Just in case you readers think I’m filling the need of a grandparent to Reed, here’s a picture of his two wonderful but camera shy grandmas who both live within 10 miles of Reed. He also has a grandpa and 3 great grandmothers and Reed describes them all as being beautiful and amazing. I’ve always said I’m the lucky one – Reed has grandparents aplenty but I’m the one who loves chickens.

Yesterday Becky and her friend Jeanne entertained the toddlers at Concord during Nursing Home Week.

Karla, Reed’s mom, brought June and Vera, his little sisters, to listen to the music. Vera liked doing the actions.

I promised pictures of the chicks but they’re very hard to photograph because they dart here and there so fast.

Today Reed and I are going to open up their space and give them the whole pen. They are going to love it!

Hazel and Ernie Joe Mauer.

Pam and Ethel – almost twins!

And today it’s finally sunny and warm – I’ve been working on moving the plants from the basement and the shop outside. I stand by my rule not to move plants outside till Mothers Day. I had already moved some outside last week when it was so warm and they suffered in 40 degree weather last weekend. Never again.

Many of these are going to the Farmers Market. I have not moved my big plants yet – soon.

Now what have I forgotten? I am looking into putting advertising on the blog. I spend lots of time doing this and hope we can both benefit from advertising.

Connie has a new quilt finished – picture coming soon. We will make this pattern available for a very reasonable price in the near future.

I am binding the blue squares table mat – I actually got it quilted. Now it’s on to a new project!

18 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. MartyCae

    Love the picture of Hazel and Ernie Joe!
    It is wonderful to hear about your adventures with Reed and family. I would like to have a friend like that. He sounds like an amazing young man.
    Can’t wait to get outside and dig! My kitty (Harry S. Truman) killed a rabbit and brought it to us. A big prize for Mom on Mother’s Day!

  2. Tanya

    I think Reed is a lucky boy to have so much love in his life! Not to mention having those cute siblings!
    Your chicken photos are lovely. I can almost see those chickens smiling at the camera. Can’t wait to see Connie’s next project. Boy, does she turn them out! Go Connie! (And your output is not shabby either, Mary!) Hope that the ads pay off and earn you more than chicken feed!

  3. sandy

    You do such an amazing job on your blog! Great photos & wonderful stories….thank you!

  4. Diane

    Hi Mary’. You did a great job with the chicks pictures. Love seeing Hazel and Ernie a Joe and P and E๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ. You have so many plants– that’s great for the environment. I hope you have time to enjoy your nice weather! We had a big wind storm yesterday and lots of trees came down. Something is brewing now which Squeak will go out on the screened in porch to watch– odd little one!๐Ÿ˜ฝ๐Ÿ˜ฝ

  5. Kathy Hanson

    Looks like Hazel and Ernie Joe Mauer are friends – how wonderful. Love the other kitties too. You got great pictures of the chicks – boy have they grown! What a wonderful thing for the ladies to go play for the folks and watching the kids enjoying it too. Reed has a wonderful family and YOU as well – what a lucky boy and lucky you as well.
    Enjoy this gorgeous weather before it gets humid. I checked on my pregnant llamas today – they are resting and eating and getting fatter! Fun!

  6. Shirley Flowers

    Mary, when is your next book with Connie due to come out? I love all your patterns, new and old alike.

  7. Janie

    Seems very busy on the farm! You and Reed are both very fortunate to know each other! Hazel and cats are always so much fun to see!

  8. Debbie R

    Love all the updates, my hubby especially loves it when you give updates on the farming in northern Iowa. We are dairy farmers in west central WI and every so often he will ask if the Country Threads lady has said anything about the farmers there!!

  9. Carol Garner

    It is so sweet that you and Reed have such a great friendship. Many young people need more role models in their lives, you both are being blessed beyond measure.

  10. Jody Irwin

    Always just figured , Reed had a special friend .
    A extra grandma is always such a great thing …..no one can have to many .

  11. Linette Anne Stewart

    Mary I love your posts! My daughter and granddaughter are going to get some baby chicks. Any advice on raising chickens? They have been told heat and don’t heat the coop in cold weather. I was telling them about your lamp heater and the comfy chair for the goats ๐Ÿ˜„ in the barn.

  12. Jean Elliott

    Love the pictures. I say yes to adding the advertising! I do enjoy your blog but i know it is time consuming for you.

  13. Margie

    Those chicks have grown! When I read your posts, I feel like I have a pen pal, even though we have never met. Thanks for all your stories.

  14. Brenda archambault

    Mary, you are fulfilling your need to be a mother to some very special children. When I lived in Chicago and my kids and grandkids were over 1,000 miles away, I was the “other mother” to the next door kids who came in, visited me and the cookie jar, and it was a win-win situation. Fortunately., you and Reed have a very special bond and I’m sure he’ll never forget it. Please send me some of your energy!

  15. Paula

    I have always wondered how the advertising benefits? Does it pay you to advertise? I know you are so busy, I think of you alot. I look forward each day to looking for your post. Paula in KY

  16. Sue Davis, Argyle, Texas

    Hi Mary,
    Grandparents are wonderful and much loved. Parents are our teachers of our future. But a friend, a heart friend is special. We all need these amazing people in our lives, all these gifts our Lord puts in front of us makes us who we will become. These children are truly blessed to have so many of you teaching and loving.
    Be well Mary and hope Rick is coming along well
    Sue Davis, Argyle, Tx

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