The Owl Story Continues…..

Of course this morning before church I had to go out to the grove and check on the owl – in my pajamas and a coat. I looked and looked and then turned around to this—

Whoa!!!! Obviously he traveled up the branch and once again fell to the inside of the fence. I took off my coat and put over his head and lifted him to the top of the fence where I thought he might grab on with his talons. Whoops! Over he went to the ground and sat there as if to say ” you dropped me?”

I had to get to church but when I got home I went out to check on him but couldn’t find him. Every time I go out there Mama flies out of a tree nearby so I know she’s okay with me helping out. I looked and looked and then as an afterthought, I looked up.

I almost jumped for joy and thanked God right then and there. In order to get this high in a tree, he had to fly. Oh, what a relief! I was thrilled!

So then – about that huge tree on the fence, right where I put the owl up on the limb. The neighbor who owns this ground was coming to cut that tree off the fence which is actually our responsibility but Tim was kind enough to do it for us. I pointed out the owl and pleaded for steadiness and care so he didn’t jar the owl off the branch. I’ve been trying to get him to fly up in a tree for 3 days.

The pictures tell the story.

The branch where the owl was perched didn’t even move! What a masterful job with a skid loader!

The mama owl is always there when I check on the baby – she flies out over the field. The juvenile owl is about 12″ tall and is a Great Horned Owl. The mama has a wing span which looks to be 4-5′ and she must be about 20″ tall. Someone told me they thought these owls oftentimes have only one baby.

Recently someone told me I have just too much work to do around here and I can’t disagree. But experiences like this Owl adventure make it all worth it. I’ll be checking on the baby this week and will keep you updated.

And the library quilt show was Saturday and Reed’s quilt was on display with a couple dozen more quilts.

No ribbons were given out – this was just for fun but he’ll be taking it to the fair in July. Everybody came to see his quilt – Nolan, June, Myra and Vera.

What a weekend – I am exhausted! Another “Connie” quilt coming up this week. Brigette of Zen Chic put the pattern X and Plus back on her website so if you’re wanting this pattern you can purchase it now. I can’t wait to see your quilts!

46 thoughts on “The Owl Story Continues…..

  1. Vickie E from Snellville

    What an awesome picture of the owl!!! You are a great photographer. Keep up the great pictures.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    My bird book says Great Horned Owl measurements are about 24″ high with a wing span on 55″ and you were lucky to see one up close and personal. How lucky are you. And the picture of the baby all fluffed out is absolutely wonderful. It could win a prize! If you keep getting these great pictures, you may have to build another wall in your home just for your pictures. Good way to go.
    And Reed’s quilt is great. His piecing is perfect and the colors look so good together. Many experienced quilters don’t always do that good. Look what he can add to his resume.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – I just love that fluffed out owl picture! And I just wanted to say that Reed did all the fabric choosing, the piecing and all the hand binding!! I did the machine quilting.

  3. Twyla

    Mary, you are such an awesome woman!!!! What an inspiration you are to Reed, you are giving him so much information to use in life!! The quilt is awesome, such a great boy quilt. Blessings to you! Love the picture with his siblings, thank you for your blog!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Stephanie – Reed is my 10 yr old neighbor boy who loves animals and can’t have any at home so he comes to my place. Last winter I helped him sew his fair quilt.

  4. Donna

    Thank you for the update on the owl! I had to show my hubby both owl posts and he was amazed! He is into photography and really enjoyed the pictures! We will both be waiting for more updates! Now if I can just get him interested in your quilts! Ha!

  5. diane matthews

    I am as thrilled as you are about the owl flying. I had a similar situation with a scrub jay in my yard that imprinted on my cat. She knew she shouldn’t eat the little birdie because something was wrong with it The little bird followed her everywhere and waited at the sliding glass doors for her to come outside. The cat was practically rolling her eyes at me and pleading to let her back in. She would hide under a bush and the little jay would sit right next to the bush making jaybird noises at her. After about a month the little jay learned to fly and my cat finally had peace. I was quite surprised she didn’t eat it because I have found feathers before, along with mice she leaves at the door for me to admire. But somehow she knew she was supposed to be the mommy to that little scrub jay birdie.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – oh, I loved that story! It’s hard to believe – a great children’s book if I ever heard one! I’m not familiar with a scrub jay – how big was the baby?

  6. Ann Barlament

    Congratulations to Reed on his quilt!! I looks very masculine and will certainly be a winner!! He must of had an excellent and patient instructor!!

    The owl needs a name, like Henry Horned Hoot Owl…. Hahaha

  7. Nancy Pleimann

    I’m glad you take the time for the Owl. I would do the same as you. God know’s what we can handle. Thank You for the care, Nancy P.

  8. Kristine Friedrich

    I loved seeing Reed with his quilt at the show – good luck to him at the local fair this summer with his quilt.

    That baby owl is the cutest! Thank you for sharing your owl adventure.

  9. Donna Sproston

    My husband is enjoying the owl story too. You need to write a book! Reed made a wonderful quilt, and he was so lucky to have the best teacher.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janie – yes, she is a good Mama! Maybe this baby was her only baby???

  10. Sharon B.

    Reed’s quilt looks fantastic! Congrats to him for finishing and showing! 🙂 I’m enjoying these updates on the owl! He’s so handsome…and I think he thinks you’re his Aunt! lol! 🙂

  11. Diann Smith

    I’m enjoying the owl story and all the rest…..a lot. The pictures are so good also. Very interesting. Then you throw in some quilt stuff. I needed to find this blog LONG AGO. Thank you for sharing your life and deeds.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diann – so glad you found us! As Becky always says – “never a dull moment around here!”

  12. Felicia Hamlin

    Yes, Great Horned Owls are the biggest of the owls. Unfortunately, one of them ate one of my kitties many years ago. However, I hope that with your help this young owl will make it. It is a beautiful bird and I will share this post with my husband because he thinks that owls are cool. Thank you, Mary, for taking care of so many of God’s creatures.

  13. Cathy

    And the story just gets better! Here’s hoping the baby has passed the hurdle, with your help & will grow to be a long living adult.

  14. Janice

    What a great experience with that little owl, well, not-so-little owl! He is just beautiful! I’ve never been close to one but we hear them out in our big oak at night sometimes. I love the sound. Reed’s quilt is handsome – he did a great job! I’ve got to get sewing again, thank you (and Reed) for inspiring me!


  15. Dorothy Sheldrake

    Forgot to say I am looking forward to seeing Reeds blue ribbon and “Best of Show” ribbon.

  16. Dorothy Sheldrake

    Love the Owl stories and your kindness to our feathered friends.
    Please tell Reed his quilt is so very hansom. It would look wonderful in my family-room. His selection of blues are perfect! Job well done.
    Dorothy in CA

  17. Launa

    Thankfully, the owlet is able to fly n has you around to keep an eye on where it is “roosting”!

    Great to see Reed’s finished quilt and his siblings at the library show.

    Thanks for taking time to share the pictures.

  18. Kathy Schwartz

    That quilt looks like blue ribbon quality to me. Great job!!
    Thanks for sharing the owl story.

  19. Maryjane in CA

    What a wonderful owl adventure! An experience you’ll never forget! Took someone strong to be able to do all that. I bet those owls will be watching you knowing that you saved that baby. They are amazing birds. Reed and his sweet family. His quilt is just great. What a nice relationship you have formed with his family.

  20. Diane

    WOW!! Never a dull moment in your world. Thanks for the info on sizes and kind of owl. It is beautiful.

  21. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, you are far too busy to be back in the quilt shop! This week there was a “notice” on Facebook from the NEW owners of Keepsake Quilting. They had just signed the sale papers that day. According to their message the last owners thought online was the only way to go and had the actual quilt shop open just 3 days a week. There were many, many buses full of ladies with their charge cards ready that were so disappointed to find the shop was closed on that day. Sometimes, there is fabric that we need to touch and feel and drool over. After we’ve seen it, we can order it on line? One of the previous owners was Annie’s fw. Go figure?
    What an experience to be that close to a Great Horned Owl baby and Mama.
    How long does Rick have to be inactive with his leg raised? That could get old fast, but some things are worth while and just take longer.
    Happy Spring.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – We go back to Mayo this week for a new cast but it will still be non weight bearing until the end of June. Yes, a very long time!

  22. Louise

    Loving the owl adventure and also love Reed’s quilt…great job on it young man!

  23. Kathy

    Mary – sharing your days brings so much joy to all of us. You are a dear to care for so many living things. I love the quilt Reed completed. He must be so proud of his sewing skills. I will be very interested when he takes it to fair and i hope you will share what the judges comment on. To me it looks well made and worthy of a blue ribbon. Can’t thank you enough for the life skills you show to young people who will always remember what you taught them.

  24. Act Wines

    Never a dull moment for you all. Reed’s quilt looks fabulous. You are such a wonderful mentor for him. Love the owl story.

  25. Teresa

    Mary, your blog is never dull! Really enjoying your adventures with the owls and your photos, thanks for those.

    Reed’s quilt looks awesome. I wish him good luck entering it in the fair this summer.

  26. Angie

    Rest well. You have done many good deeds and I only hope you are duly rewarded. You are God Bless You

  27. Carolyn Boutilier

    thank you Mary for sharing your trial and tribulations. I really enjoy all your farm, family and quilt stories. I have never seen a great horned owl but did see a snowy owl and when he flew the wing span was massive. WE hear the owls hooting but don’t see them.
    Carolyn B

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