The Dog Park Is full today!



Lizzy arrived last night and Biscuit and Sassy came this morning and Bentley is still here. Hope came to work with Connie this morning as well so counting my 2 dogs, that made 7 dogs playing in the nice weather while Connie and I cleaned, sorted and moved furniture. This building will hold the books, patterns and sewing rummage. The Civil War building will have the fabric and furniture. More sorting this afternoon.

4 thoughts on “The Dog Park Is full today!

  1. Michele

    Happy dogs playing with their friends-all under the carrying and watchful eye of Mary! I can see Bentley smiling just by his body posture!!

  2. Diane

    Ah–fun in the sun. It’s sunny and 28 here in Central Ohio with about 4 inches of new snow. Very pretty. Mary, could you send your email address one more time. I have a pic to send of Emily’s cousin, Squeak!! Thanks. 🙂

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