Those Carpenters!

They didn’t come back today!  Only 6 steps to finish and they left me with the mess all weekend.  Besides that Rick won’t get home until Monday and I was hoping to deep clean all day Saturday and Sunday.  To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. 

I could work on the closet, I guess.  As you can see, I have helpers.

Here’s the main room.

And the loft – and the helpers.

I think that’s about enough of the floor project until I get it redecorated.  I am tired and I want to be done.

20 thoughts on “Those Carpenters!

  1. Dee W

    But it’s beautiful. You know as well as I do, anything worth doing makes a mess! And at least you aren’t alone.

  2. Kathy Hanson

    I hear you! We are redoing a bathroom and it is almost done except the new flooring that won’t be put in until the 14th. I don’t have all those helpers though. I just want to put the things back in the closet as I am tired of walking around them all the time!! Hopefully soon it will be done for you! Sit back and enjoy your “helpers” – they surely are interested in the project and making sure that it is done right!

  3. Michele

    You need a red dog to accent those yellow/white dogs!!!!! And, he’d be sooooo much help!!!

  4. Diane

    I do love your floors, Mary. I think I saw a little Millie tail with the dogs. We had our hardwood floors sanded one year. Even though we put up lots of plastic, we had dust everywhere, but they were gorgeous so it was worth. You will love them. I have a three foot industrial size dust mop I use on mine–works fast and great.

  5. Launa

    Mary, it all looks so wonderful! Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished yourself.
    Maybe the carpenters went to Las Vegas for the NASCAR races? ha

  6. Betty Klosterman

    One year at work carpenters were putting up sheetrock. We had all the old desks in the middle of the room and three of us had cubes by the outside wall with computers and calculators. They covered all the old desks and left us out in the dust. Believe me, we complained loudly!
    A hint at saving money — I like the Swifter dust mops, but don’t like using the little cloths once and throwing them away. I had scraps of polar fleece and cut them into 10″ squares and they work great. When I get a bunch dirty, I wash them and they are ready to go. It doesn’t matter if thin strips are sewn together.
    Everything will be nice WHEN finished, but… the meantime!

  7. Peggy

    Oh, Mary! I feel for you having the mess! I’m sure in time you’ll forget this part & be able to enjoy the finished product. It’s looking great so far!!

  8. Martha Engstler

    Your floors look great and I’m sure they will be easier to keep clean. Hard way to get organized but I’m sure you’ll be happy with it when finished. You are so lucky to have all the four legged helpers.

  9. helen freese

    Did they put molding where the wall meets the floor? If not–it is not finished! We had some guy put up sheetrock on the walls in our basement. He patched the seams and left it to dry over the weekend. When he came back on Monday, Dave had the shop vacuum with an attachment to collect the dust when he sanded. He gave me a price on painting the room but told me he did not sand. I TOLD HIM IF HE DID NOT SAND, HE WOULD NOT GET THE PAINTING JOB. ADIOS!!!!! If they do not finish the job, they do not get the entire amount.

  10. Ann Barlament

    Looked twice at the stairs – the before and after in one shot, but how dumb to leave only 6 not done. What your carpenters have accomplished looks beautiful!!! And with all your 4-legged helpers, it’s also been paw approved.

    Don’t worry about organization this weekend….go sew something!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – that’s exactly what I decided to do! Don’t stress over the cleaning and reorganizing – I’m going to sew all weekend!

  11. Agatha

    It’s sad for you they didn’t finish. We are having new flooring an carpet done where I work, with a lot of sanding, going on 3 weeks.. They told us to use anti-static cloths on the walls an fixtures. A lot of work ahead for you. Hope this info was a little helpful. Good luck.

  12. Arla Ballesteros

    Love the floor color, it lightens up the rooms and should be easy to clean

  13. Penny Ericksen

    I have never met a person who works as hard as you do!

    Your comments are inspiring to others facing difficult tasks that need to be done………
    I’m going to do one now and think go you…………..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Penny – wish we could have a long chat – I wonder what you’re doing. Hope you got that job finished that you mentioned!

  14. Mary Says Sew!

    Cut up some batting scraps to fit your favorite duster for dry-mopping. I’ve heard many quilters say this works great for Swiffers.

  15. Linda

    the floors are lovely…..I know that it is all worth it doesn’t make it easier today…it is awful that they couldn’t have finished those few steps for you…..maybe you were meant to sew today…..the perfect escape……

  16. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…I was looking at your stairs and it would look really good to write a message on the back boards all the way up. What do you think? The floors are nice. It is hard to go thru the dust that settles during projects. Like the animals, plants, quilts, news and all.

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