I got up at 5:45 – not 6:45 as was written. We left at 6 – 6:15. This gets funnier every time I think about it!

21 thoughts on “TYPO!!!!

  1. Kate

    Laughter is good for the soul. Even when you are going through trying times. I have been laughing all day about one thing or other and this was just one more.

  2. mary h

    So glad to read your update, Mary. I could just hear your holler from here when you saw your feet! God knew you needed a laugh. A friend of mine had hardware like that taken out of her back- it’s hard to imagine where those spikes fit in a bone, isn’t it? Best wishes for recovery time for Rick and for you as care giver and chief person in charge of all else that needs to be done.

  3. Linda James

    Your shoes reminded me of a co worker who carpooled to work. She was running late and when her ride honked she grabbed her purse and ran out. When she got to work and was going up the stairs, she looked down and all she had on was her blouse and black slip. She hadn’t put on her skirt!! Had to call her husband to bring her skirt..she hid out in a supply closet until he got there.

    Glad Rick’s surgery went well. Thank goodness for Mayo! Take care of yourself, too.

  4. Carrolyn v

    God gave you that shoe laugh….so glad all is going well. You two have a wonderful love story. So thankful to have you and your blog in my life!

  5. Helen Jane

    Plenty of “get well” wishes and good days of recovery to a very special couple.

  6. Eth from illinois

    Glad all went well with Rics
    operation and that he has a speedy
    I think your choice of shoes
    Is what everyone needed!
    God bless you.

    Would you have the pattern to
    the red Afghan you had in one of
    your emails….Thanks💕🙃🐶🐱

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Eth – need more info about the pattern you’re asking about.

  7. Midge Holzinger

    My daughter did that only the heels were different heights😉. Glad all is going well.

  8. Brenda archambault

    Glad the surgery went well, RIck’s on the road to recovery, you’ve found a matching pair of shoes in the closet and the world is moving toward spring. At least you didn’t put your underwear on backwards!

    Reminds me of the time we went to a formal affair in Chicago and our friend wore some old slacks with his tux jacket! Oh well, all’s well that ends well.

    Get well soon Rick and catch up on your sleep Mary.

  9. Chris

    Glad Rick’s surgery went well, and you survived, too, with your sense of humor
    intact. Loved the 2 different shoes! At least they were both black.

  10. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    This just gets better and better! But it ended well, and that’s what matters.

  11. Karen

    I wondered if that was a typo, or if you meant that you got up late! Glad things went well!

  12. Jess

    When I was pregnant, I lost sight of my feet for just over 5 months. My middle child would ‘help’ me by placing my shoes in front of me and I would just slide my feet in. I can’t count how many times I had 2 different shoes on at work. My boss said the greatest pet of his day was seeing what colors I had on my feet that day. LOL

    I’m so happy the surgery went well! Hugs to you.

  13. Diana in WI

    Oh so funny! I really laughed hard at the shoes! And having spent a little time at Mayo in Rochester with my husband’s surgery, I find it extra funny! So many people come and go in a day there- I bet no one noticed your unique shoes! Glad to hear your husband’s surgery went well.

  14. Launa

    Sounds as tho the surgery went well. All your friends and CScratch readers are thankful.
    Remember you have another pair of those black shoes at home, Mary!!!

    Good luck to Rick and a speedy recovery.

  15. Anita Fetzer

    It’s that darn change of time. Messes everything up even your shoes 😊

  16. Carol B

    I’m glad Rick is doing well. I can’t believe the size of those rods! I was reading your post
    at work and laughed out loud when I saw your picture. Stef’s comment was that it sounds like
    something her and I would do!

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