The NEW Dirty Dozen, 6-19-22

This year you will have two choices for the Dirty Dozen.

1. Our past Dirty Dozen Challenge requires 12 UFO’s that will be numbered 1-12. On the first of each month I will draw a random number and you will find your corresponding project and finish it by the end of the month. At that time I’d like you to send me a picture to post on the blog. My email address is always available on our blog home page.

2. The new version of the Dirty Dozen Challenge is a new start project every month based on color.

Each month a color will be drawn:

1. Red

2. Blue

3. Green

4. Yellow

5. Brown

6. Black

7. Orange

8. Gray

9. Purple

10. Pink

11. Neutral

12. Stripe – any color

You choose a little or a lot of the color chosen.

Can be cotton or wool.

Can be big or little.

Can be a new project.

Can be a finish of an old project.

Doesn’t this get your mind thinking about what you’re going to work one? It does me! I finished one of my UFO’s this afternoon and if it weren’t so windy I’d have taken the picture – maybe tomorrow.

I’d like to thank Laura for this new wrinkle on the Dirty Dozen Challenge! I think we’re all ready for something new!

Let me know what you think – if you’d rather name unfinished projects 1-12, feel free. we will start with the first number on July 1. You choose Dirty Dozen Challenge 1 or Dirty Dozen Challenge 2.

I hope we’ll have a record breaking number of readers joining this year.

33 thoughts on “The NEW Dirty Dozen, 6-19-22

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  2. Midge H.-Illinois

    Great idea! Now if I could finish all my ufo’s.,,this would be the thing to start!

  3. Kay Crandall

    The color option sounds interesting and if I didn’t have so many UFOs I would choose that. BUT – I really have to whittle my UFOs down to a manageable number (don’t know if that’s possible) so I will stick with option #1. I have gotten quite a few finished over the years because of this challenge – thanks!

  4. Pat Farrell from (MA)

    I think it might be fun to mix and match the ideas 6 UFO’s and pick 6 different colors for the other months

  5. Jan

    I love the color idea! I hope I can keep up too. Will miss the puppies for sure. Such a nice day here in MA, 69 at the moment, not going a whole lot higher. Yesterday on the other hand was in the 50’s! And overcast all day. What a difference a day makes! Jan in MA

  6. Cathy - SE Alabama

    I plan to combine the two approaches to my DD. Great fun ahead. Thanks!

  7. Vivian in Idaho

    I am going to choose option #1. Looking forward to a little push to get some quilts finished!! I think option #2 sounds fun but I don’t seem to need any help starting something new. Loved your posts about the puppies. Hope they all find wonderful forever homes!!

  8. Jo in Michigan

    Love the choice idea! Me- it will probably be a little of both. I have a lot of unfinished projects but as always I will start new ones too. Lol isn’t that what is quilters are suppose to do??😊 Looking forward to the pulling of the number!

  9. Linda W

    This may be a way for me to get some of my quilt tops quilted. I am thinking I could choose a quilt top with the assigned color for the month. I hope I can keep up this year.

  10. Brenda

    I have been trying to get a couple of ufos done lately and also getting a few of my kits done too. Can we combine the finishing older kits in on this? I’m really trying to clear up some of my projects.

  11. Kathy in western NY

    I will take any incentive to have fun with my fabrics and sewing time and given the choice that we can choose is even more enticing to accomplish a project monthly.

  12. Janet of mn

    A fun idea. I might as well stay in and sew.
    Our temps are in the 100+ range for a few days. We are in minnesota but I know it’s a huge system.

  13. Sue in Oregon

    I like it too. So many options.
    Just found the puppy photos. Those little guys are growing fast and seem to be So busy! They must keep you busy too. You will miss them but it’s great that they are already spoken for.
    That planter with the cage in the center is really interesting. What’s in the cage?
    Your Peonies are just fabulous. I envy that you can grow them. They don’t do well here on the OR coast.
    I think we might have a good week coming up according to the weather report. About time, I say.

  14. Linda

    Do both at the same time!! You draw a number and some of us will do UFO things and some of us will do color things and some of us will mix it up. Win,win,win and challenging to all.

  15. Pamela Papazidis

    Love the idea of choices. I just might join this year and combine the two ideas, unless I have to choose an option. Thank you for including us in the lives of those adorable puppies, and your other animals. Windy, sunny, cool, no humidity for the second day here in SW CT.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela P – you do not have to choose – you can use this little game as just a bit of inspiration- use it any way you wish.

  16. Marsha from Kansas

    This year I will stick with option #1. I have three holdover projects from this year and have already chosen a total of 11 UFO. That could potentially leave one I could choose by color. Possibly a charity project from my stash. Gives us something to think about. Have so enjoyed following the puppies discovering their world.

  17. Nilene Thompson-Finn

    Hi Mary! As a fairly new quilter I just don’t have many unfinished projects, so the color draw each month will allow me to fully participate. Just also wanted to say how much I enjoy you pictures. The pups’ pics have been especially cute.
    Kindest Regards,

  18. Diane in Maryland

    The puppies have gotten a great start in life with you. They know how to socialize with kitties, other dogs, and a number of different kinds of animals!
    I have loved looking at the pictures of them on their adventures and then how they collapse to rest! So cute! They’re going to be a wonderful addition to someone’s family, thanks to you.

    Love the color idea! I bet I can make any unfinished project fit into a color category. Intriguing! I just hope to get some things done!

  19. Patty in Central GA

    I love the new challenge! I have my fabric separated into colors and the bins are getting really really full so maybe I can finally empty some of the bins. Plus I have always wanted to make a red quilt.

  20. Diane from Colorado

    Unfinished projects for me—I have too many to limit myself on color, though I love that as a challenge—maybe next year!

    This puppies—so busy and so cute!!

  21. Sandy

    Hi Mary, 1st option for me, once l get settled in the new house l will get my UFO,s together and try to reduce the pile! Some were given away, so that helps! Give those puppies a farewell kiss from me please, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  22. Rita Scott

    Both ideas are great and we can choose. I still have plenty of UFOs to finished.
    Have a great week.

  23. Jill Klop

    I like the challenge #2 with the colors. I do a lot of donation quilts…might be a fun inspiration for ideas!

  24. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Cemtral Ohio

    Oh gosh, Mary. A choice—yikes😹😹. After looking at all my DD’s, I better choose option one, but I might be able to combine a few times with color. Sounds like fun😃. I am in love with those puppies🐶. How much longer will you have them? Perfect day today.

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