Two Hours Later

I went to the barn two hours after hanging the cabbage tether.  This is what I found.

And you wondered if they’d eat it?

34 thoughts on “Two Hours Later

  1. Emily

    Lol. I know mine would eat it! And, right down to the core. Little piggies aren’t they, Mary.

    You take care.

  2. K. Gerber

    How awesome is that!?! I so enjoy seeing what’s
    new with you and yours …each day! Thanks for sharing all that you do!

  3. Donna O

    Mary so funny. I like Sharon’s comment about being a ” wee bit Irish 🍀 ” Thanks Mary

  4. Carolyn Boutilier

    they really cleaned house on the cabbage. I think we saw the same idea on the web.
    Cold here in VA . Carolyn B

  5. Diane

    Wow. I had no idea they’d eat it!! Obviously, I know nothing about chickens despite being married to someone who grew up on a chicken farm!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to the chickens:)

  6. Debbie grisanti

    OMG!!!!! Can’t believe they ate it all. If I ate that I’d have gas and bloating forever!!!!!,,,

  7. Susan

    When I had chickens I put a section from a straw bale in the pen and boy did that keep them busy and it was interesting to watch too! My daughter in law feeds her hens kale from her garden in the spring and summer and they love it!
    I love reading your posts about your animals. Thanks for the entertainment!

  8. Nicole Hanson

    Ha! Ha! What a great idea! Seems to have kept them busy! My high school friend in Ohio has chickens and ai am sending her your cabbage tether ball idea!!!!

  9. Kelley

    That’s hilarious! I knew they would go for it…just didn’t know they would eat it down to the core so fast. Wow.

  10. Sue Blazevski

    Looks like they LOVED the cabbage tether. I think you have started something new. Love your pictures of all your farm animals!!!!

  11. Karen L Chaudoin

    Okay so it is a smorgasbord tether ball game! Funny and I am glad they enjoyed it!

  12. Loris Mills

    I’d say it was a hit! Sweet of you to take such good care of all these critters. It warms my heart 🙂

  13. Sneed

    That is just great!! Another thing that we do when the corn comes in…my husband sticks a welding rod through the corn cob and we stick several into the ground in the pen. It looks like corn popsicles and the chickens pick them clean. Really fun to watch. I’ll have to try the cabbage on mine, too.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sneed – I love that idea with the corn. Rick used a welding rod to feed the twine through the cabbage and then put a big wooden “washer” on the end to keep the twine in place.

  14. Diane

    Hi Mary–Here’s one from my husband who grew up with 27,000 chickens. They used to put out Sears-Roebuck and Montgomery Wards catalogues and they’d peck and eat those. He said if they didn’t have something to peck, they’d peck each other and could even peck each other to death. I am learning so much from you!! Thanks:) Diane

  15. Karen

    I knew they’d enjoy their tasty treat. What surprised me is that they’re eating it top down instead of bottom up.

  16. Rebecca Haines

    I always got a kick out of giving the chickens a zucchini that had grown way too large! They sure enjoyed it. I live in a small cottage now so no more chicks I always enjoy your post they bring back happy memories.

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