Here is Rita Jones’ home beautifully decorated for Christmas.

The Farm Quilt hangs in my living room and is hard to store because of folding the fused appliqué.

This year I thought I’d try something different so presto, chango!

The little bit of border that extends beyond the Christmas quilt just happens also to be green so I’m ok with it and it was so much easier to just hang another quilt over the top.

Telly’s favorite chair.  Several dogs coming for daycare the end of this week.  I’ll bet you think I haven’t been sewing but I have.  Will take pictures today and post – nothing is quilted yet but that pile is growing.

Meeting Lori and Ann today for pie and a nice chat before Christmas.  Then a little shopping-some of my lights, yes, they were new, have already quit!  Cantata is Sunday night and it will be a relief when it’s over.  I’m too old for this stress.

17 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. MartyCae

    Merry Christmas to Telly!
    I love seeing all the decorations! Such a wonderful part of Christmas!

  2. Angie Rowland

    Telly looks so content. The farm quilt is amazing. Enjoy the festivities of the holiday. The music means so much to so many it is tiring but I am SURE much appreciated. Merry Christmas.

  3. Patricia G Hayes

    I do not understand or even want to try to keep up with a third of what you manage to do. Good grief girl Please have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and find some time to relax. Anyway you are amazing. Thanks for all your posts.

  4. Jeanne H

    Love your decorations year-round and Christmas is especially nice! : )

    Have you tried rolling the Farm Quilt? I do that even with my smaller wallhangings, like 24″ by 24″. It helps the larger ones to have a tube to roll them around, of course. ; )

    Best – Jeanne

  5. Diane

    HI–Ritat Jones’ decorations are beautiful:) I love her ladder going all the way to the ceiling–hoping my woodworker makes me one. I also roll all of my quilts. I glued muslin onto several large tubes from the HS Physics dept. Then I roll three or four quilts around each one, put in a few pins, and then roll it all up in an old cotton sheet. I wonder if rug tubes would work? The music will be wonderful to all:)

  6. Launa

    Great to see the decorations. Must be the time of year as the golfer and I overslept a little this morning. Telly has the right idea all snuggled up on that lovely red and cream checked coverlet.

  7. Bernadette Jackson

    Beautiful homes with beautiful decorations. Is there a pattern for the one hanging over the farm quilt. And for the table runner in an earlier picture. I wouldn’t mind trading places with Telly for an afternoon snooze!

  8. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Absolutely beautiful Christmas decorations, the pictures are like flipping through the pages of a Country Living magazine. Thank you for sharing. Your idea for layering hanging quilts is brilliant!

  9. Betty Klosterman

    Your home is beautiful and especially your quilts. A very expert quilter buys the old mattress pads at the thrift shops and rolls her quilts in them. She shows her quilts and they go in her car rolled in the pads. The pads protect and keep the quilts clean and there are no fold marks.

  10. Diana W

    Everything looks beautiful! I especially love the Christmas quilt. Was that one of your patterns? Do you remember the name? Might have to go on my project list for next Christmas!

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