Today’s Quilt – One Flag

Today’s featured quilt from our new book Civil War Remembered is called One Flag and measures 36″ 36″.  The sweet little star blocks finish 3″ x 3″ and don’t miss the one flag in the upper left hand corner.  Heidi thinks the geraniums are fragrant – I just think they’re beautiful.   Our new book can be ordered from Amazon, Farm Chick Quilts, or your local quilt shop.  It will be released later this month.

For the person wanting to locate the Puddle Duck block – it can be found in Jo and Kelli’s new book called Country Girl Modern and is available from Jo’s Country Junction.  Beth T. contacted me after I picked her as the lucky winner of the book.

About Emma’s hair – this hair that sheds in the spring falls out by itself but I have read that this is highly sought after by weavers as it is considered “cashmere” in its texture.  The birds pluck it off the ground as it’s being shed and I find it woven into nests.  I always forget to tell you that the nest I have watched all winter is still hanging on the branch.  I think it was made by a Baltimore Oriole but from what I’ve learned online, they do not return to a previous nest so when it comes down, it’s mine.

When I wrote the introduction to Civil War Remembered, I told about a quilt I made many years ago that was designed by our friends at Little Quilts.  I went on to say that I searched for the exact fabrics they used in the original model but I urged the reader to  be brave and creative when making scrap quilts from reproduction fabrics.  I still love my “carbon copy” quilt but scrap quilts can be many combinations.  Be brave!

13 thoughts on “Today’s Quilt – One Flag

  1. Lynda Kling

    That fleece, if cashmere, is gold! I would come and get it in a minute to spin with my wool, if I was not on PA! Sounds like you are having a great time, being retired. I was so happy to quit teaching school, well before retirement. I just wanted to home with my animals and not with kids who did not appreciate their education…..

  2. Carol

    Ooooh…I love your cute jade bunny…and kitty cat is just too cute, sniffy a bit of spring! It’s still freezing, snowy and just plain grey and ugly in Buffalo, NY!

  3. Launa

    Thanks for the info about Emma’s hair. I had Hummingbirds build a nest in a Bottlebrush shrub outside my kitchen window when I lived in the Bay area…..the eggs are like wee white beans. Was fun to watch the two hatchlings…..and a few months after they had gone I was surprised to see another nest going up atop the first nest; like a Hummingbird condo!

    A patriotic touch the way the flag is sewn into the border of THE FLAG.

  4. Susan K

    I love both the quilts. And the kitty smelling the flowers. And the jade dishware. Geraniums always make me think of summer. And their smell is very distinctive.

  5. Leslie

    You have the neatest collections of “things”! And how nice you share them with us!
    So sorry about your friend Vickie. So sad.

  6. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Life is brief.

    Your geraniums are lovely, hugs, Felicia

  7. judy

    Hi, Just wanted to say how I enjoy your posts. I have a lot of the same pottery pieces.
    Love the quilt. I live in Hardin County Ia.
    judy j

  8. Steffi Smith

    I am sorry about the loss of your friend. So sad she was so young. Thank you for sharing your joys and sorrows. It’s what makes us human. And the quilt photos are lovely. The one with Heidi is adorable.

  9. Carol in Florida

    Slice an orange and put it outside. Baltimore Orioles love oranges. You are lucky to have had a nest. These birds stay very high in the trees and a hard to get to see.

  10. marie claude

    ho très joli modèle le quilt avec la petite maison …vous l’avez réalise a merveille ..

    je vais essayer de trouver le modele et le réussir aussi bien que vous

    bonne journée


    ho beautiful quilt pattern with the little house … you realize wonderfully ..

    I’ll try to find the model and perform as well as you

    good day


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