The Joke’s On Me! 7-29-2020

Last night when I wrote the second post, I had just looked at the home page and most recent blog post on my IPad. You wouldn’t believe it! It had pictures posted on there from months ago and as I said, I didn’t repost them! When I looked up the blog site on Safari, the blog was just as I had written. So whatever happened, it was my WordPress app which didn’t affect what the readers saw. And that makes me glad! But that also makes me worried about what will happen next.

Aren’t the Dirty Dozen finishes just fabulous! I agree that it’s almost like our own private quilt show. So with that in mind, do not hesitate to send me pictures of your quilts – everybody loves seeing them! Including Connie and me!

Thank you, thank you, everyone who sent a photo of your quilt! You still have two more days to work on and finish your #5! Don’t give up! On Saturday I’ll draw the number for August and then we all start over again – finishing up another UFO!

Please do not be intimidated by previous quilt photos – I so appreciate receiving pictures of your quilts and honestly, it’s one of the best parts of writing this blog!

I’m going to hold my breath and hit “publish” and tonight I won’t panic if my IPad shows me pictures that I did not post. We’re making progress on the store – more on that tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “The Joke’s On Me! 7-29-2020

  1. Susy Boyer

    What a beautiful group of quilts. They refresh my mind and say to me, you need to get busy and sew some of these gorgeous designs. Inspirational for sure!

  2. Kathy in western NY

    What inspiration!!! Such wonderful finishes as always. Love seeing these so much when we aren’t out with our quilt guilds yet and who knows when that safe time will happen for us in that risky age.
    I have that tree pattern too and have not made it yet just like Diane in Ohio asked if it was hard to do. I think there is paper pieced ornaments pattedn you can add to it too??? And the string quilt just makes me want to finish mine sooner rather than later. Mine’s a UFO on telephone pages like Bonnie Hunter uses. I am hoping to finish my #5 later today. Our infection rate is manageable here and it’s been so easy to wear a mask as I get out and about
    Doing things. I met a quilting friend for lunch at Olive Garden and they were excellent with following our state guidelines for safety that we both were so impressed with measures in place. No passing by of other customers as the hostess met you at the door and took you right to a table after the party 6’ in front of you are first seated. It was quiet too with some tables removed for social distancing. We had an enjoyable time.
    Have a good day Mary!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in NY – oh, I look forward to eating in a restaurant again!!!

      1. Kathy in NY

        Mary I actually just called the restaurant and spoke to the manager to commend him for excellent staff training in these different times ahead. I told him how reluctant we have been but when the utmost care is being shown to do what’s right, they sure deserve to be thanked or I would not be returning.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary,wow, some fabulous quilts and a cute dog! My favourite is the string stars,looking forward to next month s D.D,best wishes from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – ask Andrew to send a picture of your dog so I can see it! And how are the little girls?

  4. Diane and Squeak

    Thanks, Mary, for another great mini quilt show. I love seeing everyone’s beautiful and different quilts, tops, and even the masks!! That’s how I’ve been spending my time, too. I have four tops at the long arm quilters. She did finish our grand daughter’s T-shirt quilt, but has had so many quilts turned in, she is way behind!

    Linda G–was the tree hard to make? I have that pattern and need to do it!

    I better get moving the next two days so I can send a picture, too. I think I sent a picture of my masks, but maybe not. I’ll check. Thanks:)

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Love em, love em, love em👏👏👏👏👏
    Yes, it is our own personal quilt show.

  6. Kathy Hanson

    What talented quilters are reading this blog! AND, doing the dirty dozen! It is such fun to see all the lovely projects that everyone is finishing…Looking forward with what to start next. So much fabrics and projects all hanging around in the sewing rooms…and so lucky that we can get them finished and show them to everyone too! Hooray! Thanks, Mary and Connie for getting us started and keeping us going toward getting these done. Wow!

  7. Nancy TD

    Great finishes. So fun to see what is everyone making. Keep up the good work. We might get all our unfinished projects done. That’s a laugh!

  8. Diane Bauer

    Wow! The finishes are just beautiful! I’m working on the Halloween Figs Block-of the-Month Club now. Two weeks in and I’m two blocks behind. Hoping this one won’t end up being another UFO–hoping I can catch up!

    CSU has 17 athletes with COVID–either positive or presumptive positive. Sounds like we have our own little local outbreak on our hands. I haven’t been looking at numbers nearly as consistently in recent days. Looking forward to a vaccine!

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