Updated Layout Diagram

As you can tell I am not used to writing patterns, and I ask you to have patience with me. I have double and triple checked this layout against the quilt and all of the patterns. We found that in September I told you incorrectly to make the spacer blocks with 3 columns of 6, it should be 3 columns of 5. This makes the block 10″ x 12″ and it will fit correctly with the February 12″ blocks to go on either side of the house block.

Here is the link to the updated September block that has the correct rows on the spacer blocks, September BOM, and here is a link to the update layout diagram, Part 2 Layout Diagram.

We will be trying to fix the comment section. We will be working on this and hopefully get it fixed today.


3 thoughts on “Updated Layout Diagram

  1. Rosemary Youngs

    Not that it probably matters but the diagram is still wrong, the September block is only 10 x 12″, it is not a 12 inch block. I am talking about the whole layout diagram, not the individual month. Hope this helps. Thank you for doing the block of the month.

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