This little boy named Zander visited the shop with his grandma today and he LOVED Colton! We were very busy again while we were trying to unpack and restock. Many customers are making their last visit to Country
Threads. One husband from Arizona said he’d now be able to take us off his GPS– ha!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Sue Davis

    What a precious child. God bless the innocents of a child and a kitten. This touches my heart.

  2. Beryl

    What a precious little guy! Did he take Colton home with him? Looks like they would have made a great twosome.

    So sorry you are closing but I understand fully. Your shop is unique and was so fun to visit and shop. All the work you have done on your place should make it very comfortable. I will miss the Farm News, for sure and hearing about all of your critters! I wish you a long and relaxing retirement! Thanks for all your expertise.

  3. LMK

    just wondered why i cant read the comments any more, also when i click on comments and go back, the pictures are all real big. i’m hoping to get over there before you close up. a real nice day again, hope we have a nice long fall.

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