The Party For Roger Kramer

Jo and her kids succeeded in throwing a party in Roger’s honor! I want a party just like his! When I got to Waucoma I drove around and enjoyed the little town. I found the Community Center next to the library and parked along the street. I waited and waited and finally went into the library and asked about the party.

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Haha! The party was being held at the EVENTS Center west of town. WOW! How does a little town have such a wonderful, huge facility? The fire trucks were pulling in and parking right in front and people were getting out of their cars by the dozens! I joined the crowd and walked into a HUGE room with people and kids milling around looking at pictures and momentos from the Kramer family. I saw Kayla first and then Jo found me and it was so good to see her!

Then I met Jo’s best friend, Connie, from Reads Landing, MN. Soon another quilter, Debbie from Oelwein , joined us and we chatted over a delicious meal.

Connie, me, Debbie.

We’re all hoping to meet in Rochester next Thursday at Minnesota Quilt Show – and as many others who can make it.

I thought this large poster of Roger was so impressive!

And the funeral home printed these placemats which I thought were so great I brought mine home to show our local funeral director.

Oh my but it was a wonderful party!

I think Roger would approve.

On my drive to Waucoma I did stop at a couple thrift stores and other than books, I “rented” this framed piece of a hooked scene. It was $3.00 and I’ll enjoy it in my entry for awhile and then return it.

Here’s a closeup.

And this for $1.00 that I will send to Jenny but I don’t know what it is. Reminds me of the Big Bang Theory and the wedding gift that nobody could understand. She’ll wonder what it is, too when she gets it in the mail.

And then it comes apart.

I can’t wait for somebody to explain it to me!

I am watching “When They See Us” on Netflix. I remember when this attack took place in Central Park in 1989 and honestly, it’s so disturbing, I can hardly believe it really happened but I know it did!

I have a book giveaway today – it’s Lynne Hagmeier’s newest book called Prairie Life, a collection of quilts, runners and pillows!

Close an ad and leave a comment and Reed will draw someone’s name tomorrow. I will post the winner’s name on the next post and ask for her mailing address. I also have two small quilt finishes that I’ll post tonight or tomorrow morning. We have a funeral at our church tomorrow morning – Elaine was 90 years old and still living at home – I want to be like Elaine! And then have a party like a Roger’s!

237 thoughts on “The Party For Roger Kramer

  1. Pat Anderson

    I don’t know if this will help with the “ad problem,” but I have noticed that when I open a blog through Bloglovin’, I get lots of ads (and sometimes the blog actually disappears) but if I go directly through the newsletter, no ads. I love the way the Kramers have handled the last few months–what amazing people they are! I think they have set the bar very high for handling the illness and death of a loved one. Can’t wait to meet Roger in Heaven!

  2. Sandy N

    I’m a long time reader of Jo’s blog. I was so sad to read that Kramer had lost his battle with cancer. I was so impressed with the wonderful way their kids rallied around them and did everything they could to make Jo and Kramer their priority. Thank you for sharing the photos from the party.
    I was able to close 3 of the 4 ads. The one at the top did not have an x. I’m on a laptop, if that helps.

  3. Sue H

    That certainly looked like a wonderful party and yes, I think Roger would be pleased. I think that weird piece is used to cut up a hot dog evenly in the openings. Otherwise, just a hysterical oddity!

  4. Susan McC

    I closed 4 ads and would love the opportunity for Lynne Hagemaier’s book – thanks😊😊

  5. Barbara Stoffel

    The book looks wonderful, a perfect gift for one of my sisters!

  6. Rose Jeter

    I love that wiener dog dish, anxious to hear what it is. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Moe Baly

    What a wonderful tribute to Roger. That’s how it should be done. I’ve gone to quilter wakes similar. Jay knows to throw a big quilt show of my quilts for me.

    I think the doggy might be for cutting butter?

  8. Kate Schloemer

    I finished my hand quilting on a quilt this week. Trying to finish a baby quilt for a new great grandson, that is due anytime now.
    Celebrating the life of someone can be so joyful.

  9. Brenda in Iowa

    Mr. Kramer’s party looks like everyone celebrated the life of a beloved friend. Wish I could see you on Thursday but I don’t think we’ll be in Rochester by 1 PM. Have a great time. I’m excited about the show!

  10. Caryn Goulden

    Thank you for sharing pictures of Roger’s celebration of life. What a strong, wonderful family! Yes, that’s a hot dog cutter/server. The dish is for ketchup or mustard to dip the pieces.
    Thanks for a chance to win Prairie Life!

  11. Diane Bauer

    Oh, my goodness the number of comments you get when there is a giveaway!!!!!!! Normal days times 50???!?

    Glad to see Roger got a nice send off. Prayers for his family and friends as they gather to celebrate his life.

    A hotdog slicer??? That’s a new one for me! I grew up with a dachshund named Sassy. Now have six in the family (my sister has two and both of my nieces have two)—I am the black sheep with two Goldens!!

    The classic high mountain passes are all open now (very late compared to recent years), so I may need to make a drive to the top of a mountain this weekend to see the big piles of plowed snow!

    Six ads closed. I’m amazed at how it changes from day to day. I trust I will have more to close when I post my comment! Have a good weekend everyone!!

  12. Donna W.

    I am so sorry about Jo’s husband’s passing. The celebration of life seemed like a nice way to remember him. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book, Mary.

  13. Joni

    I love the idea of “renting” an art piece and then returning it for someone else to find and cherish. Thank you for sharing the poster of Kramer. The words are to one of my favorite songs. Brought a tear to my eye just reading it. It is so wonderful to see the support to Jo and family these past months. That is small town life and he will be truly missed. The wiener dog’s bowl would hold mustard in my house…just sayin’.

  14. Kim J LeMere

    Thank you for posting pictures of the send off for Kramer and wearing your Kramer Strong shirt, I’m so glad that it was a big celebration of a life lived well. I love the wiener dog item and hope you tell us what it is for.

  15. Carolyn

    Prairie life evokes thoughts of Little House on the Prairie. The definintion of a prairie is a plain of grassy land without many trees. Prairie means grassland, and comes from the French word for “meadow.” While we might describe a single meadow, we usually use prairie to describe a type of countryside. In the United States, the natural state of the land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains is prairie which is mostly farmland. An extensive, level or slightly undulating, mostly treeless tract of land in the Mississippi valley, characterized by a highly fertile soil and originally covered with coarse grasses, and merging into drier plateaus in the west.

  16. Jeanie Stufflebeam from sw Illinois

    That was quite a party! The Kramers are a lovely family. My husband and I have talked about it, and we want that instead of a visitation, too. Thanks for the opportunity to win Lynne’s book.

  17. Terry Johnson

    Thank you for sharing Kramers story. Closed several ads and would appreciate winning the book.

  18. Brenda C

    Thanks for the information on the memorial celebration. What a heartbreaking turn of life.
    Thanks for being there for her and for keeping us amused with your finds.
    The book looks like a great resource. I read your post twice and clicked ads twice.

  19. Judy

    Mary, thinking of you today as I get started on three 16 Patch quilts. Your tutorial from 2015 was calling me. Love the idea of that cozy little lap quilt. They will be great on my porch with morning coffee. Living in the Northern Ca mountains it gets kind of chilly! Thanks so much for the great tutorial.

  20. Lora Jans

    I love reading your posts. I also collect chalkware and sewing pin cushion/ ruler combos. You have made some awesome finds!!

  21. Sunflower

    The cover of the book is beautiful and just begs to be opened and studied. Makes me smile, thanks for the chance to win.
    Thanks for sharing Rogers party. My thoughts are with Jo, and though I don’t know her, it’s seems I do through your blog.
    I really liked the hooked picture too! Beautiful hand made treasure. You do have some nice thrift shops to visit.
    Anna M., I agree with you and just today set MY retirement date…December 1st. Can’t wait. 😊

  22. Carol Collier

    Thanks so much for sharing Roger’s Party!! And it is so funny to see you write about renting from the thrift store — that is exactly how I feel. I love shopping at the thrift stores, love the thought that what I spend is helping someone, and love giving it back when I am tired of it!! That picture is beautiful! I so enjoy reading your blog!!

  23. Joanne

    I closed five ads. Thanks for the report on “Roger’s Party”. What a great idea!

  24. Janice R

    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the many things you do. You are one busy lady!

  25. Cheryl

    It’s a Dachshund Hot Dog Cutter for Kids! Found it on Amazon 2 for $17.99. the bowl is for ketchup. I have no ads to close on my laptop, phone or tablet. Wished I could be in Rochester!
    Lots of pics!

  26. Janet Orr

    Such a wonderful way to celebrate Roger. That is what my husband and I have decided we want. A campfire complete with burgers, hot dogs, smores, beer, drinks, desserts, etc.

    The hot dog cutter is fun but those slices can choke a child. It is recommended to quarter the slices – not leave them round. My great niece died from swallowing a piece of broken balloon – the ER doctor told us balloons, peanut butter and hot dogs should never be given to a young child.

    I only found one ad – but couldn’t close it like I usually do.

    Hugs to Jo and her wonderful family!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janet Orr – I’m so sorry to learn about your great niece! Do you see that the slices are cut again by the wiener dog slicer? They are not left round.

  27. Betty Klosterman

    Waukcoma must be like New Underwood. You just go to where all the cars are!

  28. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, several years I did a counted threads picture just exactly like your new rental on 22 count. It turned out great. I think it was a picture from the Ideals magazine. There was a needlework show and I entered it. The judge didn’t like it because “there shouldn’t be leaves on the trees and snow on the ground at the same time.” I always had to laugh when I saw the tree in front of the YMCA had leaves and there was snow on the ground……. I didn’t care what she thought about it. I still love it hanging on my wall.

    Our quilt show in on right now and they have a new category — SMALL pieced BIG quilts. We’ve sure got some overly ambitions quilters with 9 patches that are 1 1/2 finished. They were really nice. The vendors have some patterns I really must have as they are great. I’ve got to go back tomorrow!

  29. Carla

    that is a wonderful way to remember a person. Love the new ‘rented’ picture. Closed a couple of ads – love reading your blog – especially when you have pet pictures!

  30. Dianne Cook

    What a wonderful party. Thdiannee place mat is a nice idea. Thinking of Jo and her family.
    would love to win the book.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dianne Cook – thinking of you, too, Dianne! Hope you’re doing well!

  31. Nancy

    Would love to when the book. Just a beginner quilter. Did a Quilt of Valor for my nephew and now I am hooked. Looked like the Kramer’s did a fine celebration for Roger who will be missed by the whole community. Closed a few ads.

  32. Linda - in SE MN

    Six ads closed today…isn’t it odd how we all have such different experiences?!? Mary, your blog is my favorite each day – thanks for sharing with us!

  33. laurie

    I had wondered why you said to close an ad, but I saw the answer already lol. Only one ad showed up today.

  34. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I bought one of those for my youngest grandson to have his hot dogs cut up small. Not too many nd yes I would like to win the book. Thank you so much.

  35. Darlene Hoctor

    The dog is to cut up hot dogs. My grandkids love ours. Everyone needs a turn.

  36. Nikki in Tx

    What a wonderful celebration of Rogers life.
    5 ads closed
    I agree is hotdog dicer.

  37. Marilyn Magelitz

    What a send off for Jo’s dear Kramer! Glad to read your account of events. I didn’t see any ads.

  38. Donna Ondler

    Mary only one ad to close hmmmmm. Anyway I opened it and closed it. Throw my name in my he drawing and maybe my name will be drawn
    Love reading your blog. Don’t always respond but I do read all of them and enjoy them too.
    Donna O

  39. Jan Pittenger

    Love KT books! Took a class with Lynn a few months ago. It was great fun! Would love to win this book!

  40. jan VanDeWalle

    Love the party send off. Told my children that I want a big family and friends Potluck when my time comes. Will have to be in summer as the family has grown to large for indoors. Found six ads to click on I use a computer to read the blog. I haven’t been quilting long enough to have 12 UFOs but do have a couple or three. and a large store of fabric stash that I have been accumulating for the future 😉 love the blog and all you share with us. Thank You !
    The book looks fun.

  41. Bobbie

    Closed 5 ads. Thank you for sharing the pictures for the celebration of Roger’s life. Beautiful.

  42. Paula Philpot

    Closed ads and her is my post….you have great plans made. Paula in KY

  43. Debbie

    Closed 4 ads. What a touching celebration of life. I grew up in Iowa and reading this blog is like a message from home every day.

  44. Sue Stringfellow

    I think that little dog slices a hot dog for a child to eat as a snack- the little bowl would hold catsup or mustard to dip the slices in.

  45. Debbie B

    It was lovely to meet you in person, Mary! I agree it was a wonderful celebration of Kramer’s life. I’m so glad I was able to attend. Thanks for the giveaway. I have always been a fan of Kansas Trouble.

  46. Linda Baker

    Mary, enjoyed seeing the pictures of Roger’s celebration, it looks like quite an event! Isn’t it wonderful when someone makes such an impact on a community? They must be quite the family.
    Thank you for the chance to win your give-a-way.

  47. Virginia Grenier

    Your unknown item (weiner dog) is a way to safely feed hot dogs to children. You put the hot dog on the bottom and then push the top down onto it which cuts the hot dog into small pieces. Put catsup in the “doggie dish” and the child has a place to “dip” the hot dog pieces into the catsup.

  48. ChristieB

    I did close two ads today. I follow Jo’s blog and even though I have never met the Kramers in person, i feel I know them. Such a sad loss for this family, but, they are close knit, and with God’s mercy and grace and each other, they will get through this difficult time. That is so nice that you were there with them at Kramer’s party.
    Thank you for the chance to win Lynne’s book. HUGS… and stitches

  49. Cynthia Sabinske

    Closed 5 ads today! Your updates are so interesting, looking forward to meeting our blog-mates at the Quilt show in Rochester, and thank you for sharing the funeral and celebration of life for the Krames, and Indid jot know what the hot dog cutter item was, but do now! Hoping to be the one who is the drawing winner! I need to use up fabric making some runners, and am getting my UFO’s ready, great motivation!! Bet I have more than 12 tho! It’s a start! I love belonging to this group!

  50. Karen Grant

    I would love to have the book.

    I was sorry to hear about (Roger) Kramer. I have never met any of the Kramers in person but feel like I know them all because of Jo’s blog. I am writing this and thinking about my beloved Father who left us 8 years ago tomorrow. The pain never goes away, but your ability to “cope” does adapt over time. I

  51. Carolyn Boutilier

    wonderful remembrance of Rodger Krammer. I have never seen that dog thing.
    Cold rain here in the valley today. Would love the book as I do not have this one.
    Carolyn B

  52. Deborah

    I have never heard of a hotdog cutter. The book looks great.

    What a beautiful tribute and celebration for Mr Kramer

  53. Anna M

    Wow! What a lot of comments! Looks like a fun book. It’s a hot and windy day here in SE SD. I took the day off work and have been busy, busy..can’t wait til I can retire! Have a great weekend!

  54. Deb Neumann

    I’m with you…I want to be like Elaine and have a party like Roger, too! (Although I told my Hubby and kids that a quick toast in a bar would be fine, too, lol!)

  55. Joan from Clear Lake

    Closed 3 ads after the comments section on my phone.
    Great party for your friend, would love that for myself when my time comes.
    Love your blog Mary & would love the book.

  56. Rosalie

    Closed 4 ads!
    Would love to win the book
    I thought maybe it was something to keep a dog busy
    – treats to get out of the sections and a water dish. A knife is so much easier to clean than that gadget for hotdogs!!!

  57. Suzanne Beech

    What a wonderful tribute for Kramer!!!

    Wonder if the dog thing is a potato cutter or vegetable slicer?

  58. Bobbie Woodruff

    Mary it’s so nice you are close enough to go to Rogers party. It seem like a wonderful tribute to man’s life. He was well loved by his family and community. Couldn’t ask for anything more.
    I love the little dog what ever he is. Y’all have some wonderful thrift stores in your area.
    I would love to win the book, but who ever goes will love it.

  59. Sue franke

    Seems ads display differently. I saw three ads on the right when using my iPad.

  60. Connie

    Mary, it was so good to see you at Rogers “party”. What a nice “send off ” if you will. I had a hard time looking at the pictures and didn’t look at most of them. The fire department did an exceptional job, from helping with the yard word, to coming by and visiting with Roger in his last days, to being pall bearers and driving his casket to his final resting place. They fixed and served the meal. In the middle of eating, the pager went off and we all stopped talking and listened as the lady on the other end announced that Rogers shift was over. I could have cried big ugly tears right there. Thankfully, I was able to keep it together. He was a well liked and loved man, very important to his community and his community was very important to him.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Betty Klosterman – I had no idea what was happening when the loud speaker came on and it was “last call for Roger Kramer”. It was sad and very meaningful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie – when the pager went off I was not sure what to expect and when I realized what the last call was about I was shaken to my core. I have not seen that before and thought it was very special. Fun to meet you in person – see you Thursday in Rochester!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Yes this is a real heart breaker. It had to be horrible reliving that for days on end in NYC during 9-11.Our son is a former fire chief of our town and I still say prayers every time I hear our fire whistle blow.
        There is nothing like the local fire and police departments in small town America.

  61. Marcia

    I agree that it is a hot dog slicer. Not sure what goes into the dish.
    I had only one ad to close using my laptop.

  62. Ddeb McClanahan

    A hot dog cutter! It’s been a while since we had little kids. Would love to have the Kansas Troubles book; it’s one I have been wanting to get.

  63. Carol Pifer

    Thank you for telling us about Roger’s party. I closed ads for you.

  64. Brenda archambault

    Mary, it looks like it was a beautiful celebration of life. I want one too in about 20 years … I’ll be 81 in August. In my case, I’m going to play the game but will have to re name in “dirty gross”! Have been skimming the surface and finding all sorts of quilting and needlepoint projects plus yards of fabric I wove years ago, with clothing in mind. Will just plug away at the numbered projects and try to fit in some of the rest. Recovering from a severely broken arm but now we’re in The 💯 degree weather here in the valley of the sun so I’ll stay in and complete some projects.

  65. Priscilla C

    What a wonderful way to celebrate one’s life. Even nice that you attended & showed your support to the family…Love the dog!

  66. Carol H

    So glad Jo has such a great supportive group of family and friends so they can help each other through this tough time.
    I was able to close a Rotita ad. Thanks for a chance to win this great book by Lynne.

  67. Dee Carter

    I closed 4 ads !! It’s a hot dog cutter. Cute. Would love to win the book. Absolutely love the posts you do,brightens my day!

  68. Donna Sproston

    Six ads closed. I just finished a 16 patch with two rolls of Kansas Troubles. It is queen size which is enormous since I am a mini quilter. I had to have it quilted because it was too big to handle and maintain my sanity. As a Kansas native I am drawn to Lynn’s color palette. All those golds remind me of waving wheat fields.

    1. Marie McDonald

      I closed 3 ads. I would love to win the book!
      What a wonderful memorial for your friend!
      I so enjoy reading your posts!

  69. Lois Palmisano

    I love it all Mary. I closed 5 ads today? What was that comment”no ads toda”?
    Lois in omaha

  70. Judy B

    Closed 3 ads on my cellphone. I’m a thrift store junkie also. “Renting” household decor is fun!

  71. Sandy Allen

    Thank you for sharing about the event for Roger. It was so sad to read about.

  72. Teresa

    Thank you for posting about the party for Kramer. What a lovely tribute. I don’t know Jo and her family personally, but in a way I feel I do as she shares so much on her blog. I remember she said her blog is her journal of sorts and I think it is great. If only all families could be so lucky to be so close as the Kramer family.

  73. Launa

    Mary, Good to look at one ad and then close it. What a great good bye to Roger! Thanks for a chance to win a new quilt book!
    Our dog wants outside, but two Mule Deer bucks are up by the kitchen window. Don’t care to have them frightened.
    Last night’s storm was about 1 am..heard thunder and wind blowing. Earlier evening some areas in SE Idaho posted many hundreds of lightening strikes. We could have SNOW up here as temperatures have dropped.
    I agree on the hot dog cutter!

  74. Linette Stewart

    I agree Mary the type of party that Roger had was so special. I am just amazed at the family’s strength to share such a personal loss on the blog. He certainly was a loved man! It’s so touching how their community helped them out. May we all be remembered that way. ❤❤

  75. Beth T.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story about attending Roger Kramer’s party. After walking with the family through so much of this journey, through Jo’s generous postings on the blog, it is good to see the community coming together to say one last goodbye, share stories again, and be there for the family. What a great community, and a great lesson for all of us–because it’s not just about where they live, it’s about the life they made.

  76. Marsha from Kansas

    I was able to close 4 ads but the Missouri Star and Dillons ads did not have an “x”to be able to close them. I would love the new KS TROUBLES book for my KS TROUBLES stash! Thanks for the give away.

  77. Sharon Ray

    I need one of those hot dog cutter ups!
    I’ve been following Jo’s blog so sad but what a great send off!
    Looks like another good quilt book.

  78. Jo in Wyoming

    What a wonderful way to to acknowledge a persons contribution to the joy of life. Everyone gives something to this beautiful world.
    That hot dog I’d put short flowers in it and use it for a center/conversation piece at the next beer and chips party.
    The picture you are renting……WOWZERS, what a find. Beautiful.
    I got 7 ads to close today.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – how’s the sewing at the prison? What are the girls working on? Hugs to Loretta!

  79. Linda B

    What a lovely party to honor a much loved and respected man! Can you imagine the stories told! I found six ads to close, my lucky number of the day.

  80. Meri

    I’m so glad you got to see the Kramer family & honor Roger’s memory. What a great celebration! Closed 5 ads…😉

  81. Dee Winter

    My husband died last fall, we had a party also. It just fit him too, the kid and nephew cooked the smoked foot and appetizers, a true family affair. One of the kids friends had his dad tell him that this is the kind of send off I want. Kid was bummed, but I told him, you need to know these things. They are no longer in pain, life has gotten better for them. It too will for Jo and family. Love the wiener dog.

  82. Frances Carter

    I was able to close 4 ads, yea! I agree it is to cut hot dogs up. Have you ever tried to cut one of those slippery devils up, lol!

  83. Dottie

    It was wonderful to see such loving photos from the party. I have been following their journey from Oregon, and my heart is sad for the journey. I experienced losing my dad in 85 and it is never easy. Would love to thumb through the book.

  84. Ruth Bridges

    I love the idea of “renting”from the thrift shops. I do that with movies. Enjoy reading your blog. I closed two ads. One at the beginning and the same ad , again at the end of the post. Please include me in the book giveaway.

  85. Jeanine

    No ads here either. I clicked on the blue “read more here” to the left of your picture, but that took me nowhere. I would click if they were here. Would love the book… of my favorite designers.

    1. BarbB

      Love your blog. Quilt book looks great. Closed a bunch of ads. Thanks for all you do.

  86. Cheryl N.

    The party for Roger was a great way to show tribute to him. I love Kansas Trouble fabric and of course her patterns. Love to have the book. Take care

  87. Diane in Tennessee

    What a wonderful celebration. Would love to have that kind of celebration too. So nice of you to have a giveaway. Maybe I’ll be the lucky winner.

  88. Rhoda Ebersole

    First I thought for corn on the cob but I think it is for hot dogs- your find at the store .

  89. Jean Elliott

    I’d love to win the quilt book! I do have a question…I love so many of the clothes I see on the ads but haven’t ordered any. I’m wondering if anyone has ordered any and how the sizes are? I’m not sure where they are coming from so I don’t want to have to return them. Not sure what you mean by “closing an additional”. I try to look at them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jean Elliott – you don’t necessarily have to look at the ad – just click on the x and close them.

  90. Linda

    Closed four ads. If people are using their phone, they may have to scroll to the right to see three of the ads.

  91. VA Mann

    Closed one ad at the very end. What a beautiful celebration of Roger’s life.

  92. Chris Harrington

    This looks like such a great book. Would love to have a copy. What a lovely memorial for your friend. Lots of wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing, Mary.💕

  93. Karla T

    I agree the hot dog is for cutting up a hot dog and dipping in ketchup— such a nice party for Roger, i know he will be missed. Thank you for the chance at winning the book. I wanna be like Elaine too!

  94. Gina

    I do believe the ladies are correct in that the wiener dog is a hot dog cutter. That would be my guess too.

  95. Lorri Schuller

    Thank you for all the information you post every day. The dish is for hot dogs cutup for kids. Lots of fun for grand-kids. Closed 2 ads – all I could find.
    Enjoy your day

  96. Pam W.

    I’m not seeing any ads when I’m on your site. At first I thought the dog was part of a game, but it does make sense that it’s a hot dog cutter that others recognized. How cute! I know a Roger Kramer in Crete, NE! Looks like it truly was a celebration of his life. The poster was touching and placemats were impressive. Wish I could join you in Rochester. Looking forward to reading about it and to seeing pictures! Thanks for putting my name in the hat!

  97. Lynn Haines

    I can close lots of ads because I am always going back to old posts to find a photo you posted or to refer to some information you wrote. Working on my Uncle Sam. He’s almost done. Do you have any idea how many patterns you have published? It must be a staggering number. Lucky for your fans.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynn Haines – have no idea how many patterns weve designed but it’s a lot!

  98. Donna Jean

    Love the wiener dog dish! I agree it’s most likely for holding a hot dog w ketchup in the dish. But my other ideas are a banana holder n chocolate syrup dish or a roasting-ear holder w a butter dish.
    I’ve seen more funerals as a celebration of life. I love them! Glad you were able to go to Roger’s party.
    I would love the book, too.
    Have a good weekend dear Mary!
    I’m from Kansas, a wheat field south of Wichita.

  99. Judy

    What a wonderful party for Roger! I am sure many stories about Roger were shared.

    Love to receive Lynn’s book. Great looking quilts.

  100. Signe Burgen Vaughan

    That was so nice of you to attend Roger Kramer’s celebration of life. I am sure that Jo appreciated it. You find the best things at the thrift store! I would love to win the quilt book.

  101. Linda

    Thanks for showing Roger Kramer’…..such a wonderful family….I would so love to win the book.. Just the kind of quilts I like….

  102. Carolyn

    Thanks for the giveaway chance. Good luck to all of us. I found 4 ads to close so hope that helps

  103. Catherina

    I would love to have that book by a fellow Kansan, although I’ve never met her. And I closed 2 ads.

  104. Janet R

    So happy to hear about Roger’s party and the outpouring of people. I, too, want just that kind of thing. What a nice tribute to him.

    I like Lynne Hagemeier. Kansas Troubles was the first fabric line I could identify. I’m making a quilt from it right now.

  105. Margaret

    Enjoy your blog so much. Nice party for Roger, glad you could attend. Would love the book! Thank You!!

  106. Janet B

    I am so glad that you were able to go to Roger’s celebration of life. I know that it meant a lot to the family that you were there. Like most of Jo’s distance readers, I was with them in spirit. When I leave this Earth, I hope my family has a big party with lots of laughter.

    Love the book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  107. Susan Boyd

    What a wonderful Celebration of Life that was for Roger. I hope you’re letting your wishes be known to your family so they’ll know to have a party like that for you. And, I too want to be living on my own and in good shape when I’m in my 90’s.

  108. Sandra

    I owe you some money for the Goar Gazette.Thank you for sending them with my pattern.I have listed my ufos. I had no idea I had so many.I needed a glass of wine after that experience. I am ready to start doing something about completing them. I opened an add. Please enter my name in your drawing, and please send me the price of the gazettes so I can pay you.Have a great weekend.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandra – I didn’t keep track – just send what you think – no problem

  109. Patti in W Barnstable

    Thank you for the Kramer Party pictures. What a great tribute to him.

  110. Kathy Hanson

    I am finding that if I look at your blog on my cell phone there are about 3 ads to close. I don’t get them on my computer though.
    What a beautiful celebration of Roger’s life.

  111. Alice

    What a nice way to celebrate Roger’s life! Not sure why some didn’t find ads & others did. I found 4 to close. Would love to have this book!

  112. Pat Smith

    Amen to living like Elaine and having a long healthy old age. So often those Elaine’s age have seen all their friends and even some relatives pass before them. In Roger’s case, there were a huge number of people to celebrate his life, and yes, I’d like to know my friends and family are having a party in my honor even if I can’t attend.

  113. Marilyn

    Thank you for sharing your attendance to the celebration of life for Roger Kramer. KRAMER STRONG t-shirt was a great idea.
    I closed 3 ads.

  114. Arrowhead Gramma

    So wonderful that you could attend Roger’s party and show your love and support to Jo and her family.

  115. Nancy

    Hot dog cutter and a little dish for ketchup to dip the pieces. Nice funeral tribute. Looking for UFO’S.
    Finding some never started kits

    1. Carol

      Ketchup! I wondered about the little green dish part of the contraption… didn’t think it through!

  116. Robin Boggan

    Thank you for sharing Kramer celebration of life! So nice that you could go for all of us! I have been thinking of them . I really like the placements idea .
    Would love to have Prairie Life book! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Have a wonderful day!

  117. Vicki in Iowa

    Mary, thank you for all the inspiration you provide to your followers. I refreshed the page and several ads popped up which I was able to close. I probably have more Kansas Troubles fabric than anything else in my stash. Would love to win Lynne’s book.

  118. Peggy

    Put down the Air Canada and Shaw internet ads. Would love the book. You report of the party was great. Sure sounds like a great idea instead of a funeral.

  119. Deborah DeBerry

    No ad to close, but I love the Prairie Life book. It is high on my really need list. Thanks so much for the chance to win it.

  120. Martha Engstler

    I’m surprised to find lots of ads to open when I open your blog on my Kindle. Much better than on the computer which is if,y at best. Different ads too. That party is a wonderful send off. A happy way to be remembered.

  121. Montana Kathy

    Hi Mary, I love your blog and look forward to each installment. Just got out of the hospital yesterday with my new pacemaker and the first thing I did on getting home (after be reunited with my babies – 2 dogs and 2 kitties) was to look at your blog and see what I missed. You really add a happy spark to the day. Thank you for being there. Was surprised to see so many comments about there being no ads. I had 4 to close. Funny how that all works. Keep the blog going and we’ll keep closing those ads!

  122. Barbara F.

    What a wonderful way to celebrate Roger Kramer! Being surrounded by so many family members and friends (along with the stories shared) should be comforting for them. I’m pretty sure the dog item is a hot dog cutter for kids. The bowl must be to hold the ketchup/mustard for dipping. WOW!! Would love to win a copy of the new Kansas Troubles Prairie Life book. LOVE everything Lynne designs, she’s one of my favorites. Thank you for a chance to win!

  123. Eileen

    What a great party-tribute ! Closed 4 ads, would love to win the book !!

  124. Carmen Montmarquet

    Did close a couple ads! Great party Jo and family threw for Roger!!! I’m sure Roger is smiling down at them all!!
    I would use the wiener dog as a holder for a few small rulers and the bowl to hold pins!!
    Love Kansas Troubles anything so would be so happy to win Prairie Life!!
    Just started the charm pack quilt. The Bulll’s Eye Quilt still needs borders, that was so much fun! Love all your hints and reading about your farm!
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  125. Carol

    Prairie Life book would be wonderful to have and make wonderful things out of. So enjoy your posts.

  126. Linda Rouse

    Ladies, ladies, ladies. To get the ads that Mary needs, Click on the blue title that’s on the right of Mary and Connie’s picture !!!!? It works every time. I just closed 6 ads.

    Reid, Reid, Reid,. Please pick me for the book. I love Lynnes work.
    I am shameful, I know. 😁

    1. Jeanine

      Linda, There is no blue title on the right of their picture on my computer.

  127. Jean

    Dear Mary,
    Thank you for the chance to win the quilt book! It looks interesting. I’ve got my projects ready for the Dirty 12!

  128. Sue in Oregon

    I opened two ads and looked around. One was Coldwater Creek, so that was fun and the other was a shoe ad. Seems like opening them would count the same as closing an ad, or maybe better? Do you know?
    I like your hooked picture. Lots of work in it.
    Love that quilt book and thanks for the chance to win it.

  129. Cheri

    I would love to win the book! I have been following Jo and Kramer’s story for awhile. Looks like a great celebration of his life.

  130. Carol

    Ok … having had dachshunds, and having my poor girls referred to as “wiener dogs”, my thought is… put a hot dog on the green thingy… put the brown dog over it and push… presto! Little bits of hotdog a toddler won’t choke on! Although the processing of the “meat” might kill you over time! Hey, it’s summer, hot dog season regardless of processing and the meat mystery that composes a hot dog! Time to fire up the grill!

    Give it a try, Mary, and let us know!
    I think the hot dog probably works if it’s boiled…, charcoal grilled… the skin might be tough!

    My first random thought… a PEZ dispenser!

  131. Gramapama

    Hi Mary, there are ads to close way at the bottom after comments for me. So glad you went to see Kramer’s Family … the wiener dog is for cutting up hot dogs for toddlers safety. Whole hot dogs have a tendency to block airways and cause choking. I would have loved one of these 30 years ago. My kids loved hotdogs and Spaghetti-os.

  132. Susan from Rockwell

    Your new book giveaway looks very interesting. Thank you for all of the kind gestures you do for everyone. You are one in a million.
    Isn’t it a beautiful day here in our area! I am ready to go out and start my new strawberry patch, and plant green beans.

    1. Barbara Dillingham Moore

      Since we have three Weinberg dogs, I love the wiener dog contraption! Perhaps the little bowl is for ketchup? Or another condiment? There are any number of ads on your site on my iPad, and closed several. Rarely do I ever participate in online challenges, but the dirty dozen might just be a way to get a few finishes! Jo has a Christmas Star quilt pattern on her site that, when I saw it, it was love at first site. I made it several years ago and then decided to put it in a church building fund effort – and raised $1,000! I am sorry for her loss. Love your country dailies!

      1. Barbara Dillingham Moore

        It should read WEINER dogs – just love that spellcheck😡😡

  133. Mary Hawk

    Will wait for an answer on the dog! Look like your friend had a good party.
    Have you read Lisa Bongean’s blog today- such an amazing story!

  134. Susan Moore

    That is a hot dog cutter it I for children that need their hot dog cut into small pieces. I love your blog, it feels like we are friends. Please keep it going

  135. karen

    What a wonderful celebration of life!
    The weiner dog is in fact a hot dog cutter, and his dish is for ketchup. How sweet!
    Love the book!

  136. Darby

    Such a great tribute! Our neighbor had a similar party. It was exactly what he wanted including his favorite beer! I’m sure Jo and the kids appreciated you were able to attend.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cindy LaFriniere – don’t I know you, Cindy? Didn’t I know your mom?

  137. Bonnie McKee

    What a great party! I agree with you Mary, I would love to live independently until the end of my days, then have my friends and family enjoy a fun party!
    My mom will be 100 years old this fall and still lives independently enjoying a very active lifestyle, so maybe I have a chance! 😊

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bonnie McKee – your mom deserves a pat on them back! My mom, Hazel, would have been 100 this fall on September 6 but gone now for 7 years.

  138. Carolyn Rector

    I am impressed with Roger Kramer’s funeral gathering. As a fire fighter he was an tribute to his community, and to his family. Thank you for sharing it online.

  139. Judy In MO

    Love the little wiener dog, but don’t know it’s use. Love KT books, so hope to win this one.

  140. Ann Wissbaum

    I didn’t find any ads to close. The dog dish is a hot dog holder and cutter!
    Thanks for the chance to win – Prairie Life is on my list of books to add to my collection.

  141. Kay C

    No ads to close here either. The hot dog cutter idea is brilliant! My first thought was little ice cubes – now that makes me laugh! Got all 12 UFO’s chosen and numbered – can’t wait to start! Found a few extra that I might work on this month before the official start.

    1. Jenifer Fairchild

      🐈Wonderful life celebration. Your tee shirt was inspiring. Mind if I use the slogan at my next family reunion?
      I closed the Showtime free trial add–I even signed up!
      Pick me, pick me! 🤩

  142. Deb G inVA

    It’s a hot dog slicer. I found them for sale on Amazon, of course! I didn’t have any ads to close either.

  143. terry

    Thanks for sharing the celebration of Roger Kramer. The poem brought tears flowing down my cheeks. Yes indeed I am sure he would have approved. Terry in So. Calif.

  144. Jill

    I loved seeing these pictures. If I didn’t live in Texas, I would have tried to go! You’ve probably heard this before, but as a blog reader, I feel like I know Jo and her family. I laugh because I feel like we’re so much alike…I even have the dress that she’s wearing in the picture of you guys!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jill – you even have Jo’s dress? I’m going to tell her when I see her next week!

  145. Mary Kastner

    What a kind and lovely memorial. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of Lynne’s new book.

  146. Vickie Lemonds

    Mary, we all hope that we don’t have to have you “Celebration if Life” anytime soon! We all enjoy you so much! Much more than any other blogger.

    Your “Dirty Dozen Challenge” sounds great too. I’ve approached our group, “The PhDs”, for Projects half Done, to join in your challenge. What a wonderful idea to get those projects finished! Quilters in Miami, Florida, Asheville, NC and Roanoke, Va, will be joining our group here in Davidson, NC, just north of Charlotte.

  147. Judy

    There were no ads to close so I went to a previous post and closed the ones there so I hope that helps. It is niceto see the pictures from Roger Kramers party and see how he was honored. When my Aunt passed away a couple of years ago she asked to be honored in a very similar way.

  148. Diane

    Looks like a wonderful celebration. I agree with Sherry Whalen about the dog. Looks like a cutter. I hadn’t thought of the dish being for ketchup but that makes sense!

  149. Janice

    I don’t have any ads to close either! Not sure why, tried twice so far. Closed out and opened your post again, still no ads. But I do close them all of the time when they are there! Anyway, that little dog – I believe it is used to cut dog cookies that you make from scratch. At least it looks a lot like the cookie cutter I got years ago. That’s my guess! I absolutely love the idea of a party instead of a wake to celebrate a person’s life. Roger’s must have been wonderful. And the framed hooked piece is lovely! I’d be keeping that one! That is one of my other hobbies, rug hooking. Did I mention I have lots of hobbies?? lol, I’ll never be bored! Just hope I live long enough to finish all of the ones I’ve started! Jan in MA

  150. Eileen Emerson

    I’m the lucky #13 reply with no ads here either. What a lovely party in honor of Roger, nice way to embrace his final journey with loved ones. That dog weiner thing is for appetizers. Cubes of bread, meat or fruit with a dipping bowl. Does the upper dishahave a sharp blade effect for sutting of do you have to do it with a knife while the food is corraled in the lower part? Either way Jenny will definitely have fun with it I’m sure. lol

    Thanks for the chance on this book.

    1. Diane

      Eileen, are you from Western NY? I have a relative whose maiden name is the same as yours.

  151. Kathy S

    I always look forward to reading your blog. The farm life photos are my favorites, but I spend more time looking over the quilt photos….love your style!

  152. Gayle Shumaker

    Thank you for the information on Jo and her family. I follow her blog and we have emailed back and forth. My husband is a long time volunteer firefighter (45 years) also. I am going to show the place mat to our local funeral home also. There were no ads to close for me either. The book of Jo Mortons is on my wish list.

  153. Carrolyn V

    No ads, sigh! But what a lovely blog entry about Roger! The poster made me cry! I could feel the love in that man! As I do in you, dear Mary!

  154. Sherry Whalen

    I wanted to go to Roger’s celebration, but Al and I both have terrible colds/coughs/fevers courtesy of one of the grands – I recognize the cough lol. We took care of the 2 little boys (Joe and Ben) while mom and dad were at the hospital getting ready to bring home a little brother, Phillip. I didn’t think we needed to spread that ‘love’. It looked like a great celebration of life that we all would love!

    Does a hot dog fit perfectly into the space? Being that it is a ‘wiener dog’ and looks like it cuts something into half round pieces, I say hot dog cutter for little kids, since round pieces of hot dogs are dangerous for littles. Fun, and I bet the dish fills with catsup.

    There you are with another fun give away – so generous!

    Have a great day!! And see you next Thursday!!!

    1. Julie Burkhardt

      What a great party .. that is the way to celebrate someone special .. no tears shed for me!

  155. Jean Holt

    Love reading all of your blogs. Your adventures and zest for life are an inspiration to me.
    Teaching a younger generation what you know and instilling an appreciation for a living things is a gift!
    Would love to have a quilting book for new ideas!
    Thank you!

  156. Pamela Papazidis

    Close ads whenever I see them. Thank you for taking the time to share your life, creativity and inspiration with us. As well as the goats and chickens.

  157. Betty K

    The prairie life is part of me. Kansas farmers as relatives certainly qualifies me. I love to look at quilt books and get my ideas venturing to new quilts.

  158. Mary Welker

    Mary I do read the posts always and click and close the ads when done. I love your blog and want to see you able to keep it up. The stories you share are wonderful. Also the projects. Would love to own this book.

  159. Robin Malloy

    Mary, I could not close any of the ads. There was no “X” to close. This happens every so often. I do close the ads when I am able. Thanks.

  160. Jean

    Well I WANT to close an ad but there are none available to me! Darn. I still want to enter for the drawing if i’m allowed.

    1. Denise

      Hi Jean, I am helping Mary & Connie on this issue, can I ask if you are using a computer or a mobile device? I had 4 ads when I pulled up the blog this morning. Thanks for your help

  161. Lisa Gebel

    The wiener dog is for cutting hot dogs for little kids preschool age..Big choking hazard now a days..

    My niece had her wedding there in the event center in May. It was also my first time there. It is beautiful and i to wondered how a little town could have such a beautiful place!

  162. Emily

    Love Lynn Hagmeier’s books and quilts!
    I want to be like Elaine and quilt a long time, then have a party like Roger!

    Take care.

  163. Hedy

    I would love to know what that dog thing is used for, it’s really different. I would love that book.

  164. Rita S

    Mary we should all have a celebration of Life as they gave Roger. That’s is my plan also.

    Your dog dish almost looks like a butter cutter, or maybe to cut hotdogs into smaller pieces. We should all guess something.

  165. Sheila S

    Can you believe-there was not even ONE Ad on your blog to close this morning!

    1. Denise

      Hi Sheila, I am helping Mary & Connie on this issue, can I ask if you are using a computer or a mobile device? Thanks for your help

      1. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

        I just closed FIVE! One at the very top and four along the side.

        The party for Roger is a wonderful idea. Was there beer? My husband would want craft beer.🍺🍺. Mary, I took my machine to Amish Country today for its yearly checkup. You would have loved seeing all the goats, baby Percheron, cows, horses and foals. Their corn is already up because they use the horses for plowing. And, I met someone from my sister’s town in Western New York near where we grew up. Fun day😃

      2. Diane, Squeak’s mom

        PS. I always click on “ read all comments” when I open the blog. Would that make a difference?

  166. Vickie

    Is the dog a cheese ball holder in the dish and the dog’s back holds the crackers. That’s my guess anyway. Looks like a great book.

    1. PamJ/Tx

      I think that the weiner dog dish, at least the green piece is for cutting up hot dog weiners for a child to be able to eat a weiner without choking. I have a 9 month old GD and wish I had one of those !!

      1. Marilyn Miller

        This is the right answer! I’ve seen similar slicers for bananas, etc!

      2. Pat Bernstein

        Thank you for posting the pictures from Kramer’s party – a remarkable family all of them and very inspiring. I agree I think it’s a hot dog cutter. Thank you for your blog – it’s very inspiring also and I love your posts about your animals – I grew up on a small farm in Minnesota and they bring back wonderful memories.

      3. Liz Greenwald

        Love your posts!
        Love any book with Prairie in the title; looks like a fun book!

        Thanks, Liz

    2. Pat C.

      I would love to win Lynne’s book. She has simple, country quilts that would fit right in my home. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    3. Janette Schiedler

      The dog is a hot dog slicer. Praying for the Kramer family. I’m so glad they were able to have the party for Roger.

      1. Jessica

        It is a hot dog sliver and the bowl is a condiment cup. I’m sending you an email in s minute, Mary!

        The party looks wonderful! That’s the kind of send off my Dad wanted. He was the life of any party and didn’t want us all moping around and crying….he wanted us to share silly stories and things he did and just remember the fun. He told me this and I never forgot it: how can we all be sad when he is whole and healthy sitting next to our Lord?

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