The Wedding, The Corn and The Kids

I didn’t get a chance to measure the corn yesterday because of all the water but tonite it measured 54″! It’s up to my shoulder.

This is Tim’s corn across the road. This is also Tim’s cornfield with a big puddle.

This is Tim.

This is Tim’s wife Ellen.

And this is Tim and Ellen’s beautiful daughter Liz who got married last Saturday.

Here are Vera, Myra and Reed entering the church.

It was a beautiful wedding but here is my favorite picture. During the recessional Vera stopped to wave at me! This picture could not be any cuter! Vera is waving, Myra is looking down at Vera and Reed is bringing up the rear.

The day was perfect after a rainy day prior and in this little Czech community of Duncan, we simply walked across the parking lot to the dance hall where the reception, dinner and dance was held. This is not even two miles from my house so it was easy to run home to feed the baby goat.

Here is another great picture taken outside the church. I think it deserves framing.

It was a fun day for the entire crowd who attended. That’s an understatement! Food was delicious, decorations were outstanding, the bride was beautiful and the kids were very special to many of us!

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46 thoughts on “The Wedding, The Corn and The Kids

  1. Kim LeMere

    What a lovely wedding and I think you should frame the picture also. Please tell Reed he is very handsome all decked out for this important day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim – I’ll tell him but he reads the blog so he will see your comment.

  2. Jeanine

    Are Reed and his sisters related to the bride? Yes, that picture is for framing… cute. We didn’t get any rain in Oskaloosa. Well, my husband was in town this evening and he said Oskaloosa had some rain today, but we are four miles out and received none. We are okay yet though. We had rain last week. Sure do enjoy your blog no matter what you talk about!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanine – not related but close neighbors and Karla, their mom, used to babysit Liz and her two sisters when she was in high school.

  3. Kathy Hanson

    That picture really would be beautiful framed, I hope you do that! The baby goat is darling – you have such wonderful adventures!

  4. Nikki Mahaffey

    Would gladly click on ads for you but they donot appear of email I get..tell me again how to get the ads to appear….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – click on the title which will take you to our home page where the ads appear.

  5. Marilyn Miller

    Absolutely stunning bride! I agree about your favorite picture. You must be such a treasure to all three of those beautiful children!

  6. Synthia Noble

    The children are adorable and you look terrific too!!! It’s a great photo of a perfect day.

  7. Carole

    How perfectly sweet! There’s nothing like small-town midwestern life. Thank you for sharing that goodness.

  8. Diane Dodd

    I love these pics. And you’re right, pictures are frame-worthy. Such beautiful children!!!! Thanks for sharing

  9. Louise

    Thank you for sharing the pics from wedding. Those three kids are so good looking, I like the dress you wore.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    What a nice wedding. Tim does look like an Iowa farmer. Did the pond in the corn dry up before the corn drown? And what a nice little visitor. The little goats are just so cute.
    We have been getting a lot of rain, too. The guys are having trouble getting the cement poured on the street in front of our house. Mud is the word of the day.
    Oh, talk about old houses and water. My aunt lived in a house that was over 100 years old and on a hill in an old section of Ft. Dodge. Every spring the water would come in under the basement wall on the west side and would run out the east side. When the rains let up she would take the bleach to it. I suppose it is still happening. I don’t know how many years she lived there, but it is the only place I remember her living.

  11. Linette Anne Stewart

    Wonderful photos – the kids are adorable! Found the ads, you have to click on the website address at the bottom of the email post and it takes you to the site with the ads.

  12. Linda

    Mary, that is a great picture. Those kids are adorable and you look lovely too. No ads to click on, sorry.

  13. Carolyn Boutilier

    thank you for sharing the beautiful wedding pictures. that is a definite picture to frame with you and the little wedding party. Carolyn B VA

  14. Carrolyn V

    Mary, the lovely pix of you and the children exudes love! What an idyllic day!……children, love, a wedding, baby animals, small town America…..that is why I am so faithful to reading your blog!

  15. Betty Klosterman

    My cousin just sent a picture from a farm SE of Forest City. The lake overflowed into the field and the intake tile has a fish stuck in every hole. Wish I knew how to send it to you.

  16. Kathy

    Gorgeous families and friendship all shared together on the happy day . Thank you for letting us see their wedding and how adorable those three children are all dressed up for the ceremony. Hi Reed!!!! We can’t wait to see your quilt all done.

  17. Colleen

    What a lovely day the children are all so beautiful and handsome framing a picture or two would be a perfect memory for all of you especially when you put a note on back with the names dates occasion and of the break to go 2 miles to feed the baby goat for a friend. The pictures and the notes tell the story of a day in your life in June 2018

  18. Lisa W

    What a great Saturday with some of your favorite things, sweet children, baby animals and good fellowship at the wedding & reception! I love the farm updates. We farm in Indiana & love Iowa so like the corn & weather updates. We have had a rainy June but not as much as at your home. Beautiful plants too!

  19. Pat

    You are absolutely the best!
    the pictures of the family are absolutely worth framing
    thank you for sharing your story with us

  20. Pat Smith

    There are no adds on my blog or I would click! Beautiful pictures of an Iowa wedding. I can’t wait to be back there next month! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. I feel like I almost know this family even though I’ve never met them in person.

  21. Pat Smith

    Oops! Wrong. This time after I sent a reply there is an add for Berlin City Kia add. They are located in Burlington, VT—I live in Stowe, VT. I clicked on it. How does it know to target someone in VT with a VT add? Only a little creepy!

  22. Martha Engstler

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. It’s fun to project myself out to Iowa in my mind. The wedding day looks perfect and the children doing their part to make it a special day. We have had lots of rain here in Gettysburg area but nothing like you have had. Love all your pictures of the wedding and baby goat. What a joy to see your nbs blooms, WOW, it’s huge and to think there so many more coming. My garden is sad because I can’t do any weeding but the hostas are huge and the wild ginger is moving in to keep some of the weeds away. Also Sweet Woodruff is choking out weeds.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha – what did you plant in your garden? Can it survive in spite of the weeds for now?

  23. Judith Berna

    What a beautiful wedding and the picture of you and the children is priceless. I would frame it also. There is nothing like children to enjoy and see their joy through their eyes.

  24. Diane

    If I click on the title of the blog for the day, I get an ad. I must be pretty generic because I get University of Phoenix and Spectrum–nothing specific to my area yet. I click on them:)

    Reed, Myra, and Vera are adorable; it looks like they did a great job!! They look so grown up in their “dressy” clothes. You look great, too, Mary:)

    The new little goat is so tiny and cute. Too bad he can’t move in–haha!!

    We had a brief break from rain, but it will start again today.

  25. Judy Linn

    Those are THE CUTEST KIDDOS!!!!!

    I keep waiting for the ads to show, but they do not.

    Judy in Texas

  26. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    What a super wedding: Reed and his sisters looked fantastic, so did you, the bride and the bride’s parents. It looked like a lot of fun. Love the colour of your cereus -that pink and red combination is pretty snazzy! So true what you wrote abou the rain: we are shaping up for the driest June since records began, and they go back a couple of hundred years, here! We are keeping the vegetable garden going with stored rainwater, but the rest of the garden is having to fend for itself. The wild birds are drinking a lot from the water dishes we set out for them.

  27. Vickie Lemonds

    Love your blog, Mary. Even my husband reads it. Of course all the critters you have are adorable and we are especially attached to Hazel. I feel like I know you and look forward to your happy, fun and interesting life details.

  28. Carol Shaw

    Everyone and everything so beautiful! I love happy, together times. The corn is looking good. Do you know, I can’t find yellow corn down here in southern California markets. They only have white corn. My husband is from Nebraska and prefers yellow so we go north to buy it near Fresno.

  29. Ann Barlament

    Love the simplicity of the brides dress. How wonderful that Reed, Myra and Vera were part of the wedding, they are growing up quickly.

    How nice of you to babysit a baby goat!! Feeding is every four hours? Hope you can get some power naps in between feedings!!

  30. Wanda DeBerg

    Love getting your posts! I get them by email without any problem. I appreciate your down home, sensible, Midwest values. The pictures are adorable. Bet the kids are grateful for having you in their life!

  31. Anita Fetzer

    Lovely wedding, 3 adorable children . They actually care about each other. Wonderful parenting. You are so blessed to have them for neighbors and vice versa. Makes my heart happy to see this . My gr parents were Czech so your stories about this community are even more special. Thank you for sharing Anita Fetzer

  32. Lois palmisano

    Hi Mary what a busy lady you are.
    About your test: email on my phone, from for blog, has ads. From my tablet,, no ads.
    My daughter (also follows your blog) sent me a brand new, 1995 copy of quilt sampler magazine, see page 29, with COUNTRY THREADS featured. Wonderful article on the shop, I wish we had visited you and Connie back in the
    Hay day (hee hee)of your farm retreat, now go REST, get your new book, feet up, cuppa tea.
    Lois in Omahq

  33. Janet

    The wedding pictures are amazing. Reed looks so handsome all dressed up. You are right, that picture needs to be framed. Thanks for sharing with us.

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