Vola’s Quilt

I didn’t notice that my auto correct changed Vola to Volga.  It is VOLA and that’s what I’m calling this quilt.

Here are the block measurements.

And here is my start.

Here are the scraps leftover from New York Beauty – I’m going to try sewing them together.

And here is Camber at  Christmas – she looks like a porcelain doll!

 Very cold here today – none of us wants to go outside!

20 thoughts on “Vola’s Quilt

  1. Diane

    Hey Mary, I saw your Cuties box on your table. I use mine for recycling in the sewing room, stacking blocks, and all kinds of things:)

  2. Jane b.

    You’ve given me an idea I can use to make a quilt using blocks our guild used for quilt bingo. I won them on final cover all game. There are 16 blocks of 5 x 5 squares measuring 10 1/2 inches. So I’ll just make the larger size hourglass unit and have a nice charity quilt. Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Judy Emmons

    Do you have any hints for sewing binding on quilts? I usually sew on the front and hand sew the back binding. My hands don’t allow me to hand sew for very long periods of time so, would like to use my
    sewing machine to put the binding on both sides. I want the stitching to be even on both sides. Right now, I have three quilts that need binding put on and they would be done. I appreciate any help you
    can give me.

  4. Kathleen S

    I’m not a very experienced quilter but love the Vola quilt and think it would be a great use for my scraps. Thanks for the pattern but my question is about the triangle block. Are the diagonal lines on the square cutting lines? Also is there some really quick or easy trick to making those blocks? I’ve seen some different methods for making quick triangle blocks but doesn’t seem like they would work for this. I enjoy your animal posts, especially the cats. Love to see them on the sewing table. My Toby used to like laying on fabric near me. Miss him. Happy to see the sun today, even though I know it’s cold and windy out. All those weeks of gray, foggy, rainy days we had a while back in Iowa were beginning to get to me!

  5. Carol Berry

    Darling picture of Baby Girl!

    Did you know that the word Vola in Italian means fly (as in the song, Volare).

  6. Cheryl

    Are you sewing a 1/4″ on either side of the diagonal lines of the 9 1/4″ square (laying light and dark) or just cutting the individual squares BEFORE sewing. Sorry for not understanding this.

  7. Rose Mikulski

    You know what I especially like about Vola’s quilt, I can die cut all of the pieces. I should work on my other projects but will save this quilt on my Pinterest board. And you’re right, Camber looks like a doll, she is so beautiful. Meanwhile, something strange is happening outside, oh wait, it’s the Sun….

  8. Carol

    Beautiful baby, I love her little bonnet! I think Vola will be super quick to make (after all those sets of 16 squares are put together!) and, actually, although you haven’t turned the hourglass units according to your plan, they make an interesting pattern as is.
    Freezing here in Western New York, still waiting for access to my new sewing room! Did I mention I got your Sew Charming book in the mail yesterday? I’m behind two projects already but I’m hoping to get my sister to join in the fun and make the quilts/table toppers together.

  9. Sue

    Cold here, too, and I have the crud, cold, flu…something. Chilled and achy, head plugged up. Don’t feel much like doing anything. Your blog cheered me, though. Vola is a great quilt. Do you have a special tip for sewing the 2 and 1/2 inch blocks together.?
    One good thing…I don’t think the groundhog has seen his shadow. At least, not here.

  10. Ann D

    I liked the photo you originally posted of the quilt and it gave me the opportunity to use 24 extra setting triangles left over from another project. They are a white fabric and I’ll use a light blue for the rest of that block. Those triangles are smaller and will result in 6″ finished squares so I decided to make 9 patch blocks using 2.5″ squares of fabrics. I’ve cut the squares and am planning to sew them up leader/ender style so I just have one block made so far and I’m resisting the urge to keep on sewing.

  11. Diane

    Camber is gorgeous. I like the idea of displaying every year; I do that, too, in a special Christmas frame. The told quilt is so special and yours looks great. I made a 16 patch out of ST. Patrick’s Day colors and it’s neat. Could you use your NYB scraps in a little star quilt like you taught us before? I love that idea and my St. Pat’s ones look great.

  12. Diana Schumacher

    Good Morning Mary,

    If you are trying to make your quilt look like the one in the picture shouldn’t the blue triangles all but up against the block that is made up of squares. In your picture of your start you have blue triangles on the sides of the block made up of squares but the top and bottom you have the lighter color next to the block. Should the triangles block above and on the bottom of the squares block be turned?
    Just wondering maybe you don’t want yours the same as the one in the picture?

  13. Paula

    Camber is Beautiful! I hope you have that pose in an 8 x 10…… what a jewel to have and put on display each Christmas in the future! Thank you for sharing Vola’s quilt! Stay warm and safe!

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