The New Year




Holy Moly – it’s cold!!! You all know that, too, and now it’s beginning to snow. School let out early because of the storm warning so now it’s just time to sit inside and sew or read or just sit by the window and watch the weather.

Many of you saw the pillows and the slab quilt I posted last week and now you know the rest of the story. I no more than stepped away from the couch and Telly jumped up and laid down. Everything in this house has to be dog and cat proof – if it isn’t, it lives in the piano room where nobody goes except me and sometimes Pammie and Heidi, 2 cats who want nothing to do with any other cats and they are pretty careful.

And then there’s Emma – she’s worth a good smile at least once a week. One morning I walked into the barn and she was resting on half of the chair. She’s pretty large so can’t fit in it and we took the swivel apparatus off so the chair could sit flat on the floor. One of these days I’ll get a picture of one of the palomino girls sitting in the big gray chair – where she sleeps every night.

Connie and I started sorting in the shop this morning. Even though the wind chill was about 25 below at 9 am, Connie and Hope drove out and we tackled the office desk. My carpenter was here yesterday to measure up 4 more pet rooms so we have to get things cleared away so he can work.

Are you a shop owner who has a model of a Country Threads pattern in your shop? We are making patterns available to shop owners for FREE (while quantities last) if you’d like to have them. We will figure out how many will fit in a flat rate postal box and ask that you pay the shipping in advance. I will post more details about this but please pass the word to any shop owner who you think might be interested. The priority box is about $5-6, I think, but we will get more details and let you know.

Save the date – June 4-5-6, 2015 is our closing sale. Quilts, furniture, office supplies, antiques, decorative stuff, show equipment and fabric will all be sold at this sale. Connie and I are both cleaning out our sewing rooms, too, so this will be a dandy sale – it might be worth a long trip with friends and a stay at the Garner Inn.

My email: or – If you are needing a reply, please use my email as my “reply” function is not working on my Ipad. It’s always something, isn’t it?

I have been sleeping in and watching GMA in my bathrobe every day for weeks now and it is wonderful. I don’t have that feeling of dread when I go to bed at night either. And I can SLEEP!!!
Every day is a GIFT!

8 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. Ann Barlament

    Well of course the quilts need that “dog stamp of approval” on them!!! That way you know they are appreciated right away!!!

    Saw a sign yesterday that said, “I am not going outside until it’s warmer than my age” ~ I’m 62, so I think I will have a LONG wait!! But I did reschedule my “wound clinic” appointment tomorrow to later in the week. I intend on staying tucked under my quilts instead of venturing out into the 40 below wind-chill weather!

  2. Bonnie Olson

    Love the pillows! Poor Emma! Could you lay the chair down on it’s back and stabilize it…..there would be more room for her that way! It is worth a try!

  3. Connie Olson

    The pillows are SO neat and pretty, too. Just love to hear from you and isn’t it wonderful to be retired? It will be the best job you ever had! God Bless!

  4. Deedee

    Cold here in the boston area!!
    Love the pillows, gives me inspiration for all my scraps. So happy your enjoying your robe and GMA time!!!

  5. Launa

    The pillows are just marvelous; a great idea. It’s good to read that you are enjoying some well deserved robe and GMA time!!

    I thought Emma was giving that “Hey, dibs……this is MY CHAIR” look in her picture!

    Was frosty and 32 here early (6AM), but the sun is warming up for a few days.


  6. Bernadette Jackson

    Yes, the pillows are wonderful. A great way to use up scraps. Very clever, and very easy looking. Love your posts, especially the quilt projects and animals.

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