The Last Lunch

No school today so Reed and Myra each made an art folder with Connie’s help.

We used mod podge on a Craft Tex folder – I’ll show the final project when we’re done.  We had lunch on the porch – the last lunch of the season since snow is predicted on Friday.  Here’s Reed with Hazel at lunch.

This afternoon I started putting on the porch covers.

No freeze yet – but it’s coming.

17 thoughts on “The Last Lunch

  1. Brenda archambault

    Button up. Yesterday was record breaking heat in the Phoenix area and today, not quite as warm. But I still prefer it to turning on the heat! Great pictures of Reed and Hazel.

  2. Linda Baker

    Frost for West Michigan tonight. Might see snow flurries on Halloween. Still have to get our butternut squash out of the garden before it gets really cold.

  3. Diane

    The art folders are neat:) Hazel looks so cute with Reed. It’s cooling off in Central Ohio, too. Are we just having Summer and Winter now and no or little Fall and Spring? Those covers will help this winter that’s for sure:) I have a cross stitch made by a good friend that says, ” One good turn gets most of the quilt.” The saying is surrounded by cross stitched quilt blocks. I’ll send a picture when I get a minute:)

  4. Susan Sundermeyer

    Calling for frost and freeze here in southern Ohio depending on the area. Had to bring in a few plants off my patio. It’s going to be chilly for Trick or Treaters on Tuesday night.

  5. Martha Engstler

    That is such a dear picture of Reed and Hazel. That cold weather in the mid west always tells us in Penna. what will come to us in a few days. We expect rain, not snow yet.

  6. Dorothy Sheldrake

    Happy to see Hazel again. Sure have missed her while she has been on a “Time Out” Hope to see more of her.
    Love that Reed.
    Can you believe it was 100 here in So. CA today. Would love a FREEZE.

  7. Colleen

    It’s so interesting to me what needs to be done in other areas of the country, here on the far left coast (California) we don’t do a lot to ready for winter. Perhaps put away patio furniture that can’t get wet Clear the rain gutters of leaves.
    In the spring we need to weed like crazy
    Reed is a real nice looking young man and of course Hazel is lovely

  8. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…It is interesting seeing your collections and how you display. I have a stitched picture that says “Kissin’ wears out-Cookin’ don’t”…the couple are in a flower garden maybe in a difference of opinion! I will be ready to make an art folder to pass along. Storm covers are totally unfamiliar to me but a chill is on the way to our area in Texas. Seeing your last winter pictures are a reminder of how much protection is needed in the house and barns on the farm there and chores. Seems a perfect fit. Nice to read about Reed. Thanks for your time posting.

  9. Kathy Hanson

    Hazel and Reed are so cute together! What a neat project they are doing. Yes, it sounds like the fall clean-up work has to move quickly but maybe after this cold spell we may get another warm up, lets hope. Looks like a lot of work for you in the fall! You will have time to make all those quilts that you need for the new book! That’s the good part.

  10. Vickie Devore

    Here in Indiana “farming area” south of Indy, we hit 31 this morning!! Things were pretty well frost covered. Hope you get a little extra time to do all those “outside” things. vickie

  11. Carol T

    Brrrrr….it is coming! I really love seeing your artist and his little pal, Hazel! Thank you for posting them!

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