The Weekend Report

Our local library is getting a new addition and renovation so that means it has to be emptied – ugh!  Connie along with many other volunteers were on hand Saturday to carry everything to a new temporary location across and down the street.  

Connie said nearly 40 people were on hand to take the books off the shelves in order and put into boxes.  Then each shelf had to be taken apart, carried down the street to the new library and reassembled.  It was quite a process for a small town library to undertake.  Here are some pictures of the new temporary space.

It was also charity quilt Sunday at both of our churches with all of these quilts being dedicated to missions of some kind.  These women have worked all year on these quilts and I cannot give them enough credit!  They have made wonderful simple quilts with donated fabrics which will be so welcome to all the recipients.  Good work, Ladies!

And now for some comments.  Gina with the blind hen– how is she doing?  Diane says she could have hatched blind and a large egg laying operation would not bother with her but if you watch over her, she will probably be ok.  I need a blind hen report.

Baby Moo and her ugly winter coat hair that’s working its way out – I read that the hair that comes out is actually the cashmere hair, very fine and very prized by weavers.  Also very dirty but if washed and carded could be lovely.  Who knew?

Several readers have mentioned green beans for Faye’s limited diet as recommended for their sick dog in the past.  Seems unlikely but I’ve heard it 2 or 3 times now so tonight I will add canned green beans to her chicken and rice which she likes pretty well.  She had a good weekend with Rick home.  We take each day one at a time.

Nina posted a picture of her and Ben taken at preschool.  She said he needs a haircut badly but thinks it’s sort of a waste since he’s likely to lose his curls shortly anyway.  She says he is bloated from the steroids and next week he will have a crucial bone marrow test.  I will keep you posted with those results.  Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers for Ben.

I need to get motivated today.  Help!  Spring came in March and left again in April.  It’s too cold and windy to be outside.

18 thoughts on “The Weekend Report

  1. Jan Frank-de Ois

    Good heavens, on both major projects! Talented volunteers are worth their weight in gold! When we did our library addition / renovation, we stayed in the building and shifted around. We never seriously considered moving (nothing was close), but we did end up with dusty books, desks, etc. The community which had voted for the special tax levy could stop by and check on the process. We ended up only closing for about 5 days in the year long process, and those were to move the collections back onto their new shelves and do a bit of cleaning 🙂 I hope Ben’s curls stay or return.

  2. Carolyn

    Wow! What a wonderful update of your world and those you reach out and touch. The quilts were so pretty and reminded me of all the donation quilts I made over the years. That library project made me thankful my sewing room “model” was not as big. Today is mine to see why everything will not fit in this new room with a closet it didn’t have. I’ve thought several times this morning ….I have way too many hobbies and need to narrow it down considerably. Oh, but which ones to eliminate ….certainly not quilting or rug hooking.

  3. Diane

    HI Mary, Those quilts are just beautiful!! They remind me of my Nana and her “Sunshine” ladies in Western New York. They hand quilted in my Nana’s dining room on her frame and then donated them. Aren’t quilters wonderful? Wow–what a great group of people to donate their time to the library. I will pray for little Ben and his bone marrow test and for sweet Faye. Warmer here in Central Ohio–56, but raining.

  4. Bernadette

    That’s a lot of quilts — and a lot of generosity. I am not sure I could part with mine – they are like my children!!! Of course, I only have five or so. When I make lots more, I may feel differently.

  5. Linzey joy

    Be careful of canned green beans due to sodium levels. I’d try frozen. Also what about adding a little coconut oil to her food?

  6. Paula S.

    I love seeing the pictures of the quilts and your church. It reminds me of the church my husband and I were married in 35 years ago. How time flies! Also, kudos to Connie and the other volunteers. That is a lot of hard work. And prayers for little Ben and his family. Stay warm, Mary!

  7. Jane dumler

    Wonderful quilts for charity ingathering. It is amazing the work a group of quilters put out with donated fabric. Those quilts will be so appreciated. The library move is a big undertaking but oh it will be so nice when the new addition is finished. My daughter works in a large library system in the Denver area and they are always into a big project. To have a library is so nice for a community. Love the reports on Ben and Faye.

  8. Launa

    We had a couple “slight” rain showers over the weekend….So nice to see the numerous give-a-way quilts finished by the church ladies. The quilts should keep their receivers warm and cozy; all the work is just fantastic. That’s a big undertaking the volunteers did with moving the library and helping to keep it open during the renovation.
    Am keeping “brave Ben” and his family in my prayers as he goes thru these tests. Keep the good news coming Mary. Sounds like Faye had a better weekend, too.

  9. Carol

    How wonderful to see a town pull together on so many fronts, church quilts, library work…and our own little “town”, praying for Ben, and for your pup. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  10. Paula

    Our club does charity quilts thru the fabric shop and since it is in a farmhouse we are called Farmhouse Friends. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month to work together. Others work at home if they cannot come to the farmhouse. Still praying for Faye and Ben. Paula in KY

  11. Gina

    Hi Mary,
    My hen is 3 years old. I had her vaccinated for Mareks when I ordered my babies. She seems to see shadows. It is now harder for her to walk, like it is painful. She prefers to sit. Her appetite is good and her poops look better. I looked up on line and there seems to be a wide range of causes but I can not see any of them being the cause. All of them seem to not have a good outcome. I want to wait a few more days to see if there is any improvement. I do have her separated from the rest of the flock. Thank you for asking.

  12. Pamela Blessman

    Mary, I so appreciate your emails! They make my day a lot of days! Ben is on our prayer list at Biltmore United Methodist Church in Asheville, NC. After our prayer team meets each Tuesday, we work on a sewing project. We make quilts for our parishioners who are experiencing difficulties. Luckily that doesn’t keep us busy every Tuesday. Could you tell me where your church donates their quilts? It might be something we can look into. Thanks!

    Also regarding Faye, yes dogs love green beans. We give them to our girl who is allergic to everything and she eats them like candy. I’m glad to hear Faye is eating better! Lucy and Lily say “get better fast, summer is coming!”

    Thanks Mary for all you do!


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela – thank you for putting Ben on your prayer list. I’ll get a list of where our quilts are donated and let you know. Now why do dogs like green beans? I hate them – ha!

  13. Felicia Hamlin

    Yes Mary, dogs seem to love green beans and they are good for them. Keeping the little guy in my prayers, Felicia

  14. Kathy Schwartz

    The quilts are wonderful. We did some quilts for Lutheran World Relief and they asked us to keep them coming because they are often used to bury the dead, as they have nothing else to use. This was news to me. What a great way to do a lib. renovation. Hope all goes well for that cute Ben and also your Faye. Cold here in SW Minnesota today. Way to cold to start planting corn; oats are already in the ground and yes,we did get snow on the field after it was planted. That is a good thing and does not happen every year. Blessings, Kathy

  15. Jeanine

    Mary, I would also be interested in knowing where you send your charity quilts. I belong to 2 different quilting groups, and sometimes we don’t know where to send our finished products. Could you also let me know, or answer on your blog? I am in Oskaloosa, Ia.

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