Thursday, November 21

I double checked the date this time! Have you been to Target lately? I made Rick take me yesterday and a stroll through the Christmas area in Target would put anyone in the Christmas mood! I loved it all and wanted to buy lots of it but reality jumped in. I have lots of fun Christmas decorations but like many of you I hate hauling it all downstairs and then putting it away again. And with that in mind, there’s still time to make one or more of these small quilts before Christmas decorating hits your home.

Gameboard inChristmas colors, $5.00 include an address label or SASE.

Uncle Santa, $5.00

Noel, $5.00

O Holy Night, $10.00

Postage is included in the price of the pattern. We’d appreciate an address label to affix to your order envelope.

And don’t forget A Country’s Call! Yesterday Martingale’s blog, Stitch This!, featured our new book and Tanya was credited for her research into these women of the Civil War. And she so deserves it! I was thrilled to see it in print before my eyes.

You can order this book as an autographed copy from us for $33.00 which includes postage.

Here’s another Dirty Dozen finish:

And I spent some time in the shop and finished my #7, two improv wall quilts for my two outdoor quilt hangers. Now to get them quilted.

I also spent some time on Pinterest and was thrilled to see Aunt Amy’s sampler quilt dated 1898. I own this quilt and when Martingale asked us to make some quilts with specific blocks found in this quilt, the Bullseye quilt was born. Book is now out of print except for the E Book.

As I sit here at the table these two chickens visited the bird feeder. Remember the hen who had one large chick and one small chick? This is them – Mom and big chick, rooster. The little Minnie is gone, probably eaten by the possum or lost outside and frozen. Makes me so sad. Of course Rick doesn’t even know these chickens so he didn’t even know Minnie was gone. And Moda has not returned either. Yes, she likely crawled off to die but I wish I knew what happened.

And more sad news. Gayle’s brother Dick was in a serious car accident near us and was killed. (You remember Gayle was in the care center with MS and died one year ago.). The other guy is so badly injured that he is in a drug induced coma at Mayo. We know him as well and are devastated by this accident. For some unknown reason Dick was going the wrong way on a 4 lane road and hit the other guy head in. He was not a drinker. We will likely never know what made him turn down the wrong lane.

I think there’s time for a nap before we meet Tom and Becky for a burger and beer uptown at Mat’s. I leave you with Uncle Santa.

26 thoughts on “Thursday, November 21

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    How awful to have such a terrible accident happen to two people you know. Prayers for the recovery of the gentleman in the hospital and for Dick’s family. Hard to lose our pets and farm animals as well.

  2. Linda in Estherville

    I’m so proud of you…sounds like you are being kind to your recovery routine…a stroll around Target, home to rest before supper out. Atta Girl. Loved seeing all the quilts ideas!

  3. Debra Miller

    So sorry to hear of the loss and injury of your friends. Sounds like you are doing better and not so bored. Just to let you know-I closed 6 ads and the one ad I couldn’t close was of something called Society6 and is full of naked pictures. I hadn’t heard of and haven’t looked up either so I know the ad is not from my search history. Not sure if you have any control over your ads but really odd to see.

  4. NikkiM in Tx

    So glad felt good enough to browse Target!
    Trying to get caught up on things that need doing, or I think need doing before heading back to sons for Thanksgiving.
    Went to what we call the south.. is 120 acre pasture/field that is across road on south. Right now have no cows in there, but don’t know what’s going on.. my code would not open my lock, was a keyed lock on chain & none of my keys opened it, only other lock is electric coop. Went to TSC bought new lock, new chain & called Coop & told them I removed their lock ( don’t have power to pole last 5 years anyway), put security cameras up focusing on gate & another about 20 yards down road. New locks & chains up. Do have a hay yard & don’t know if any missing as not sure how many had in the.. do now! If someone wanted or needed the hay I would gladly give to them ( tried giving away earlier in year & couldn’t..wanted it delivered..I don’t think so )! Had serious conversation with son about cutting down on size of herd. Oh the joys of ranching!!!! Getting to damned old!
    So sorry for the loss of your friend & prayers for your other friend. What are the odds?
    Know you were happy to be able to do some sewing..however don’t over do. Remember, housework is detrimental to ones health.

  5. Rhoda Ebersole

    So sorry Mary for all your losses. Is it our age that so many people we know pass on?
    Yes I agree Target is a real lift for getting into the Christmas spirit again.

  6. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I’m sorry you have had yet more loss in your life and your community. The circle of life can be very sad.

    I do want to say…I am VERY jealous of your vase, the swan, is it? Oh my, beautiful. I’m sure you thrifted it, but it looks like a valued piece from family history.

    The game board in red and green, so nice…I love it!

  7. Charlotte S

    More beautiful quilts!
    So sad to hear about the terrible accident. You are right about maybe never knowing how he made that wrong turn. Very tragic. Praying the other man makes it.
    Sounds like you are feeling better today!

  8. Beryl in Owatonna

    So glad you are slowing down a little!It was nice of Rick to take you to Target for an outing. Christmas decorations are always a temptation for me too! I often get at least two new new ones…now I will have to get rid of some, I will have no place to store them. : ( But I must get the apartment first, still no word.
    So sorry to hear about your friends. I will pray for their families and the recovery of the one at Mayo.
    Sorry too about Minnie and Moda…we get so attached to our animal friends. Glad Mama is still there and taking care of her rooster, s’pose he will be larger than she is before long!
    I am so ready for some sunshine. Glad we don’t have alot of snow, a few flakes this morning but mostly rain. Snow can wait until after Thanksgiving!! I am going to the cities and don’t want to have to battle bad roads. Thinking back to when I grew up, I think we usually had snow on Thanksgiving…the song “Over the River and Through the Woods” was pretty true!!
    I have been doing some sewing, am working on a Christmas throw to send to Montana, better get it done!! I joined a group of ladies who make diapers for Missions! I think it will be fun and so needed. Some pillowcase dresses are made too.
    Enjoy your night on the town!!

  9. Marsha

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. 😢. I found the book with Aunt Amy’s quilts on Thrift Books. Don’t know whether there are any more there. I want to make the Bullseye quilt someday! I have several in the works and promised myself no more until I finish the UFOs. Looking forward to our early Dec 2 week trip so I can sew while my hubby hunts in WY & TX. Just need to be sure to take everything I need along! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Joyce from NY

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend in the accident. Sounds like you coming along very well, just takes time. Your Board Game table topper is perfect & of course the beautiful pitcher. Closed 4 ads today. Weather here has been fairly mild this week, but rain & wind coming this weekend.

  11. Rita in Iowa

    Mary and Connie, so happy to see your book featured on Martingale’s web site. So beautiful.
    Got very windy hear today so it makes it feel cooler than it really is. Finished a pillowcase for my grandson yesterday and cut a snowman kit to have ready for sewing. Have another snowman kit that I bought at your store many moons ago. Hope to get it sewn while in Texas.

  12. Jeanine Waal

    I didn’t get the picture of the chickens either. I love to see the chicken pictures. Always enjoy all your pictures and stories.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    We had burgers tonight as well Mary. And tater tots. So happy you feel up to getting out. I recently took a walk thru a new to me store – Home Goods – and felt like I was in winter wonderland. Christmas decorations all color coordinated and I was so inspired to decorate, but right now I am happy to look at my orange fall decor through thanksgiving. After we finish that feast, it’s time for a change with twinkling lights, evergreens, stockings, nativity sets for the magical season and I hope to finish uncle Santa to put up then. I feel sorry that there was a tragic accident that you will wonder about for a very long time. Our neighbors cat was missing for several weeks after their big dog chased it outside in the dark one night and hurt it badly so they figured it crawled off to die but one day I hear a faint meow and she was under my porch. I lifted her up, layed her on a towel secure in my garage and fed her food and water, then contacted the owners. She could walk but unsteady so they wrapped her up and took her home to recover in their basement rather than outside in the barn. I was crying after I found her cause my vet always said a cat finds you and this one knew I was there to hear her and help her.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in NY – these stories are always sweet but so sad. How was the cat injured? Will the owners see that it gets vet care? I’m sorry, I just had to ask.

      1. Kathy

        I knew you would ask which is why I hesitated writing it and honestly it is sad. They didn’t get vet help the next day when I checked and I was so mad that I had even called them to Let them know their cat was safe with me. I should have kept it. So I decided to wait and ask next time I see them. I am ever so grateful I have a fenced area for my dogs to go out cause their dog is mean I feel and it’s jaws grabbed at the cat. I won’t go near the dog nor will never let my dogs near it. It’s a Rottweiler and the owner himself made it mean by wrestling and fighting with it cause he’s a frustrated ex-military man who feels animals are only good for what he wants them to be in his life. He’s lost my respect. But he’s going through a nasty divorce right now…..

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Kathy – oh, I’m sorry! I had a feeling that was the case because who would let their dog attack their cat? I wish you would have kept the cat and given it a kind life. Would he give it to you now, do you think? My mind just runs overtime when I hear stories like this. I’m sorry to have put you on the spot. It’s not your fault.

          1. Kathy

            Don’t worry Mary about it cause I am like you and a zillion thoughts go through my mind all the time. You are the only person I know who can really understand my anguish. You tell people you own two rescued dogs and they go oh yeah, but they don’t know the conditions they endured and I have awful images in my mind when I think about it. It took me awhile to tell you as I knew we would both be upset. I thank God every day I have a heart and care just like you do Mary.

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Kathy – why does he even have a cat? And you mentioned barn – do you mean you both live in the country?

  14. Caryn Goulden

    Glad to hear you are doing well enough to get out to Target. Shopping and looking at Christmas decorations are definitely therapeutic! So sorry about your friends who were in the accident. Prayers for a speedy recovery for the injured man, and prayers for comfort for Dick’s friends and family.

  15. Jo in Wyoming

    Retail therapy is always good. There is a store in Laramie called The Bent and Rusty, and Cotton Company….talk about getting in trouble! My word.
    How is Connie’s knee? Hope her tests show easy fixes.

    So sad to hear about such a horrible accident in your community. You never know.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – Connie’s MRI is the day after Thanksgiving. Then it’s back to the dr. for results and a plan . You know the routine – wait, wait, wait! In the meantime she’s got a very sore knee.
      Wish I could visit that store. It would be just what I need!

  16. Tanya in Houston

    Love those improv quilts! Move over, Jen Kidwell! Hate to hear about the loss of friends anytime. Tickled about the Target trip though! It’s the little things in life that keep us smiling! I took my Bull’s Eye and others to the quilter yesterday! I found the book online, too, and just loved making it so much that I am planning to do a Halloween themed one.

  17. Penny C Maryland

    So sorry for the loss. Got my copies of A Country’s Call, can’t wait to read mine and give my Sister in law her’s for Christmas. With my surgery being on Dec 5th, I have done all my Christmas shopping and my daughter came last weekend and wrapped most of it. I want the holidays to seem as normal as possible, especially because we lost my Dear Daughter -in-law in February.

    You are doing fabulous Mary!

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