The Sled Quilt, 11-29-22

Okay, okay! I’ll search for the Sled pattern! Haha! Surely we still have one copy I can make copies from. We are really having a bad weather day today but tomorrow the search will be on.

Reader quilts

And just outside the window the sparrows are enjoying those tumbleweeds – great shelter for them.

Hazel needs to play ball before I go back to the sewing machine.

Tomorrow – the Sled pattern!!!!

29 thoughts on “The Sled Quilt, 11-29-22

  1. Diane in Colorado

    Lynne, I love your “Eye Spy” quilt!! I made one that is very similar for my granddaughter—one of my favorite finishes!!

    Great to see there is a good use for tumbleweeds!!! Here they are as big as your car and just too many of them!!

    I had a completely stitch-free day today, so better get busy tomorrow!! Shoveling took all of my energy.

  2. Carol Reents

    Oh I wanted to ask about the sled quilt and if there was a pattern that I could purchase. I’m glad others have gotten you on the hunt for the pattern. I’m eager to make it.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Lynne, really like your I Spy on point AND color coordinated. What a good idea.

    Sorry about the weather. It was cold today and Thrusday will be the worst. Maybe some snow, but time will tell. Just be prepared and cope with what we get. Actually tornadoes are the only weather that scares me. Don’t know about them until they hit. Too many years getting shoved into the dirt hole under the house? Doesn’t sound good for tornadoes tonight in the south. A nice snow storm sound better.
    Mary, the sled is a really nice pattern. There are too many of us who remember the fun and all the snow. We’re midwesterners!! I even remember in Des Moines, there was a big hill behind Lincoln HS and for gym class, we’d go slide down the hill.
    Take care and be prepared everybody.
    Betty in Rapid City

  4. Lynn Haines

    I have the Sled pattern if you can’t find yours let me know. I can send it to you Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynn Haines – I have searched for 2 hours! I would love to borrow yours and I will return it as soon as I make a copy. What a can of worms I opened!

  5. Charlotte S in northern California

    Another beautiful quilt show!! Good use for the tumbleweed. Looks great in your hoop.

  6. Jill Klop

    Thank you in advance for the sled pattern! It was so cool! I’m working on my binding for the red challenge!

  7. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary — I have had the sled quilt pattern for a number of years. I bought mine on ebay. It was new in its original packaging.

  8. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    The quilts today are all different and beautiful. Lynn from NJ, I have the same ABC fabric, but I wasn’t sure what i was going to do with it. I like your idea. It was 60* here today, but is going to rain and will go down the rest of the week. Lots of people were out doing the “last” lawn mowing.
    I decorated in and out today and hope to finish tomorrow. Then, I hope to quilt:)
    Take care everyone who is looking at storms.

  9. Deb in Japan

    Mary, I love the idea of keeping the tumbleweeds in the wagon wheel hoop. Never thought of that one. Great work.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb in Japan – putting the tumbleweed in the wagon wheel was just a fluke – and now I’ll be able to watch the birds all winter! What’s the weather like in Japan? Wind chills are below zero this morning in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota – be sure to bring some warm clothes!

  10. Vicki Ibarra

    Love all the quilts today. And I also love that one quilter posted the pattern name and source with her pictures. Great idea!

  11. Kathy in western NY

    A wonderful quilt show!! So fun seeing what others create. And kitty pictures as well as Hazel for a smile. I hope everyone is safe in the path of the storms.

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary!! You captured the bird flapping its wings. I’m glad someone likes tumble weeds.
    Great pictures today. We had lots of snow and it’s coming your way.
    Stay warm.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – it was accidental of course, the bird flapping it’s wings but I noticed it, too. I love those tumbleweeds! And now the birds can use them!

  13. Sue in Oregon

    Love all the quilts. The Christmas quilts are adorable and so are the baby/toddler quilts. So fun to see them.
    Three is such a pretty cat. Looks sweet as can be, too. He/she (I can’t remember) always poses so well for the camera.
    We have a flock of sparrows that get in the hydrangea bush right under the kitchen window. They make the bush shiver and shake sometimes and then one will pop up and another and another. They make me laugh out loud. We still have leaves on the hydrangeas but soon they will be naked. Then I think they start living in the chicken coop. Actually, they roost in there already.

  14. Brenda in Iowa

    Mary, I have a copy (including a kit) of your sled pattern if you can’t find yours. You could borrow it to make copies if you want. I REALLY need to get the kit made up.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda in Iowa – I looked last night and will look again today but I just might have to ask you to loan me your pattern. I sorta wish I hadn’t shown that picture.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda in Iowa – I asked to borrow from Lynn but thank you! I’ll remember you have a copy just in case.

  15. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The finishes were beautiful, great post! I love seeing pictures of adorable Three. 😊
    Herb was watching the news today and commented Mary was probably having winter weather. It was very windy here with mild temps, colder tomorrow.
    Take Care, 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanie – tell Herb HI from me – I am amazed that husbands read the blog – tells me even men like to read blabber! Haha!!

  16. Shirley from Oregon

    Ok….stormy here too. The ski resort at Mt. Bachelor opening today, but tomorrow 70mph winds up there. Some snow expected here too. Winter is in n its way. Brrr. Sewing time.
    Love the quilts and pics from the farm. ❤️

  17. Anne in Southern IA

    Enjoyed the pictures. Such inspiration to get busy sewing! And of course the animals. Cold and windy in Southern Iowa. Seems it’s always windy.

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