Tuesday Night, 3-8-22

I forgot to tell you in the previous post that I caught the 10th rat in my trap on Saturday! What a great invention that trap!

I’m still working on the sewing room but had to take out time today for a half day of errands – ugh. Someone asked about the grand piano pincushions – this is what’s left of one of them. I kept it as a sweet memory of Susannah – the tiny goat that grew up in the house – who was a typical got who chewed on everything. Are there any readers who don’t know the Susannah story?

I hope I’m not repeating myself but I keep finding sewing things around my house – look at this primitive sewing cabinet – even a place to keep your scissors. Homemade for sure – my favorite.

And next will be the sewing baskets – inside one of the sewing baskets is a treasure beyond compare and I didn’t even know it was inside when I bought the basket for $7.50. I also gave Kayla a “needlework” soft book of crochet patterns. Maybe I’ll ask her to show us some pictures of it.

Talk tomorrow – watching the Zags!

43 thoughts on “Tuesday Night, 3-8-22

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    I don’t know the Susannah story. I will listen. I love the primitive sewing cabinet-nice design. Thanks Mary.

  2. Candy

    Go Zags! Enjoy the game.. we’re not watching … just following the score!

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Yes, I made that block and it is pinned on a foam core board, so I can look at the different blocks I’ve made. I really like stars and log cabins.
    Yes, for Susannah, too. She was a sweetie. Oh, what everybody has missed not knowing you for at least 30 years. I bet I’m not the only person to have that pleasure. Love the miniature sampler, too. I just never get tired of looking at quilts and their blocks. It is such a challenge to see how small we can go…..
    We’re getting more snow tonight, but maybe not very much. Wind will be the worst. Got the weekend’s shoveled so we’re ready for it.
    Good luck on your Thursday appointments. I think they are both in Mason City?
    Betty in Rapid City

  4. Tina H

    I don’t know the goat story. This is the first time commenting, although there are plenty of things I could have said! I enjoy your writing. At times you have much more energy than I do. I understand what it is to be a caregiver. I live in southern California, am widowed, and my only child lives on the east coast; but my mom is alive and kicking at almost 93.

  5. Donna Sproston

    I love the Susannah story and it never gets old so feel free to share it again. I was the one who mentioned the tiny star pin cushions you made to save up for your grand piano. The first time we visited country threads you were playing the piano and all the windows were open so we were entertained. We recently moved from Illinois to Wisconsin and we downsized. Our grand piano was donated to our alma mater Monmouth College. I finally got to the box marked patterns and found the pin cushion pattern notes. Fabric and patterns were easier to move than the piano.

  6. Jill Klop

    I don’t know the Susannah story! A goat in the house?!?! I love that sewing box because it’s handmade. I bet some husband made it for his wife! What a treasure! Can’t wait to see the baskets!

  7. Carla

    I like all your stories….. but you left the post with a cliffhanger! I hope you’re planning on revealing the unexpected find soon. What was in the basket???!!!

  8. Ginny in SC

    I remember Susannah, she was so cute,
    I loved woodworking so I took shop in hr high school. I think I was in 8th grade that I made a beautiful mahogany sewing box. It opened on both sides like a picnic basket. I gave it to my mother, I think Gina has it now.o I still love building furniture, I hope to build a potting table with a cement top. I love your floors and I have made tabletops before. It’s raining here, the dogs and cats sit on the covered deck and look longingly out in the yard wanting to play but they don’t want to get their paws wet!

  9. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I would love to hear the Savannah story. My bowling buddy told me this weekend that she almost bought a little goat recently, but her husband talked her out of it. She has a hobby farm with two ho.rses.

    Hope Rick is doing better,

  10. Launa


    So good about the dead RAT!🐀
    Last measurement on newest snow…We had 8” during Monday night plus 3 more inches during today! And it is 16o out @ 9 pm!
    Heard someone announce April is Idaho’s coolest month!

  11. Jody from Central Ohio

    I’ve followed you for quite awhile but don’t know the Susannah story. From the remarks I think you will have to tell again! Love the little quilt with the little sewing box.

  12. Connie R

    I would like to hear the Savannah story . I would also like to make the pincushion if you still have that pattern.

  13. Connie R

    So sorry, Not Savannah, but Susannah! My apologies on my previous comment for the name mistake.

  14. Sue In Oregon

    Just like many others, I would love to hear the Suzanna story. And, I Love the little sewing cabinet. What a treasure. Can’t wait to hear what was in the basket. Good night, Mary. Sleep tight.

  15. Kris in WI

    I’m really enjoying your sewing collections and now the Susannah story and a sewing basket mystery to look forward to! I’m not a big sports fan, but I’ll be crossing my fingers for the Badgers this Friday and I’ll be sure to update my husband on the score of the Mary & Hazel team vs the Rats.

    1. Janet S

      Yea, we have a new game – Mary/Hazel team against rats. Mary/Hazel 10 / rats 0. This is all good.
      Do you have a pattern for the little sampler quilt behind the cute sewing cabinet? I sure would love to make that one. It’s another cold week here in southern Minnesota but the sun is higher and way warmer so it’s encouraging. Today is a day of cleaning as we are having card club here Friday night after a fish fry dinner at a local church. Love those fish fries during Lent.

  16. Jamie in Phoenix

    Please share the Susannah story! I didn’t discover you until 2008!!!

  17. Charlotte Shira

    Please share the Susannah story. I love the sewing basket….perfect for scissors, thread and drawers for bobbins….and it has a face! Can’t wait to hear what surprise was in the sewing basket.

  18. Susan Boyd in VA

    You have left us with a cliffhanger — we need to hear the Susannah story and what was in the sewing basket! Can’t wait!

  19. Kathy in western NY

    Bring on the story as it will be told by one of my favorite storytellers- you Mary.
    I remember you wanted to write a children’s book so this might be your shining moment to enchant all of us “children at heart” out here in your world of friends.

  20. Joy in NW Iowa

    Mary I do not know the goat story. And the sewing basket treasure! Can’t wait

  21. RuthW in MD

    So Funny to read this post, see the words “Leave a reply” below the blog title and think (for only a SECOND) that no one has replied yet!! Then to click on “Leave a reply” and discover that 25 People have already replied!! Ever since the first time this happened, I know that chances are very good that someone has already replied and it simply hasn’t been updated by the blog machinery. I frequently go back and read the added comments!
    Having windows replaced next week, busy moving household goods away from windows and covering furniture, piano, computers, tvs, sewing machine, etc. with dust sheets. Making lists of things to pass along as well. I believe it will be good for me to let go of stuff. Take care, everyone!

    1. Tina W from Oregon

      Ruth – don’t forget to take pictures, mirrors, etc off the walls too! Ask me how I know that!

      1. Ruth

        Yes, Tina, I discussed that last night with my husband. He offered me two big bins he has emptied so far. EVERYTHING must be covered. This is revealing to me how much “stuff” I have. Thanks for warning me.

  22. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, you have the neatest things! I enjoy seeing them. Thank you for sharing them with us! My sewing room is neat and tidy when nothing is happening there!

  23. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Can’t wait to hear the Susannah story! And the treasure in the sewing basket? That, too. Now you’ll have thousands of people checking hourly for the stories. Fun!
    LOVE this time of year. March Madness!! Go, Xavier, go!

  24. Jean

    Oh Mary! The Susannah story. The BEST! My first encounter with Susannah was with a head butt. She was just a babe then. The most precious little being ever! Do tell her story so that all those who don’t know can love the telling.

  25. Jan Hebert

    I love this blog!! That little pinkeep is adorable, you made enough to buy a grand piano?? And I can’t wait to hear the Susannah story, lol. Leaving soon to stay at my daughter’s tonight. I’ll be watching their gorgeous Belgian Tervuren dog tomorrow while they drive to Vermont for a medical procedure to help her husband with his PTSD symptoms. Smokey is still young – I hope I can keep up with him! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan H – no I didn’t make enough to buy the grand piano – I also added in any money I’d ever been paid to play for church (back in the day they paid for that service!)funeral, wedding, etc. I had saved all money gifts from my mom and I made up the rest from my savings. You might be interested to know I paid about $18,000 for my Kawaii RX-2. I have no idea what they sell for today.

      1. Jan Hebert

        Wow, that is amazing! I wish I could hear you play something wonderful on it. I’ve always wanted to learn piano but never had one to practice on. I’m back home now from watching my granddog, everything went well for my son in law but now my daughter has to go back for an ultra sound after her mammogram. Apparently they want to look closer at a lymph node that concerned them. So scary. I’m praying it’s just an infection she’s fighting or a virus. She has to wait until Tuesday for the ultra sound. Going to be a tough weekend. I’m glad that Rick’s heart went back into rhythm on its own and I hope it stays that way! Jan in MA

  26. MaureenHP

    Another rat bites the dust!!! You’re winning, Mary!
    I would love to hear about Susannah.
    Can’t wait to lift the lid of the sewing basket….

  27. MartyCae

    Thank you for showing all your sewing tool treasures. I pick some up here and there and I have a pig tape measure (the tape comes out of his mouth) that I really love.
    I have a grand piano pincushion in red, cream and blue that is always by my machine. I treasure that cushion as well.

  28. Joyce from NY

    Would love to hear the Susannah story. Glad you caught another rat !!!

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