I’ve watched lots of basketball with her on my lap like this.


Tired Puppy

40 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Carrolyn v

    How do you get anything done with such a sweetheart to love and play with?…..

  2. ANITA Fetzer

    What a sweetie. Don’t know who the luckiest is ,you or Hazel. She sure is going to have a wonderful home .

  3. Dee T.

    I had a shepard that would watch the whole basketball game following the ball. No donations? Ho about grain free small treats? Let me know and I’ll send them.

  4. Diane

    Oh my, she is toooo cute. Can you imagine your back if you slept like that? Squeak sleeps in my lap like that and she’s six!!

  5. Joanne Kalahar

    What an absolutely adorable puppy – I don’t know if I would have the energy to start over with a puppy. My 12-year-old Sassy is just about my speed.

  6. Tammy Guerrero

    She sure is a adorable puppy. Enjoy her as she is so small. Bless you for adopting a puppy that needed a forever home.

  7. Donna from Oz

    What an absolutely adorable puppy! You’re such a good mom. Reminds me of my terrier. As soon as I sat down in my rocker, Sparky was on my lap.

  8. Kay Price

    I enjoy all of your pictures of your animals. I was raised in the country on a farm. My father passed away when I was eleven. My Mom moved us to near Churubusco, IN to a farm that her Mom owned. We continued raising Black Angus and farming the fields. We did all the work. My brother Phil who was in high school, Mom and myself. When I graduated from HS I married a wonderful man in 1968. We had 2 wonderful sons. He passed away in 1975. I raised them on my own for nine years. I did not date or meet anyone until 1985. When I met Ron I just knew. We married Dec 1986. Once again I was living in the country on a farm. I learned to drive the tractor, backhoe, Bobcat. and dump truck. The other thing was my sons had a chance to experience country life. Long story short, that is why I love all of your pictures.

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