Tuesday Odds ‘n Ends

The custard mystery has been solved!

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I have my recipe, Mom’s recipe, and a clipping in her cookbook from 1971 that reads identical to both our cards. No, it does not require scalded milk. I have always made it in a 1-1/2 qt. casserole baking dish. The newspaper clipping says exactly what I have added to my card —- IF using a casserole, increase baking time to 1-1/2 hrs. I have a thermometer in my oven and it reads quite close to true, a little less than what the oven is set at so my problem with is the container I’m baking in. Aren’t we all glad that big mystery is solved!

My friend Gloria sent me a picture of her table mat in Christmas fabrics. Remember this?

I thought I should add the pattern again just in case you find a little time to make one- say, in red and white for Christmas.

Kathy in western New York said it best. She said, “the picture of the truck speaks to me of how the person chooses to live their life with no regard for others by being self centered and not abiding by the rules.” Amen to that – I couldn’t have said it better!

Here’s a picture just from this morning at the store.

This isn’t even a parking place – it’s next to the handicap spot but here’s two pickups parked there!

Here’s a series of pictures taken in the barn with heat lamps and heated water buckets.

The bad hair day girls and their friends soaking up the warm sunshine.

JB in his box under a heat bulb.

Mama and Darla’s little room where they also sleep in the boxes under the heat bulb. Reedo has never returned and Danielle also disappeared this fall. I have sent their pictures to all my neighbors but nobody recognized them. Makes me so sad.

Pumpkins stored for winter when the goats and chickens will appreciate a little treat.

And this is a sad day. Meet Pretty Kitty who came here over 12 years ago as a middle aged cat about 6+ years old who belonged to Becky’s elderly neighbors, Helen and Donella. I took Pretty in when they could no longer care for her and she’s been in declining health for several years. Today I feel she looking at me with unseeing eyes that say, “Let me go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Helen and Donella.” And so that is what I’m going to do.

We’ve had a good run, Pretty! God speed! I’ll see you again when I get to Heaven.

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Odds ‘n Ends

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I am so sorry for the loss of Reedo and Danielle, and well as your need to send Pretty Kitty over the rainbow bridge. Our fur babies live forever in our hearts and memories. Glad your crazy hair ladies and friends are enjoying the sunshine and staying warm with the heat lamps.

  2. Diana

    Our pets are truly God’s pets, he just lets us borrow them for a little while. We will all be together again one day, and what a reunion that will be!

  3. Ellie Lively

    Love seeing your nimals stay warm with the heat lamps! Makes me feel so cozy. I’m sorry to hear bout your fur babies but you have taken care and loved them. Letting them go isn’t easy but it’s the last we can do for them.

  4. Jean

    My thoughts amd prayers are with you. When the time comes, they will all meet you at The Rainbow Bridge.

  5. Jo in Wyo

    Mary, I want to be reincarnated as one of your pets!
    Thanks for the pattern, recipe, and those chicken pictures. Love those chickens.

  6. Martha Engstler

    Those “bad hair day girls” are such a smile. Thanks for posting their pictures again. Sorry about Pretty and the loss of your other two fur babies. I try to look at their lives as a blessing I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t had the kitties. Here in Gettysburg area it’s another gray cold day. Not as cold as it will be on Thursday. Strange fall, not many of the leaves changed pretty colors before falling off, they just dried up and went from green to brown.

  7. Pat

    Mary you make me cry. You are such a blessing on this earth to care for all your animals the way you do. God Bless.

  8. Linette

    Pretty Kitty looks so sweet. I look forward to when we get to heaven to be with loved ones and our much loved pets. I believe God made them to care for our hearts. I know He loves us so much that He will reunite us with them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linette – I know that, too. I told her who would be there to greet her!

  9. Becky from TX/IA

    That to bad about all your kitty’s…..the unknown where about of Reedo and Danielle I know are really hard to deal with…. Looks like for are all ready for winter. Keep warm….

  10. Ruth Bridges

    Found a cat yesterday at Bills . Right out there by the handicap parking. He was so skinny and dirty and crying. Bought a pkg of lunchmeat parked closer to where he was.(he had let me pet him when I first met him) Anyway fed him some of the lunch meat, then scooped him up. On the way to the car another lady came up with a torn up hamburgar. I asked her if she wanted him, but she said she had two. I asked her to open my car door then because I was taking him to the vet. He went balistic in my car ended up in the back window and sat. Got him to the vet and they were glad to have him. Pretty creamy light yellowish boy with blue eyes . Maybe a year old. I just couldn’t leave the poor thing out in the cold.

    1. Janice M Hebert

      Thank you for doing that Ruth, I’m certain you saved his life. And Mary, isn’t it hard to make that decision but once it’s made you know it was the right thing to do. Pretty was a lucky little girl to live such a good life.

      Jan in Topsfield

  11. Lynn in Highlands Ranch, CO

    Ruth, bless you for being so kind and helping that kitty cat.

    Mary, so sorry about Pretty. You are an angel on earth for all you do for your animals, family, and friends.

  12. Sue in Oregon

    I wonder if your custard could be cooked in my Instant Pot? Glad you found it.
    I love your chickens and their space. They have so much room and they are warm and toasty. Mine have a nice house but very Unheated. Of course, we don’t get near as cold here. Still, I feel bad for them on our cold nights.
    Pretty Kitty is pretty. 18 is very old for a cat, though.

  13. Diane in Ohio

    It is always so peaceful when they pass over the Rainbow Bridge. We love them and they love us and that’s what is important. You take such good care of all of your animals. They are lucky:) The chickens always make me smile. Cold and dark here in Central Ohio today, only 38.

  14. Sharon Lowy

    So sad for you. It is so hard to lose our precious furry babies. Pretty is in a better place and you gave her a beautiful life with you. Sorry about your two lost kitties,too. I love the pictures of the chickens. What o nice home they have..love the chair and the kitty in the box, too. You are so good to your animals.

    It is cold in Illinois but we did have a sunny day. Wind chill was in low 20’s with the north wind blowing.. I am not a fan of winter!

  15. Sandi McGuire

    I read your post every day and enjoy every word. I lost my house last year in the Northern California wildfires. (Now we have more fires and other family members have lost their homes in Paradise, CA). So I lost my Mom’s recipes and one was the custard recipe. Thank you so much for posting it. I want to buy custard cups and make this recipe and think of my Mom. Thank you, thank you!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandi McGuire – I think I speak for all of us when I say I am so sorry for your loss and those of your family. I just can’t believe those fires when I watch the news and I do not know how whole towns will recover. Is there ANYTHING we can do for you? The blog readers are all kind hearted folks and join me in my concern for all of you!

  16. Carol

    Oh, golly, I feel so sad to see the goodbye photos of our furry friends. I know it must be time fir your kitty, but letting go is so hard. You’re a wonder, Mary, in all you do your love for animals is so apparent.

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Mary, I wish I could give you a big warm hug for the love you show your pets. God will always be good to those with your kindness. Always! I can’t imagine all of my pets Wrapped in my arms when I arrive to my Lord. So nice to see the Christmas mat made up. Your readers are so engaged to what you post.
    And I feel like such a celebrity with you quoting me on the truck parked…..yes I am one who will also back out and pull back in just to get it right! Treat others as I want to be treated. My heart goes out to all who need comfort tonight with the wildfires. Our needs are minuscule compared to those who have lost so much.

  18. Linda

    Have made this custard for many years. Have you ever made Grapenut Custard. It is my favorite.

  19. Kathy Hanson

    Everyone has said it all – you have taken such good care of all of your animals! I know it still hurts, even when you know it is the right thing to do, to have to do it anyway. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
    The fires and devestation in California is so awful – can’t imagine losing a whole city and so many people have died. You are correct – if there is anything any of us can do we will certainly step up to do that.
    Loved seeing how beautifully clean and well cared for your barn and chickens, cats, etc. look. Thanks!
    Thank you for your blog – it connects us to so many others that we would never “know” without it. You are truly amazing!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – that’s the key to this blog – connecting us all from different corners and finding out we are all so much alike! True!

  20. Diane Bauer

    So sorry to hear about Pretty’s passing to The Rainbow Bridge. I remember from years past that you were a regular for taking in strays that couldn’t be kept by their owners for one reason or another or that somehow found their way to your home on their own.
    Many thanks for your very kind words. I looked briefly this evening to see if I could find some photos of the kids visiting the farm when I was shopping for fabric. I was unsuccessful–think that may require a search through negatives and not just pixels. It looks like pre-2003 is the time frame as Justin started staying home to work then rather than going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in the summer. The deployment has gone surprisingly fast, but I am impatient to retire my service flag and yellow ribbon and have him back on US soil so I can breath a bit more easily. I am very proud of him and all of the brave men and women who serve.

  21. Joyce C

    I truely believe that sometimes the letting go of a beloved pet is the last gift we give them. TY for sharing your day to day life. I’m betting your chicken coop is the only one with a pink wingback chair!! Simply love it 💗

  22. Paula S.

    My husband and I had to put our sweet cairn terrier, Riley, down today. He had been with us almost 14 years and was a faithful companion who is already missed. I feel for you, Mary!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula S. – the house feels very different, doesn’t it? Riley has been with you even 2more years than Pretty was with us so I imagine you’re feeling a great loss -I am so sorry!

  23. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I am sending you hugs for comfort. It is always sad to let our little friends go, but I don’t think that they should suffer and I know that you know that. Those of us who love animals make strong bonds with our pets because to us they are families. Sorry about your run aways, they do that sometimes, but it is hard not knowing what became of them. God bless you.

  24. Connie T

    I’m catching up tonight. We were gone for 2 weeks helping my parents with no internet or time to find some! I lost my Miss Maddie two weeks ago today, which would have been the 12th. She was a Malteese mix rescue and the most wonderful gift from God to us!! Such a love bug and sweetheart. My heart goes out to you that you had to say goodbye to a fur baby also.

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