Warm Monday



It is 50 degrees warmer this Monday morning than last Monday morning so I even let the chickens go outside.
Telly, Faye and Chewie are loving these temps even though we’ve reached the mud stage which means dirty floors.
Picked up my FREE parakeets on Saturday. Here’s Sherman and Timmy in their $140.00 cage with toys, treats and equipment and the next picture shows Heidi discovering them in the piano room. We are letting everybody into the room, one at a time, to get acquainted.
Iowa beat OSU yesterday by 10 points! Go Iowa! And tonite Iowa State meets up with KU — love college basketball!
This morning I took Deano to the vet as well as Ernie and BC who needed rabies shots. Wonder how I’ll get the others to the vet for rabies- the minute they see the carrier, they run and hide or put up such a fight, I can’t handle them.
What shall I sew today?

10 thoughts on “Warm Monday

  1. Dee W

    I am putting the borders on the first graduation quilt for this year. Two to make this year, plus 4 graduation samplers. I’m also seaming the back and hopefully will get it to the quilter yet today. I also finished putting together my 2013 BOM and have the January block cut out. Moving ahead! Love the animal posts, keep them up. Makes you sound like a more rounded person, so many bloggers are sooooo overly focused, I lose interest because they get boring. Take care.

  2. PJ Combs

    Just want to tell u how much myself n my hubby love all your animal posts, you are an inspiration to animals n animal lovers!!!

  3. Britt-Inger

    We have our first snow for the season today. The weather here in the south of Sweden has been more like Spring but awful grey. I have hoped for a brighter day light tomorrow, when I must take the pictures for the Kona Cotton blog hop at Sew We Quilt. I love the blog hops that Madame Samm has on her blog and I think I have participated in nearly every one since more than one year ago.
    I hope that the birds and the cats don´t´get to close to each other. I have two cockatiels at home, but no cats.
    Have a great day

  4. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary,
    I got tickled when I seen your Free Birds, I too had two free birds identical to yours, but your names are much better than mine. My poor birds were named Bird and Beans (like in green beans) so original!!! My cat did fine after a few no no’s.
    Just spend 2 1/2 days organizing and cleaning out my sewing room. Now I hate to mess it up again. But I’m ready to start sewing again in my new cleaned out space. Question, what to do with all the scraps and fabric and large pieces of batting I will never use?? Help

  5. Rebecca

    We have a parakeet we found outside 10 years ago. He spent his first night in an aquarium until we could go get a cage! One day I came home and found the cage on the floor but the bird was ok. Now we bungie cord the cage down, thanks to my cat Lily!

  6. Cynthia Nelson

    I just want to thank you for sharing your home, wonderful pets and your beautiful quilts. You give me much joy by doing so. May God continue to bless you and your household.

  7. Anne @ Walden Woods

    Oh how I love all the antics the dogs & cats & goats & geese & now birds get into – I’m not sure how you get it all done – but I always have smile on my face after reading your posts and checking out the latest pictures. I swear one of these days I’m heading south just to meet all the critters in person (not that I might not find some fabric or a pattern or two also!) Thanks for spreading the joy to us!

  8. MaryLou

    Bless your heart! You are such a caring person. Could bottle some of your energy! I would be happy to buy some. I only have one dog and a husband.

    I love your e-mails.


  9. Nancy Alexander

    When my cats have a vet appointment, I take the carriers out a few days earlier. I set them in the dining room. The first day the cats hide; eventually, they get used to them being there. Makes it easier for me, as my cats are great hiders!
    It was funny because this year, Molly climbed into the carrier the morning of the appointment and fell asleep….one cat down, only one to deal with…ha ha ha….
    Thank you for sharing your animals and your life!

  10. Linda Lutz

    Hi! I love your notes! It’s so good to see all is well at the Farm! I miss it all! I’m hoping to take a day-trip down there this winter!

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