It’s a nice sunny but cool day in North Iowa – the snow is gone and it might be a harvesting day – keep your fingers crossed. Send the good vibes for all the farmers in whatever state they may be in because we Americans need farmers.

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Betty visited the farm yesterday and I think Telly was more excited to see her than Hazel. Betty decided she liked to carry a piece of pumpkin along with her to the garden where she and Telly found a pile of dirt to play king of the mountain!

Betty has really grown – 36 solid pounds! We love to have her visit where all the dogs can run free because Hazel doesn’t really care for this big puppy jumping on her head. That could be because Hazel weighs 12 lbs compared to Betty’s 36. Hahaha!

Remember that pinwheel baby quilt? I got it on the quilting machine last night. The shower is a mere 10 days away so today I need to bind it and get it in the washing machine.

Here’s another little tidbit – when cutting up shirts for fabric, save the cuffs and make sweet little pincushions – what a great gift for your quilting friends!

Do you think you need a tutorial for this?

And here’s the best news ever! I finally found the pattern sheet for the goat block! Here’s the original quilt called Louise and Friends.

FINALLY I can offer this block pattern to you for $3.00. So many people have requested it and all I had was the $10 pattern for the Goat Sampler. Since this is just a repeated block you won’t need anything more to create your own goat quilt! This block is made with templates so I am not able to post the sizes of each piece – you need the block drawing to make templates with 1/4″ seam allowances added. I hope this announcement reaches all of you that have asked for this pattern!

Sorry – I see this posted twice. I’ll just leave it.

And Live Thankfully is still available for $3.00.

Remember that no photos are available so you may want to copy these two examples. When ordering don’t forget to include a mailing label with you name and address. And now since we have two patterns available, specify which one you are ordering.

It’s a great day with the sun shining – I’m washing screens and putting them away for the winter and I hope to start washing windows before it gets too cold. Thanks so much for all the ads opening or closing by those of you who did it. We paid the bills last week – ha! And here’s hoping we can pay them this week, too.

Should we start the Bullseye Quilt along this week? Or are most of you overwhelmed with fall work? Let me know what you think – I can start any time!

35 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Marilyn

    What a very clever idea for the pin cushions made out of cuffs from men’s shirts. Happy you found the goat pattern. Hope the sun shines for the farmers. They are harvesting cotton here in North Carolina .

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marilyn – and I just saw our neighbors combining south of us – yay!!!!

  2. Ellie

    The pin cushions are adorable! What a clever idea.
    A bulls eye would be a fun quilt along but right now I’m feeling a bit swamped. After the holidays would suit my schedule better but others may feel differently.

  3. Rita S

    I could see the goat pattern being broke down and made into a paper pieced pattern, just saying….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita S – yes, it could be done as paper piecing if you like it. Connie loves paper piecing but I hate it.

  4. Paula S.

    Mary, I enjoy your posts so much. Love all the animal, garden, quilt pictures. I’m making a table runner for my daughter and have decided to do the straight-line quilting on it. It has more of a modern feel to it and I know she will like that. Keep up the good work!

  5. Linette Anne Stewart

    We have a beautiful but windy day here in Wisconsin and farmers are out trying to get the corn and soy crops in. I get so mad when drivers are impatient behind farm equipment. Farmers are so important in how we live. I would love to start the Bullseye quilt along this week! I love your Goat pattern. I purchased it a few years ago and it’s on the top of my large list of must-do’s. I recently started Max Lucado’s new book Unshakable Hope and love it! All about God’s promises for us. Have a wonderful day!!!

  6. Susan Sundermeyer

    Mary, as green is one of my favorite colors, I dearly love your baby quilt. I go this weekend to pick out my English Lab pup. I was third in line so I had to wait for #1 from Oklahoma and #2 from Michigan to make their picks. I will be sending pictures soon!

  7. Amy M

    I am amazed at all the things I learn when I read the blog. The baby quilt is so cute! You wash your baby quilts before you give them away? Is that so they are nice and soft? Do you wash all quilts as soon as you are done making them? What is your secret sauce (laundry soap 🙂 )? I have never washed a quilt I have given away but it would be nice to wash with a color catcher and to make sure all my seams stay in tact (I’ve been known to sew a skimpy seam now and then!) Don’t feel the need to answer here if you want this to be a blog topic by itself.

    I love that Telly has a playmate her size!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – I wash all quilts when they’re finished because I like the way they pucker up. Baby quilts are a must to wash and my secret laundry soap is…. wait for it…..TIDE! Haha! It’s my normal detergent – in other words, nothing special and I dry the quilt completely in the dryer.

      1. Amy M

        Mary, thanks. I have several ready to bind that were made as baby quilts for the stash (last minute shower gifts) and I’m going to try it!

  8. Suzanne Beech

    Thanks for the addition of the goat block. I will be sending my payment in this week.
    Wish i could be on cooler weather as I am in Florida where it is hot as hades!
    I would like to start the quilt along…. whenever you are ready.

  9. Marsha Ransom

    Today is a sunny, blustery day here in Southwest Michigan. I’m stuck in the office, but enjoying a peek at the sun as it peeks in the windows on either side of me. I have no windows in my space, but can see almost 3 when I’m at my desk. I’m always amazed when I look out and see that it is raining or snowing when I am immersed in my screens!

    We had a lovely camping weekend with our son and his wife and children, two of our adorable grandchildren! Now that they have a travel trailer, I hope we can do this at least a couple of times a year! Nothing like the grands (age 7 and 4) exuberance and energy to get this grandma moving!

    I’ve been stalled on quilting for a few days with so many other things needing done at home and several evening meetings (I take minutes at several authority, board and commission meetings each month).

    I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. We’ve had so much rain, but nothing like the rain and flooding in Texas. The Llano River where they evacuated people from a campground is next to Junction, TX where we have friends and have visited occasionally. They were very lucky – no water in their house, but lost some farm fence and a deer feeder.

    I’m reading a book on my iPhone using the Kindle app. I have saved tons of free books but seldom read them. I’m trying to get in the habit as I almost always have my phone and sometimes I forget to bring the current book I’m reading along with me. I can even walk laps in the open basement where I work while reading. I have also watched many, many tutorials that way! Now to motivate myself to get busy walking again!

  10. Lee

    Mary, anytime you are ready…, I am just a “Country Threads groupie”. I have my fabricgathered. Should I wash it? No hurry.
    Lee from North Carolina

  11. Jo in Wyo

    The glorious sun is shining here today. The snow is melting, highways are clearing up and the city road crews, hopefully, can get back on schedule. I ran errands and ran into so many detours. It took a little longer. NPR was on the radio. The reporter said how utterly incredible the devastation is in Florida. The power crews are staying about 40 miles away and they are spending hours getting to their hotel rooms at night and again in the morning. Roads that are open are jammed with traffic. Everybody works during the daylight, starting around sunset, the all hit the roads. Not living in a hurricane area, we don’t think of those issues. So a few detours is no big deal.
    After a summer of smoke, we love having the sun back!

  12. Diane in Central Ohio

    You are so right about our farmers!! It is cool (57 degrees) in Central Ohio. I would like to do the Bull’s Eye quilt. This week is hectic , but I’ll try to keep up whenever you start. I always wash my baby quilts in Dreft or Ivory Snow. It ‘s one less thing for the busy parents to do. The green baby quilt is so fresh and pretty😃😃. I almost thought Betty was a grown up dog she’s gotten so big!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lesa m – send $3 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438. Specify goat pattern.

  13. Sharon Cervenka

    Just love all this inspiration ! Mailed yesterday for
    “Live Thankfully”, and need to follow up for the goat
    pattern. Little crazy here, but will try and keep up
    with the Bullseye. Enjoy the photos. And you are so right about the farmers-keep good thoughts!

  14. Norma

    Oh! Somehow I missed the Bullseye discussion. I’ve always wanted to make one but I have so much going in my sewing room right now that I might just have to observe and be inspired!

  15. Pat Smith

    No sew along for me this week as we leave tomorrow for Florida in the Winnebago taking about 10 days to get there. Thank goodness we didn’t have any damage in our part of FL as we are in the center of the state. But, we are having to drive a different route than usual to avoid some roads in North and South Carolina. I love the goat quilt and will order the pattern. I have the same quilt I made with chickens instead of goats from a Country Threads pattern. It’s hanging over my computer desk. Farming is so difficult dealing with the weather all the time. I hope they get their crops in. It is cold here in Vermont now, but I don’t believe we’ve had a frost yet. That will happen this week for sure.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – Really? Is it already time to leave for Florida? Good that you didn’t have any damage at your place – what do you do for fun while in FL? Do you sew? Read? Swim? Go boating? How is Sonny? Will you look for a pal for him soon? Too many questions – sorry.

  16. Jeri

    Mary, I received my booklet and DVD for the Rug from Tags thank you so much. The cold front but here in South Texas around 9am yesterday. It was so crazy, at 8:30am it was 79 and very muggy and at 9am it was 59 and rainy! My daughter in law was reading me a few things on Facebook about the cold front hitting Texas. There were several good ones but my favorite one was…..Texas is closed, we’re all looking for our jackets lol. Have a wonderful day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeri – someone I follow also posted Texas is closed – we’re all looking for our coats! Love it!


    I’ve just been clicking on the ad, is that correct? Love the goat pattern too. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula P – thank you for clicking an ad! We appreciate your support of this blog!

  18. Lynn C. (Southern NJ)

    The goat pattern is very cute! I’m sending for it. Just one question: On the quilt the goat has two ears. Maybe one of them is appliqued on? Thanks.

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