Can’t wait to start it!!

  12. Judith Ann Jaques

    Perhaps when you get tired of the rug you could donate it because of its history. I love the hanging flag. No rain here in Alden. All around us. So I am watering my plants. I am binding a no 5 small tumbler table topper. Judith J

  13. Cinders

    Loved all your photos and will tune in tomorrow! Best of luck on this new venture!

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    Kathy, retirement is like being on vacation every day! I have loved it for 21 years.
    Ivy’s feet look familiar, what fun they have getting in so much dirt.
    Mary, what a great group of patterns to open your new adventure with. I hope you sleep well tonight. This is exciting.
    Love the dd’s.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Good point Jo !! I think that is how my husband has viewed it too cause of every day “playing “ with his projects and at the end of the day says he has loved finding something he saved to do. I feel so blessed we each have hobbies that enrich ourselves.

  15. Kathy Teske

    I love that flag quilt. I have the pattern and it’s been on my todo list forever.

  16. Kathy in Western NY

    Oh dear poor Jo having that damage. I feel so bad for her. I am sorry to hear that.
    The pictures of tired out pups and all the beautiful finishes make me so happy to see. Thank you again for this generosity you do to make us feel together in this crazy mixed up world.
    Good luck tomorrow with your new adventure. Tomorrow is exciting for us too as my husband is officially retired now and all of us are thrilled for him as he truly loved his interesting jobs at Wegmans food markets for 45 years but it’s Time he thinks of himself with this virus. He has been home since mid March and has found projects every day to keep him busy so he knew it was time to be home.

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