They’re Here!!!

The books arrived after 7 pm last night – I was gone in the morning when our UPS arrives so I called our very accommodating driver who stopped on his way back to the “office” so I’d be home.  What a super nice guy!

In order to get this finished before Connie arrives, I’m going to throw the pics up here and if there’s time I’ll text about them.  Otherwise, use your imagination. – haha!

Feed truck came this morning, chicks, hens, geese, Hazel telling me to throw the frisbee and last is my favorite girl, Millie!  I know I shouldn’t have favorites but I can’t help myself!

Heading out to the shop to fill your book orders!  This will be a great day at Country Threads!

43 thoughts on “They’re Here!!!

  1. Penny C Maryland

    Always love your pictures! Have to wait until the first of Nov to send you money for my book, hope you still have some!

  2. Diane Bauer

    So exciting!! Christmas in October for you and all of us!! Can’t wait to see it!!

  3. Sally J.

    Will send my check for book at end of month as we are snowbirds and leaving soon and want to receive the book in Florida – hoping this will eliminate post office confusion!!
    Enjoy reading your blog each morning…that Hazel is so adorable!! Go Astros beat those Yankees!!

  4. Cindy K

    I think today was a record-closed 8 ads, they are putting them in between the comments-something new for me. The check will be in the mail in the morning! Happy signing!

  5. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    We will ALL be waiting at the mailbox for the great arrival. I hope Hazel understands the situation. Great photos.

  6. Kathy Hanson

    Like everyone else – I am so excited to get the book! I have seen a couple I want to make and the 100 wishes quilt will be one I am excited to make too!! Loved all the pictures, Hazel is always so darling – she keeps you hoping! I love Millie too, I haven’t had a cat for awhile and I really miss having one. Some day!
    So much fun to keep up with your chicks, and all the rest of you “family”! Know you are making a LOT of folks happy!!

  7. Joyce from NY

    I can’t wait to get your book, I sent my check awhile ago, looking forward to getting it in my mailbox. Your pictures are of all your animals are great, thank you for your blog I look forward to it everyday!

  8. Debbie B

    WooHoo!! Can’t wait! Funny thing, I’m one my way to Iowa next week and will be back on the 30th. Boy, timing is everything. I’m sure you are tickled that your books arrived. We are too! I don’t know which one to cut out 1st. Thanks, Mary and Connie!

  9. Carolyn Boutilier

    Glad the books have arrived. I sent my check last week along with the request of 2 patterns. I guess you and Connie will be busy for the next couple of days signing and mailing.
    We had much needed rain today 7/10 and now this nor-ester is giving us wind. Love the way you put the words all in a paragraph, so much easier for you.
    7:18 pm and 50 degrees. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  10. Sunflower from Michigan

    Wow, the boxes of books! Thank goodness for a good UPS man. Love the photos again today. That Millie is adorable.
    I’m so sad for the young mans family in your community. I’m sure the great number of people who came to the service and your music were comforting. Keeping them in my prayers.
    I’m visiting my daughter and the 3 rescue dogs this weekend in Indianapolis. Can’t wait, and I’ve got treats for the dogs.

  11. Julie D.

    Yay!!! I absolutely can’t wait to pour through your new book! I am just going to soak it all in!! I’m so very sorry about the young man in Garner who passed away. So very sad to lose anyone, but as young, as he was is so very hard for everyone. Prayers to his family, friends and your community. Your music is a blessing to everyone who attended. Music gives comfort and I know that you picked out that music with him and his family in mind.
    Thank you for still creating and publishing your books—I so miss your shop and this is a way to still keep in touch with both of you! I drove to Britt the other day and the car and I still just want to turn the corner to go to your shop!!!

  12. Kate

    A new quilt book is coming soon. Hurray! I feel like it’s Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one. I have two quilts from the book already picked out to make. Thank you!

  13. the other Angie

    Congratulations!! Must be so good to have the books in hand. I think we are all just as excited as you are! It’s like Christmas came early!!

  14. Annette Austin

    Sent check but forgot the address label! I’m so sorry.
    I know I wrote address on the note with check.

  15. Diana

    My check just went out in the mail on Tuesday!! Looking forward to getting my copy – I LOVE all your books!!

  16. Caryn Goulden

    So exciting to see the boxes of books. Looking forward to sitting down and reading the new book and trying to pick just one project to start on. Love the pictures. Hazel is wondering why you are taking a picture instead of playIng frisbee!

  17. Jo in Wyoming

    I think being nice is in the UPS drivers handbook…mine is super too.
    I do hope you had help getting all those books into the shop, with your hip, you needed it.
    I think the geese pic is now my most favorite…I just love them.
    Here’s to everybody having a wonderful day today.

  18. Beryl in Owatonna

    Excited for the new book!! I had 5 books…4 of yours…spiral bound yesterday!! Will do this new one when it gets here!
    So glad Hazel knew where her Frizbee was! She is relentless, LOL!
    Those chicks are growing so fast, WOW! They soon won.t need their Mama to keep them warm and gathered together. That’s good but sad, they are so cute to watch follow her around. Glad they can all go outside for a few days. I know I will welcome the warmer temps and sunshine coming up!
    I got another runner finished!! I am not doing the monthly thing b/c of my move but am doing up somethings now that I am here. I have gotten 2 runners made, a bunch of doll clothes for a great niece, a flannel Christmas throw for my cousin’s wife, and a small quilt I hope to use as a table “cloth” when I finally get an apartment. The next project will be a necktie table topper. I will probably wing this, I can’t fine the right pattern. The ties are my cousin’s, he is in the VA with Parkinson’s, so his wife is cleaning things up at home. She wanted something made from his ties. She also wants a vest made…will wing that too!
    Have a great day with Connie!!

  19. Chris H. in Washington

    Excited for my book to arrive! Love what I’ve seen so far❣️ Closed 6 ads so now I’ll wait (not so patiently) for the mail lady to arrive. Guess that will be a few days yet.

  20. Jane dumler

    Looks like you and Connie are going to develop a case of writers cramps autographing all those books. Enjoy your success . I am looking forward to the hard copy and winter and time to quilt and sew. Have cleaned Out my house on the ranch as it is being moved by the new owner and I will build a new house next spring. We are remodeling the old house’s first floor so cleaned out a kitchen and dining area and a lot of the stuff from both houses came home to be sorted through. I guess this is Part of the process but I am surprised at all the stuff we had accumulated. Take care and happy writers camps!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane – I remember writing your inscription so YOUR book is one of the first 50 to go out!

  21. Sue Smith

    You should have received my check by now or maybe today. Yipee for the new book. Connie must be coming over to sign. Right?
    I am still on vacation at our condo in central Or. I brought my little lightweight machine and am sewing on a project between outings and meals. Fun to sew in a different location. Also brought my laptop, but miss my home computer.

  22. Kathy in western NY

    We are just as thrilled as you and Connie! Can’t wait to have mine in my hands to absorb. I just ordered some flannels on line I couldn’t find at my local quilt shop as I love using them since I made my bulleyes quilt last year. I hope you never quit inspiring us Mary and showing us your happy family to make our days.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – I know is wrote in YOUR book this morning, too! It’s already in the mail!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      No need for a SASE – just your check and an address label for us to use!

  23. Amy M

    Congrats!!! It is a beautiful book. I hope you can find a stool to sit while you fill those orders, you are going to be out there a while!

  24. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    The check will be “in the mail” today for your book. It’s exciting to see all those boxes of books. Always love your pictures but especially mama hen and her chicks. We have lots of geese in our area and it’s fun to watch when their eggs hatch and see the wee ones grow so fast.

  25. patti leal

    the book probably got there before my check (maled 10/14). i’m sure you’re just as excited as we are, except now you get to autograph and package and haul to the post office. yours hips quilt top looks really good. i started cutting the 4 patches but that is as far as i’ve gotten. was trying to use up alo of civil war repros but can’t put my hands on them (they are upstairs and i don’t get up there much any more). love all the pictures including your captions in one paragraph. it worked for me. have a joyous busy day. thanks for all you do. patti in florida

  26. MartyCae

    Oh boy! I know I am going to get a treat in the mail now! Can’t wait! I will be smiling like Hazel in the picture above!

    1. Linda Thompson

      Marty Cale, I loved that book…from reading about it here. We need to go for coffee so I can do a quick browse! It looked like lots of wonderful things!

  27. Diane in Maryland

    Oh. I know I’m not the only excited blog reader! Can hardly wait to get a cup of tea and relax with your new book. Love all the pictures!

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