Here is the culprit – see where it broke?  Today I cut the toe and heel out of one of Rick’s tube socks and slipped it over my leg to keep it clean.  I have used peroxide many times as well as neosporin and wanted you to know I always have my cell phone in my pocket in case an accident happened that required help.  Not to worry.

Remember this guy, Marty, owned by Dann and Diane Hansen?  He arrived last night at 10:30 pm because the Hansen’s daughter, Kelsi, went into labor in Des Moines and they drove down to join the “wait”.   No word yet about the baby.

River City Fence is here today splitting this big kennel yard into 2 yards so each kennel has their own outside play area.


You might recall that Telly belonged to Armando who works for River City Fence and when they were here 3 years ago fencing in the 7 acres, he begged me to take Telly because she’d have such a wonderful life here in the country.  I explained that I couldn’t take in everybody’s dog even if I wanted to but he didn’t give up.  He kept calling until I gave in and let her come and we have loved her for over 3 years now.  She was happy to see him this morning – she remembered him without hesitation.

Have you seen the video called “Cooper Loves Ice Cream”?  If I knew how to put in a link, I would because I love this video!

I will post my Gypsy Wife block tonight.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Diane

    LOL on Cooper Loves Ice Cream. Just go to Youtube, then type in Cooper Loves Ice Cream and there it is:) He’s a big cutie. Ouch on the peroxide, but happy the leg is getting better. Hot and humid again in Central OH.

  2. Launa

    Mary, It’s so good to hear/see you are progressing so well after the ladder accident and sewing. Telly is certainly one lucky dog! Marty looks like my smallest granddog.
    Looking forward to your post of Gypsy Wife.

  3. Tanya

    Mary, What a nice ladder Armando has! Maybe you can call him for all your high ladder needs! 🙂

  4. Linda

    Hope your leg is better today. I can’t wait to GW block. I am visiting my son in Midland, Tx. It is in the high 80’s today.

    from Tennessee

  5. Karen

    I just love your posts, Mary! Feels like I’ve just run by for a short visit! Your pictures are wonderful and make me feel like I am there — smelling the newly cut grass, hearing and seeing the current dogs playing, seeing the other pets and animals (DH enjoyed the “Brown Goose and Goslings” story and pictures — you should make a quilt with that theme!), sitting nearby to see what fabrics and scraps for your next “whatever” project you’ve gathered and begun … love it!

  6. Diane Meyer

    Hope your leg is feeling better. I was looking through some pages I had taken from quilting magazines. I came across “Cottontail” from the February 1996 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. Another project to add to my growing list. Our Purple Finch babies are practicing flapping their wings. Beautiful day after over two or more inches of rain in Elkhorn, WI.

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