Update From the Farm


Since the shop closed I have read three books and “Rainwater” by Sandra Brown was the best – not too sappy – I don’t enjoy romance novels. There was a disturbing “animal” issue within the story line but I got through it. Today as the wind kicked up and visibility decreased, I sat in my easy chair and started a new book. What a wonderful feeling!
Here is the quilt shop, emptied and hollow looking. Soon I will start moving in but the weather is not cooperating. Too cold and windy to move furniture and I need an extra pair of hands as well. When the weather clears, I will shop for carpet and then the transformation will begin.
Thursday night is the final episode for the fall season of “How To Get Away With Murder”. Are you watching? I have not figured it out yet so I can’t miss the last show.
Stay warm wherever you live!

4 thoughts on “Update From the Farm

  1. Carol

    Isn’t retirement the best! Oh my, we’ve been watching How to Get Away With Murder also…every time I think I have it figured out something else happens…love it!

  2. Holly

    That chicken coop is actually starting to look like my chicken coop out back, which never had a life as a store–great job of emptying it out in such a short time! It’s hard to believe people were shopping in that same space two and half weeks ago. You’ll have lots of canine companionship in your new quilting quarters. How fun! And they’ll certainly love the carpet–nice and cozy. It’s wonderful to see your progress toward your dream. Happy reading!

  3. Jeanie

    Thanks for the book recommendation. Enjoy transforming the quilt shop; it will be wonderful and so exciting! I was happy to see the picture of Faye.

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