The Cruel Trick Continues

This picture was taken last night on my return from the barn – it hadn’t started really blowing yet.

Of course this morning the snow had drifted in front of the gate again so it was back to the tractor and loader. If this keeps up, I’ll get lots better at moving snow by next winter.

The walk through gate is another story. The drift was over the fence inside the walk through gate when we got 17″ last week. No problem, I thought, I’ll just let it melt. Right? By now some of it has melted and become hard as concrete. Then we get yesterday’s snow on top of that.

Ok – it now opens into the yard but look what’s on the other side.

ThIs drift is solid ice with new snow on top – grrrrr!

Please don’t visit me without a phone call first so I can open the big gate but not let the dogs out. No problem, right? Except that I placed an Amazon order for pet food and kitty litter and I’ll just have to stay home and watch for UPS or FED EX.

That means today I need to run all my errands – chicken feed, diesel fuel, prescriptions.

Will post later to answer some rug questions and tell you a cat story.

18 thoughts on “The Cruel Trick Continues

  1. Michelle

    Oh no…. This is not good. I hope it melts quick!! We are having heavy rain here today!! Be careful!

  2. Linette Anne Stewart

    I just sent my sister in Massachusetts a photo of the snow we woke up to here in Wisconsin. I am never believing that groundhog again!! 😬

  3. Debbie R

    All this snow and animals sure keeps us farm girls busy doesn’t it! Crazy weather in WI too…..its getting old now!!!

  4. Launa

    Weather here has ice from old rain melted snow with some newer snow atop of it… UPS n FedEx won’t venture on our private road. Hurry, hurry SPRING! Step carefully, Mary.

  5. Cheryl

    Wow, your snow is mind blowing. Wish you had someone close to help you. I can’t imagine being so closed in which normally I love. Thanks to the gods of amazon and delivery. Stay safe, be well!

  6. Susan

    I posted today on my Facebook page that Mother Nature needs to be placed on hormone therapy! Here in Dayton, Ohio we had almost 2 inches of snow Sunday night into Monday morning. It was 64 degrees on Tuesday and we were hiding in our basements from tornado warnings. One touchdown about 30 miles northeast of me. Today it’s back in the upper 20’s with snow squalls! Enough is enough!

  7. Sue

    NO MORE SNOW!! My goodness, you people need a break from this. A long spring break with good weather and plenty of sun coming your way. I pray it will happen soon.

  8. Brenda archambault

    Just goes to show ya, can’t fool around with Mother Nature. Be careful outside and take someone (Reed?) along with you when you’re doin the necessary chores. NO MORE SNOW! NO MORE WINTER! Enough is enough.

  9. Teresa

    I love reading your stories about your life in the country and of course all the quilts and thrift store shopping! It’s a breath of fresh air when life gets too busy or hectic!

  10. Diane

    Oh my, Mary. Be careful on all that ice. You need a HUGE blow torch!! Isn’t winter fun? Squeak and I will be anxious to hear the cat story:)

  11. Chris

    I live in northern Wisconsin and it has been a crazy winterherealso. I hope we will have a summer. I feel your pain.

  12. Carrie

    You are really getting hit hard with snow this year. We had this last year, I feel your pain for sure, you may need a pick axe to get through the ice!! Take care!

  13. Becky from TX

    Nothing like Spring in Iowa……Grrrrr!!!!! Hope it get easier for you soon!!!

  14. Martha Engstler

    Looks like the snow is moving east and here in PA we may get snow Friday night, Saturday maybe and then some on Sunday. It is crazy for sure. Today we had 50 mph wind, lucky none of our trees blew down. Is this “global warming”? Hummmm!

  15. Sandra Pierson

    Good Morning Mary,
    So, I was telling my hubby about your “adventures” with the snow and the tractor and he says, “what, doesn’t she have my phone number”.? He then asks me if you would make him hot chocolate when he finished. If only we didn’t live in the Las Vegas area, he would be there……he is very good at snow plowing as we spent 15 years in Flagstaff, Az.

    Hope this brings a smile to your face and warms your heart a but just knowing we are thinking of you.

    Hugs, Sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandra – wish you loved next door. Your husband will love this – I had to go to town for diesel fuel and I have never bought diesel in my life. A kind trucker at the pumps helped me. Off I go for home and when I pick up the 5 gal container of fuel I realize I can’t lift it to the tractor. Out comes the ladder and as I climb the ladder with the fuel, I can’t figure out the child proof nozzle! I come back down and struggle with the nozzle and a pickup pulls up to the gate. It’s Rick’s friend Jim again – the one who helped clear the snow last week. Hurray! He showed up at just the right time and put the fuel in the tractor for me! I’m ready to go again — if it keeps snowing, I’ll be pretty good at this by next winter! Hahaha!

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