Trunk Show, Anyone?


Do any of you readers live in the Marietta/Atlanta, GA area?  If so, some of the quilts from our book Civil War Remembered are on display at Little Quilts and you may want to stop by to see them in person.  For me personally, I would love to visit Little Quilts – get a little “retail therapy” as Connie says and just see what’s new in the quilt world.  I’m sure Mary Ellen has it on hand.

And here  is a sad sight at  a local thrift store – our tall snowman quilt for sale.  It’s seen its better days but it always startles me to see a rabbit doll in an antique store or a wall quilt of ours in a second hand store.  I’m showing my age, I know.   


And here are some of my “finds” from a recent junking day with Claudia. 

The tin “lunchbox” with the wooden knob on top was purchased to hold Susannah’s ashes.  Maggie’s ashes fit in it also and now they are residing together on a shelf in my living room.  Some days I’m still shocked when I go to the barn and Susannah’s isn’t there.

It’s a “beautiful day in the neighborhood” and I’m heading outside to do some yardwork.

18 thoughts on “Trunk Show, Anyone?

  1. Jane dumler

    Your new book arrived and I have poured over it. Too bad you didn’t include a 36 hour day as a premium. I would spend the extra time in the sewing room. The book is great–so glad to,have both of the books now. Loved your pictures of the quilts you put up on a daily basis. Our mountain house is full of things I have found at various sales and thrift shops–all repurposed and used daily when we are there.

  2. Helen

    It is a joy to learn and the comment from Judy mentions an angel food cake cutter which I never knew about. Tomorrow we drive to Trades Day at Canton so I will have my “eye out” for one. Your collections are so interesting! About Civil War Remembered the quilt” Dixie” with 3 units ends up with a complex look. I enjoy looking over the color placements and especially like how the nine-patches line up in the “One Flag” quilt. It would be difficult to say a favorite as all are likeable. Thanks Connie for ALL that sewing and to both of you for seeing it thru for us to enjoy.

  3. judy

    Love your finds.I collect the needle work sayings. That is a really good one. Your angle food cake cutter is a great find. judy j

  4. Claudia

    Happy April !
    Looks like you found some great treasures at the thrift stores. LOVE hunting out those special items.
    I have my Civil War Remembered book……now I need to decide which quilt to start making next.
    Going to be a nice day here too in ND.

  5. Emily

    Wouldn’t I love to visit and have a little “retail therapy” at Little Quilts in Marietta, Ga! Your quilts look wonderful displayed there. Looking forward to purchasing your book. There is not a quilt in it that I don’t love!

    You take care.

  6. Julie DeBower

    How fun to have your quilts at Little Quilts in Georgia! I have visited the shop there and it is a fun place to visit. Glad they get to see your Iowa treasures!!!

  7. terry

    Had to send you a note ….. I am doing the happy dance. While cleaning my sewing room today I discovered a plastic bin that contained 2 years (2011-2013) of Civil War Club envelopes complete with fabric and patterns. In my craziness to get organized I apparently boxed them up, put them up on a shelf and promptly forgot about them. So now that I have your new book and a couple of years of your fabric selections and misc. patterns, I will be off cutting and purring. Yahoo for me from sunny California.

  8. brenda A in sunny AZ

    Are those big buds on the trees reflected on the pictures of your treasures? Having volunteered at our local thrift shop, proceeds to abused women and children, for a few years, it always hurt to put give away prices on hand created needlepoint, embroideries, quilts, etc. but it was good to see at least someone wanted them.
    Just returned from our local club’s ugly fabric challenge. We were each given a bag of “uglies” and it’s amazing how good most of them turned out. I made a bargello wall hanging and, from a distance, it looked good!

  9. Bernadette Jackson

    Previously owned is the best! We have a high end consignment shop a few miles from me, and I am one of their best customers. Picked up a stained glass lamp, a handblown shaded desk lamp, needlepointed pillows, wall framed artwork, a lovely white Roseville bowl, etc. It makes my home look so much more homey and eclectic. Love the needlepoint about home being best — husband and I just returned from a five night absence from home. Had a girl come over and house sit our little poodle mix (stray). Missed her terribly. And I love your quilts, Mary. Have your new book, and will be deciding with my sister in upstate NY which one we will do together. We did your #74 and #75 that way, comparing notes along the way since we are both new to piecing quilts last year.

  10. Ann Barlament

    I get online therapy, but would rather see my purchases in person. I love your eclectic treasures. When I was younger I would look for treasures all the way from Minneapolis to Green Bay, concentrating mostly on Red Wing crockery.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – finding Red Wing must have been fun! Pretty hard to find it now unless it’s in a high end antique mall.

  11. Launa

    Hi Mary,
    Sunny, a tad cooler and blustery here in the valley today. Love to see quilts and toppers hanging over open doors & on cupboards. You got some wonderful “treasures” on your day off. I just love getting a little retail therapy in the mail like the golfer brought in from the mail kiosk yesterday. Been waiting to border a UFO Cherry Basket topper, get it sandwiched and quilted; today’s quilting.
    Thanks for the trunk show and sharing your “finds”.

  12. Diane

    Ah, sad to see the snowman. If my best friend hadn’t made me one (wasn’t that wonderful of her?), I’d buy that one. I love it:) I love 2nd hand stores, too. Enjoy the nice weather. 64 here in Central Ohio.

  13. Nikki Mahaffey

    Love Junkin’ as I call it…looks like you had a great day. Needlework of any kind is always one of my favorite finds.

  14. Carol

    Great finds! Love the needlework…and I HAVE that little bowl that is on the plate!

  15. Julie Burkhardt

    My civil war remembered book is arriving today…I know what I will be doing this evening!!

  16. Sandy Bessingpas

    A few years ago I went into an antiques store and found a childs ironing board that my sister had painted with an old fashioned santa on the flat surface. Of course i had to buy it..she lived over 200 miles from that town..we always wonder how it got there. And last year Iwas visiting the local thrift store and found a large ironing board Santa that my neighbor had painted and sold at a local craft sale almost 20 years ago. Of course that had to come home with me too. Oh the stories these things could tell!!!

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