The NEW Dirty Dozen, 6-19-22

This year you will have two choices for the Dirty Dozen.

1. Our past Dirty Dozen Challenge requires 12 UFO’s that will be numbered 1-12. On the first of each month I will draw a random number and you will find your corresponding project and finish it by the end of the month. At that time I’d like you to send me a picture to post on the blog. My email address is always available on our blog home page.

2. The new version of the Dirty Dozen Challenge is a new start project every month based on color.

Each month a color will be drawn:

1. Red

2. Blue

3. Green

4. Yellow

5. Brown

6. Black

7. Orange

8. Gray

9. Purple

10. Pink

11. Neutral

12. Stripe – any color

You choose a little or a lot of the color chosen.

Can be cotton or wool.

Can be big or little.

Can be a new project.

Can be a finish of an old project.

Doesn’t this get your mind thinking about what you’re going to work one? It does me! I finished one of my UFO’s this afternoon and if it weren’t so windy I’d have taken the picture – maybe tomorrow.

I’d like to thank Laura for this new wrinkle on the Dirty Dozen Challenge! I think we’re all ready for something new!

Let me know what you think – if you’d rather name unfinished projects 1-12, feel free. we will start with the first number on July 1. You choose Dirty Dozen Challenge 1 or Dirty Dozen Challenge 2.

I hope we’ll have a record breaking number of readers joining this year.

12 thoughts on “The NEW Dirty Dozen, 6-19-22

  1. Mary Kannas

    I’ve got to get in gear and pick out my twelve projects. I need to be more disciplined this year. I enjoy sewing and quilting and have many ufo’s!
    I will semi retire in October so hope to have a little more time too!
    Thank you for sharing your quilting adventures as well as your farm and animals.

  2. Sue H

    Great idea! I think I’ll probably make a UFO list of 12. Then if I decide I really don’t feel like working on it OR I can’t find the numbered UFO (which has happened. YIKES!), I’ll just see what the NEW UFO project might be. Guess I’ll mix both lists as desired. I’m hoping this will be OK.

  3. NancyTD

    The new dirty dozen sounds like fun. I have already found my 12 for #1. Doing both sounds like fun. I will definitely do one . Thanks for keeping me busy at finishing projects and using some of my stash.

  4. Mary in Davenport

    I like the number but it actually the same concept . The important thing is that I work every month and finish a project and that’s what the dirty dozen game has done for me.thanks to you Mary

  5. Sandy Pierson

    I love the new “wrinkle” in the dirty dozen!
    Count me in!
    Sandy Pierson

  6. Lynette in Orlando

    Since I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t have ufo’s I like the color idea. Been thinking of hopping on this train……. but I can adapt no matter what is decided. My most favorite part is looking at everyone’s beautiful creations!!!!! Thanks Mary for doing this. I’m in Florida and quite honestly, it’s WAY too hot to do much of anything but be in the ac and sew.

  7. Linda G

    I love both formats so I’m going to try to keep up doing each one. I have so many UFOs and since I’m retired it should be doable.

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