This is what I bought


Every spring Laura Boehnke, quilt tester at American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine, has a fabric sale in Garner which I have never attended because, of course, I was working.  I got there 30 minutes after it opened and people were standing in line with armloads of fabric.  This is all I bought – if you snooze, you lose – next year I’ll be there the minute the sale opens because I’m sure I’ll need fabric by then, right?  Ha!

19 thoughts on “This is what I bought

  1. Angie Rowland

    What do you mean “when it opens” Take a tent and Telly and go the night before.

  2. Diane

    Does Laura live in Garner? She always has neat alternates in the magazine. Yes, you’ll be through your stash by then!!

  3. Diane

    PS. There is a cat equivalent to the dog turquoise one in the upper right hand corner. Those are funny.

  4. Launa

    Mary, I might have arm wrestled you for the little cream piece with the pale blue vines and wee red’s just to the right of the hot pink piece. Just saying!
    There is nothing like a wonderful fabric sale!!
    Mother Nature surprised Tulare with a rain shower this early morning and the high today is to be 66 degrees. The expected 1/4″ is not much help with the drought.

  5. Gloria Priefer

    I see I and my quilting buddies will need to plan a road trip to Iowa in the near future. Any suggestions as to places to see besides the Amana Colonies and Dubuque? Been there done that a couple of times. Sorry I missed the years you had a quilt shop open. I do love your books and plan to look for more.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      There is a really good museum for both men and women in Clarion, Iowa. Also the grotto at West Bend, Iowa, both of which would be on your way to Garner….. You can look them up on the internet. At the museum in Clarion two complete rooms are devoted to Alvina Sellers, The Iowa Hat Lady. My mother went to school with her and her daughter, Sandy, was in my class. The museum is wonderful plus one of the men who lives in Clarion has a BIG, unbelivable collection of all sorts of vehicles — my husband loves that part.

  6. Linda

    Beautiful fabric. Just remember men have their toys, and we have ours. By the way, you mentioned that Connie was on a cruise related to civil war. Could you pass on some details. I have never seen an ad for such. Thanks! Linda

  7. Penny C

    Looks like you made it in time to still get some great buys!! Enjoy using your beautiful fabric!

  8. Jan VanDeWalle

    Some interesting fabrics in your pile. I made a pillow case for my grandson with the dog flannel trimmed with green, turned out really cute. Like the food themed pieces too.
    Saw a lot of beautiful quilts this week at the MVQG show in Rickreall, Or. The vendors had lots of fabric that I had not seen, was totally over whelmed by all the choices. Quilting is such fun 😉 Love you posts sure wish I lived closer so I could come to your sale in June.

  9. Cheryl

    It brings giggles to my heart that since you have retired, you are not necessarily making quilts with that “Country Threads” look!

    Cheryl from Sunny Southern California

  10. Bonnie McKee

    Oooooo!!! You bought some great fabrics!!! I love them!
    Can’t wait to see what you buy next year! 😉

  11. Laura

    It was so nice to see you, Mary, at our sale and visit just a bit. Time keeps racing by and we will be back at our busy lives just trying to keep up. I hope to get to your sale in June, I know I will find treasures galore! Thanks for sharing your goodies with all of us gals.

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