Warm Saturday

What a day!  February 18 and I’m raking the yard, cutting back the grasses and picking up sticks.

  The dogs loved it and after many hours outside, they all crashed – muddy and worn out.

Bentley was sleeping outside.

Our neighbor, Tim, just got a black lab puppy – meet Tim and Bo.

Tim brought Bo over to meet all of us because Bo will be staying with us in the future sometimes.  

Can you see all 6 dogs?

I forgot to include Dakota’s  picture yesterday – I love having her here!

And here’s the short goat report.

Here’s Emma – losing her winter coat like crazy!

Tucker likes to be close to me at all times – ha!

Have a great Sunday, Everybody!  I’ll be at two church services and then home with the dogs.

15 thoughts on “Warm Saturday

  1. Brenda archambault

    It was just snowy winter yesterday. Will you be harvesting the garden tomorrow? It’s amazing how quickly the seasons change, especially as we grow older. Looks like all the dogs are enjoying happy camp. You’re amazing.

  2. Judy Emmons

    Loved all your pictures and captions about them. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for being so faithful about keeping it up to date. Enjoy the warm weather, heard on news tonight Minnesota will be back in
    twenties by next Saturday. Winter is long from being over!

  3. Marian

    Wonderful dogs. The black lab is so cute! Enjoy your days with them. This weather is fab!!!! An update on the barn kitty is in order and how is Pam? Can you tell I love cats! Ha!

  4. Sue

    Wow! Your ice and snow is all gone already. You must be having a wonderful early spring. I am envious. We usually get a warm and sunny two week period in Feb. This year…..Not. There is always hope for March.
    The dogs look so happy. They are Lucky Dogs.
    At least I have been sewing more.

  5. Marie

    Mary, Once again thanks for giving me my doggie fix with your photos. Especially fond of Labradors and Bo is just the cutest. The photos bring back fond memories of our Mystic, Addie and Maddie Labradors who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. By the way do you feel the yellow Labs shed more than the black ones? We certainly did.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marie – not sure about the shedding – interesting tho’. Maybe it’s because you can see the yellow hair better?

  6. Gloria

    Love each of those animals! We are certainly being blessed with wonderful weather. Saw my first robin of the season yesterday and my first adult with shorts and flip flops. Can’t believe it’s mid February in Chicago area.

  7. Diane

    Do you brush your goats? Except for Emma’s losing her winter coat, they look like they’ve been brushed!! That little Bo is adorable. I love hearing and seeing how all of them are doing including the visitors. Warm here today in Central Ohio. We’re enjoying it while it lasts; we’re afraid March will be “beastly”!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane. – no, I don’t brush them. Most all of them rub on fences, trees or whatever they can find to scratch and remove the loose hair.

  8. Dee T.

    We have great weather here 60 miles west of Chitown at the Wisco border. That puppy is sooooo cute.
    At my age I don’t want another puppy. I have German Shepards (1 is 4 and the brat is 2 1/2 – She believes this is her house and allows us to live here). Lots of dog hair to keep away from my fabric.

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