Just so you guys can quit worrying — I drove the van to the barn and the mailbox – worked great!

And here’s what Telly and I are playing today. Beginning dog agility on a small scale.  We are practicing jumping over this yardstick and tomorrow we’ll raise it up.  By spring she’ll know what I want her to do outside.

Cabin fever can make one very inventive.

15 thoughts on “Update

  1. Lori gust

    I taught my dog to jump also…I just threw a treat about 5 to 6 feet ahead of her…I had her sitting against my feet with my hands together ahead of her and would keep putting the dog over my arm…as time went on I kept raising my arms higher…only took around 3 weeks…she loves to jump threw my arms for a treat…she looks forward to it…my folks taught our cat when I was small to do jump threw our arms to…every summer the cat thought it needed a vacation and would run away for awhile…I dont know why but it would go to the fair grounds on the other end of town…we had a friend that lived by the fairgrounds that had noticed a orange tabby around the fairgrounds…we went over to check it out…it was our cat…just to make sure we checked to see if the cat could jump threw our arms…and it did…it liked to go to the fairgrounds on the other end of town every summer
    and we brought it back home and it jumped threw our arms…I think it thought it might be a side show at the fair…

  2. Peggy

    Just be careful how high you raise that yardstick. . . You’ll be teaching her to jump fences!! 😉

  3. Brenda archambault

    And when you raise the yardstick high enough, you and Rick can do the limbo. But be careful so you don’t throw your back out.

  4. Janie Lang

    This the season to be inventive indoors! We had ice last night in Wisconsin too. Very slippery outside and my long driveway looks like solid ice. Glad I didn’t have to go out!

  5. Rita S

    Are you jumping too? Great exercise for all. Working on my blocks and realized I only made half of them. Making them from Charm squares, so I get 8 half square triangles at once. Hope to finish them up tomorrow. Love the Sew Charming book.

  6. Pat Pratt

    AMEN!!! Love snow/ice days. Sets you free from the outside world and lets you explore your inside world. Always something to get into…………

  7. Diane

    Are you teaching Rick this trick, too, so he doesn’t get bored? Glad you made it safe and sound:)

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