This Must Be Uncategorized! 7-25-2020

When asked to check a category for a blog post, I have a hard time because as you know I just ramble on about many subjects. All I have today are the pictures I took last night and I really like several of them.

The first is Ohio Star Crossing which Connie made in 2010. I have always loved this particular quilt because the quilting is a dense stipple and the corners are round.

Of course most quilts can have rounded corners – all you really have to make sure you do is cut bias binding so it fits around that curve nicely without a bunch of folds and pleats. Of course JB walked in front of the curved corner just as I took this picture. Here’s another.

Ha! Still no rounded corner – it was windy! Oh, the issues with taking pictures of quilts! Connie remade Ohio Star Crossing with red spacer blocks – love it!

Here is This Old Farmhouse in two color ways.

And the Red and White Snowball quilt has been requested.

As has Don’t Shop, Adopt.

Oh my! This is all so much work! Finding the quilt if we still have it and if we do, retaking the pictures. Waiting for the light to be right and the wind to go down for the photography. Copying the patterns and sending them off to Kayla. At this point, I can turn it over to Kayla – whew! And then Kayla performs her magic!

Remember that huge dead cottonwood tree we took out? I left the stumps to feed the chickens on – they haven’t discovered it yet but they will.

SOMEBODY asked to see my version of Bonnie’s Oregon Or Bust quilt – who was it????? I have gotten so many text messages, emails and blog comments that I honestly don’t remember so here it is for somebody? It’s been folded awhile as you can see but out to the fence it went.

See the white fabric with blue stars? That’s the shirt I wore in the cover of the first Quilt Sampler – haha!

Ivy went home last night – and as much as she likes being here, you should have seen her when the kids came to pick her up. She was ecstatic!

Well, it’s now an hour later and I thought I had nothing to say! Hahaha!!! So what category would you put THIS post in? How about just “blabber”?

Stay cool and BE STILL!

51 thoughts on “This Must Be Uncategorized! 7-25-2020

  1. Linda in Estherville

    I’m not particularly a pet lover…don’t ask me why. I cherish all the childhood pets I had, and the memories of the various dogs that crossed our path with two sons. But…I just love the photo of JB and the round cornered quilt! I too love the curved corners….maybe because those mitered corners are so hard to get just right on the back side! I am stuck in masks this week. Our numbers just go up, up, up each day. I need to do a quilt for a nephew’ wedding…last year! He is getting a Hawkeye picnic blanket or stadium blanket, cuddle blanket, or a dog pad, who knows!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda in Estherville – shall I ship JB over to Estherville? I don’t keep watch on our numbers – I have no idea how many in our county!

  2. Jeri

    Please do Blabber on! Love your posts so much, they are always so informative, great eye candy and inspirational.
    Jeri in soaking wet South Texas
    We did dodge Hurricane Hanna by about 100 miles but still got slammed with a lot of heavy rain and some pretty strong wind gusts. Praying for those along the Texas/Mexico borders.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary , will be looking for the ginger cat in the mail box soon! But Bella my little white dog would be so jealous, so maybe not.looking forward to seeing my brother this weekend as he is over from Australia for a few months working as a child mental health specialist up.north.all the best,take care, sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – what kind of little white dog is a Bella? My little white dog is a Jack Russell Terrier.

  4. Sue Swank

    Thanks for posting your Oregon or Bust. I was for me. I love the orange.

  5. Susie Q

    here is something to tell your data person. This email went in the spam slot….and they have not gone there in the past… from what I understand it has something to do with the way it was sent….. I don’t think you are spam so let’s get that fixed.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary,do we get a free ginger cat with the first pattern? Ha ha! That hole in the middle of the tree stump is a good spot for a plant.we have a great online community, many thanks to you Mary, all the best, sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – shall I ship off that cat to you? Yes, the center of that stump would make a great planter next summer!!!! Great idea!

  7. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This post was wonderful, Mary. I love that you photograph the quilts outdoors; your farm is the perfect place. Staying home the last few months has made me so productive at the sewing machine. I still have lots of fabric, but I am enthused and excited about making some more of your great patterns.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanine S – taking quilt pictures outside is soooo much easier than inside the house where I don’t have any place to hang it so you can see the entire quilt. I’ll be sad when winter gets here and I’m forced to get creative inside!

  8. Paula Philpot

    Really excited for your brought back to life adventure. Good for you. Also hold on to the Leaders and Enders and then jump back in as the year goes along and I post the next clue but no time soon. Paula in KY

  9. Rita in Iowa

    My comment today is that Mary and Connie and all the people who post are wonderful. We need each other in these uncertain times. We have to have each other’s back. Count on our neighbors, family and friends. And take a road trip, read a book and of course quilt. Be safe everyone.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, as I understand, the patterns for sale on the web site are previously published by the quilt shop? Will they have the same number as they did when originally issued? I think it is great that all these new people are learning about your quilt shop and really enjoying your patterns. While going thru old quilt magazines from about 10 years ago, the same patterns are being featured in the current quilt magazines! I don’t know about ordering on line stuff, but it may happen that I can’t live another day without one of the patterns….. I never tire of looking thru all the old patterns and quilt books. My neighbors are really getting a kick out of the old Goat Gazettes and we pass them on to other people. A little humor sure helps these days. They like the recipes, too.
    Thank you, Mary. You do all of us a great honor. Betty

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – eventually we’ll get caught up posting past patterns and then we’ll post new designs. My favorite app is Pinterest and I could lose hours looking around!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – yes, the pattern numbers will remain the same to keep us straight – new numbers would be very confusing especially for those who own our patterns and keep them in numerical order. I, too, look through old quilt magazines for great entertainment!

  11. SusanfromKentucky

    I love your “blabber” posts, Mary! You seem like such a sweet person. Wish we were closer so I could really meet you!
    Really love that Ohio Star Quilt. Will definitely be ordering that pattern!

  12. Charlotte Shira

    I love all your pictures!! I appreciate all your hard work! You make my day.

  13. Janet

    Love love the don’t shop adopt wall hanging quilt . Thanks for sharing your wonderful life and quilts with us.

  14. Tanya T. In Houston

    I’d call this Fun on the Farm! Love all the photos and that you are so happy about Kayla’s work. Sounds like a great solution! We look forward to more digging out of treasures for photos and patterns! By the way, I do have a copy of that first magazine and you and Connie have hardly changed! Must be that Iowa magic!

  15. Susan B. in Virginia

    Love your blabber! Thank you so much for staying in touch with us!

  16. Janice Hebert

    Love your blog posts… it’s kind of the way my mind works. Random thoughts – my friend always laughs at my messages to her, lol. Lots of random thoughts. You are going to have an amazing shop online with all of these patterns. Take your time gathering everything. Have you thought about making up small bags of fabrics that you have and want to clear out? I paid $6 for a tiny bag of scraps from another quilting blog. I’m sure you would sell out fast! Hahaha! I’d like to have first dibs if you do! Just kidding everyone, lol. It is hot as blazes here in MA today. My chickens will be sleeping whereever they want tonight! I’ll leave their doors open. They are secure behind all of that hardware cloth. I put a shallow pool out in their run with about an inch or two of water – hoping that they will stand in it at least! Jan in MA

  17. B Campbell

    It’s 58 degrees and pouring rain here. Loved every bit of this blog and the pictures, oh my! I must make the Adopt quilt. Mary, I appreciate all the work you do for us. You are a bright star in my world.

  18. Vickie Devore

    Love you all so much! and truly appreciate all the unseen work that you do. I think it is impossible for a lot of people to understand, but the older I get the more I appreciate it!! (will turn 71 this Oct 29) I live on a farm with my husband and son, at least 30 minutes or more from even two relatively small cities; and now being Covid “Held at home”, I wish I could give you the feelings I get when I read your “mails.” Love you all soo much, vickie

  19. Cinders

    You displayed so many wonderful quilts! I especially like the Ohio Star Crossing and the blues colors in the Farmhouse Quilt. The cottonwoood tree was hollow in one of the trees, one never knows when they will fall over, just the right winds. Hope your shop goes well, I will be a customer for sure. Will you list the Ohio Stars Crossing one, hope so. I am going to do a few more masks and then two baby clothes quilts for my daughter.

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    I love The Old Farm House. I’d planned to order it but couldn’t remember the name, now I can “shop” for it. Ohio star is a classic favorite. The little white fanny passing by is also a favorite…Hazel!
    Great blabbering today. It’s a lot of fun.

  21. Launa

    Great EYE CANDY from You, Mary! Just made my morning here in cool 61o Idaho to view everything. The sun is shining, but the wind is strong! Somewhere I have a copy with you n Connie on the cover; how time quickly passes.

  22. Mary McC

    Love your posts So happy about your online shop Any chance your fabric lines might be reproduced? Only have some scraps left from Wear Warm Clothes line

      1. patti leal

        i laughed so hard at your response that i almost fell out of my chair. know exactly how you feel. patti in florida

  23. Lois Ann Johnson

    I love, love LOVE your photos of quilts, plants, and quilts! I also love how you decorate with all of them. So natural and so beautiful. I hear it may cool off by tomorrow. What a relief. I’m hoping it will rain again, too. Have a restful and blessed Sabbath tomorrow.

  24. Marilyn Miller

    I agree with Paula from Texas. I always enjoy your ‘blabber’, the pics of your pets and guest pets, the quilts, your plants, pics if your porch, Tim’s corn fields, all of your thrift store trips and purchases, your trials and tribulations. Those of us truly country at heart feel like we’re hearing from a dear old friend❤️

  25. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Wonderful pictures of the quilts, especially the one with JB. Pictures with kitties are always special to me.
    I’ve saved clothes from 60-70 years ago with the idea of using them in a quilt, guess I’d better get with it. Maybe it’s time to try to sell some to a vintage clothes shop.

  26. laurie

    I always love seeing all your pictures. Living on a small lot in suburbia I don’t have such a wonderful view.

  27. Deb Harrison

    I have all the copies of the Sampler and remember the star blouse! We go pick up Manning, Monday, to puppy sit for 13 days! I still love Don’t Shop! Might have to get new pattern. Love the red Ohio Star Connie made and both coloreays on the house quilt.

  28. Paula in Texas

    Thank you for sharing your “blabber”! I enjoy each picture that you post. I was in Clear Lake at the State Park last week for an overnight stop on our way to Minnesota. I reminded my husband that I “know” people in the area.
    All the crops along I-35 were just beautiful as we zipped by them. Of course, that reminds me of the corn fields across from your home. Keep posting your “blabber”, we all enjoy the topics and pictures you share.

    Paula in Texas

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Paula on your way back send greetings to my daughter in Rowlett, TX. We haven’t visited them since December. Missing them a lot. Especially the 4 year old grandson. Rita in Iowa.

  29. Jean

    WHAT a great blog today. Will definitely be making connie’s red version of ohio stars! It’s getting quite hard to find fabrics today with so many quilt shops closing. I have none within a 100 miles of me. Great inspiration seeing the quilts. THANK YOU mary for putting up with all the work!

    1. Launa

      Many shops are doing online sales only now. Some I enjoy are great newest lines from Fabric Shack….free shipping, there! Bear Creek Quilting in Oregon has always been online only and has new fabric nearly daily! Fat Quarter Quilt Shop is another as is Missouri Q Shop! To name just a few! The USPO needs our business!

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