Too Busy

I know when you don’t hear from me you begin to wonder what’s up.  There is just too much to do around here and I’m not getting any younger.  This morning when I got to the barn, the kittens had found a tiny hole they could squeeze through so that meant securing the next adjoining pen for them.  It had to be cleaned, the chicken roost and feeders moved out and the rest of the fencing had to be double fenced so the kittens could not get out.  I’m hoping to get Mama to the vet next week to be spayed.  And I was almost out of kitty litter so that meant a shopping trip tonight.  All the kitties are using the litter box – I clean it about 4-6 times a day.  No, Mama is no friendlier yet.

It’s a good thing I was in the barn because I heard a disturbance on the landing of the haymow and I had to rescue Emma from going through the hole in the railing.  She has seizures sometimes and when she had one up on the landing, she couldn’t walk, she foamed at the mouth and I don’t think she could see.  I held her as tightly as I could so she didn’t fall down the steps.  When she regained her balance I put her in the haymow to recover.  Poor Emma – this has happened to her many times through the years – before she ever came to live here.

I went to the garden only  to find something has eaten most of my pumpkin vines that were just getting started.  Ugh!  I hate gardening sometimes.

We have had electricians here several days this week putting in a new breaker box in the barn and burying the overhead lines.  They turned off the power without warning me and it burned up my router.  Had to have someone come to figure that out.  We also have carpenters here siding Rick’s shop and laying rocks.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a lively puppy out of the way of workers in the yard?  Here’s a picture of their progress.

Goodness knows I had lots of rocks left from our house project 4 years ago to use for this project.

The weekend is ahead – cleaning house tomorrow and finish putting on the screens and then Reed is coming to help me start cleaning the barn.  It never ends.  And I am tired and my back hurts.

22 thoughts on “Too Busy

  1. Linda Foresta

    Mary, you are Wonder Woman to most of us. Refreshing to know you are human after all! We all love you.

  2. Rhoda Ebersole

    Take care of you dear Mary. Our bodies do
    Not get younger and the work never ends.

  3. Dorothy

    At least I’m learning that you are human. I tell everyone that your days are not 24 hours like mine. That somehow God has given you 48 hours in a day.

  4. Brenda archambault

    Do you ever rest? Your stone siding project looks like a killer. We used to “raise” rocks in CT, and I was pretty good at siding the garage of my in laws, back in the 60s.
    I wish the animal husbandry bug hit me the way it bit you. Chasing animals who had broken thru a fence wasn’t my kind of thing either but that’s life in the country. Have a great weekend. And special hugs to your menagerie, but especially to Rick and to you!

  5. Sue

    Wow. Spring in the farm is a killer. Do watch yourself and remember the work can sometimes wait until tomorrow.

  6. Lois palmisano

    Mary. See your chiropractor before the situation can get worse. And keep moving!!! Lois in omaha

  7. Jane

    Oh boy can I relate to all you wrote about! I wonder sometimes why I worry about walking in the mornings so I can get my steps in as I am very capable just walking here on the farm & manage just fine to get in plenty!!! I seemed to ache all over last night too. Age has a way of telling us to slow down but sometimes my mind won’t listen to my body!!! As for the kittens….you have done a wonder job of taming them down. I still have my doubts about Mom….but the way you work magic…I have no doubt you will get her to the vet yet!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      It’s good to hear from somebody who understands my daily life – are you Jane, the cattle raisers by DM? I’m going to get a step counter because I’ll just bet I take more than 10,000 in my daily routine!

      1. Jane

        Yes Mary….that’s me!! We breed all our cows & heifers & the past couple of days they all decided it was time!! I said I should get extra points for opening & closing gates as I sure have done a lot of that in the past few days!! I have an app on my phone that keeps track of my steps. Some days it’s scary how many end up on there but it certainly explains why my legs & feet hurt at the end of the day!! I totally relate to all you do during the day! However….you still manage to get some quilting done & cleaning every now & then!!! I find my chair & I’m done!! It’s raining again now so maybe I can clean….or find that chair!!

  8. Gail

    I hope you get rested and your back feels better soon – then you can enjoy your amazing life. I love hearing about all your adventures. When things get out of balance, I know it’s stressful. Be well.

  9. Kathy

    Yes we do worry about your fortress there so know we all care how you are. It is such a wake up call that things don’t go as fast as they did when we were younger and hard to accept we need to slow down or else we fall down. You deserve to take all the time You want to make your happy home your palace and do a little reading for rest time. Hazel will appreciate the snuggle time too. We are far behind this year too here in NY with all the rains but oh well. I will be happy to get the geraniums planted finally so that’s how far behind I am.

  10. Carol T

    Take care, Mary……try to give yourself some of the care you so generously give to all your little buddies, your yard, your garden, darling Hazel, and of course Rick….your back and tiredness are telling you to settle a bit…..

  11. Rose Mikulski

    Mary, you’re a Saint and an Angel for taking wondering care of all the farm babies. I was wondering what you were up too and I needed a Hazel fix. Get some rest and please post a Hazel photo.

  12. Ann Barlament

    Thankfully you were in the barn when Emma needed you!

    Good luck with getting Momma kitty to the Vet!

  13. Sue

    Never rains but what it pours around here, too. Finally it will get back to normal if you can stand up to it long enough.
    Do you have those awful squash vine borers? I have not heard of them here and I hope it stays that way.
    I thought we had them a couple of years ago, but it turned out to be rodents that just chewed through the vines. Just as bad, I guess.
    I am just now getting plants into our garden. I love to plant the 1st or 2nd week of May, but this year it was just too cold then. Now it is much warmer.
    Hope you have a lovely and more restful holiday weekend. Try to get some rest. It will all keep.

  14. Angie Rowland

    You amaze me with your energy and I am impressed that your back hasn’t hurt more than it does. Poor Momma kitty has to be terrified that her babies will stray from her side. I jusdt keeping seeing fear in her eyes and it brings tears to mine.
    Hope you can get some rest and a tylenol for your back.

  15. Kathy Hanson

    Oh my, such a crazy day! I’m sure you are tired and that your back hurts! I hope that tomorrow and the rest of the weekend goes well and you can get some time to enjoy. Thoughts and hugs are being sent your way. Kathy

  16. Diane

    You are right; we do worry when we don’t hear, but know you are very busy!! Ouch. You sound like you could use a lovely hot bath. Don’t wear yourself out, Mary. Poor Emma; that must be frightening for both of you. Those kittens must have the “curious” streak in them. They are really cute. Please take a break now and then and do something easy just for you:) Hugs, Diane

  17. Martha Engstler

    My heart goes out to you, all this “stuff” is coming at you to fast. I know to well about aching back and for me it’s painful feet. I thought those kittens would find a hole one of these days. Hope they will be friendly and even if mom doesn’t appreciate all you do for the babies hope the little ones do. So glad for the update. Was worried.

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