Warmer Temps!

Oh, thank goodness the temps are in the 20’s and low 30’s – right now it’s 33 and I’m running in and out of the house with just a sweatshirt, to the barn, the mailbox, feeding the birds, etc. It feels just wonderful! The goats are outside and even some of the bravest chickens. Hazel and Telly have been outside most of the morning – burning up some of that pent up energy.

Here is the porch in winter – we keep our firewood here making it possible to feed the fireplace without opening the door to the brutal cold,outside. It stores the birdseed, too. I can’t wait to sit in this porch again!

Remember last summer’s hail storm? My favorite plant, this coral cactus was damaged by the hail but seemed to be recovering. Maybe just bringing it into the house contributed to its death but the hole where the hail hit continued to get bigger until my plant looks like this. Makes me so sad.

The orchids were damaged, too, but continue to grow new leaves and I am hopeful that this one will bloom again.

My niece Jenny is home from Louisville and stopped to visit Hazel, who performed her ball tricks endlessly because Jenny was a new participant and Hazel seemed sure Jenny would want to play.

Reed was here Saturday to help with chores and work on his quilt.

I got a half birthday card from Diane last week which got me thinking about my next birthday, July 3. I find it hard to believe I will be 70 years old. I remember planning my mom’s 70th birthday party, making her a quilt, preparing food, etc. and I know without a doubt that I would not want such a big deal made out of my 70th birthday. I also planned her 80th and 90th parties.

After my “weather report” I really enjoyed the comments from all over the country about the weather where “you” live. I was so upset, worried, anxious, mad and depressed all at the same time during those 16 days of brutal cold. I feel like a new person today with temps in the 30’s

My “blue” decorating isn’t going so well – every blue quilt I have is too big for the wall spaces I want to fill. These two antique quilts will have to hang over the doors. Guess I never concentrated much on blue wall hangings — darn.

And thanks for all the info about a speaker for my IPad – Becky is going to help me with this. I’m still watching The Killing but getting sort of tired of it and when I watch so much TV, I don’t read — and I don’t have time for both.

Keep in touch, Everyone, and if you’ve been wanting to start a twined rug or runner, Reed and I are going to start that project soon and you can work along with us!

46 thoughts on “Warmer Temps!

  1. Rita

    We have warmed up too with temperatures in the 30’s it feels like a heat wave. There is a lot of melting and dripping going on. It feels like a long way from April. My chickens seem to be happy now that the wind has left with the bone chilling cold. A few days reprieve then another Arctic blast.
    Funny now that you mentioned the lack of blue quilts that you have, I find that I too haven’t made much with blue in fact my fabric stash is lacking in blue. I guess I have always been partial to warm comfy earth tones, most blues tend to be on the cold side.
    Could the spot spreading on your cactus be fungal?

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    Your niece is so pretty! Hazel is just loving the attention in that picture. Sunshine does that too, whenever someone comues over she goes and brings a toy so they can play with her. So funny! We really enjoyed these two days of warmth. But now we’ll be back in othe freezer. Mary, I hope your cactus makes it.

  3. Kate

    I would rather read than watch tv most of the time. Just finished reading a great thriller, The Troubles Keeper by Susan May. I could not put it down. It’s practically balmy here in Indiana with thirty degree temps and by Thursday it’s supposed to be in the fifities! Then the big drop off again, but we are use to it and it is winter. Surprisingly my hens are laying like crazy in this cold weather.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – my hens are laying, too. Thanks for the book title – our book club is tomorrow – I’ll pass it on.

  4. Cathy D

    Mary, is the porch screened in? Do you put windows or plastic up in the winter? Love it!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cathy D – yes, the porch is screened and we had vinyl covers that fit on with a little turn clip. They are easy to put on in the fall and remove in spring. I can’t wait to sit in the porch!

  5. Claudia Voorhees

    It is 37 degrees… above zero…. here in eastern North Dakota today… but… the weatherman keeps talking about a winter storm watch starting tomorrow…. shucks, I thought maybe spring was here. LOL….. so guess the last couple days was our “January thaw”….
    Hope I have enough fabric to make it through if it storms !! HA.

  6. Kathy

    Okay now for the guesses for summer plans……….big organic farm? Sewing retreat? 4-H camp there?
    You just amaze me with all your varied activites. Can’t wait to hear what develops there!!!!

  7. Kathy

    I think you should start the legal work to make Reed the youngest child to have possession of your farm should something happen to either of you! HA! He sounds like a very dedicated young man to taking care of everything at your homestead. I can see summer pictures of him learning the workings of a tractor. Or maybe he knows all that now. Sounds like one amazing friend to you. Give him the key to your place and go on vacation to celebrate turning 70 this summer!!! He would know how to care for the pets and farm so well. And like many other readers I am so grateful to have a break from the brutal cold temperatures. I was late to reading ” a man called Ove” so doing that now.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – we have such big plans for summer! I hope my old body can still work hard. A vacation? What’s that? You have a good idea for when Reed is a little older.

  8. Paula

    Reed will be so thankful later in years that he had such a special learning friendship with you. You have taught him so much and I think it is just wonderful and I’m sure it helps you out as much as him. Paula in KY

  9. Rosemary

    Yeah, looking forward to a rag rug -along…….I was just thinking about getting one started last week, but need a push!

  10. Sherrill

    UGH! I’m havin’ a cow because it’s going to be down in the high 30’s for highs again in a few days!! The past few days have been nice but not looking forward to another cold snap. Guess it’s all relative, huh?

  11. Martha Engstler

    It looked colder than it must have been today, it is 27 now and will go up to 30 by midnight. It snowed for the better part of the middle of the day. In the morning it will be back to 27 and we have to leave the house at 7:30 to go for my cataract surgery. Pray the roads will be in good shape by then. It was icy this evening. Your warmer weather will be here in south central Pennsylvania in a couple days. Your barn buddies must be thrilled for a little break in that cold. Your cactus looks like it has little shoots that might grow if put in dirt. I have a regular straight long cactus and when it broke I put the top half in dirt and it grew.

  12. Pat Smith

    It was -16 when I got up yesterday, but today, like the rest of you, our temps today were SO much better. Our dogs had a big romp in the yard after 3 weeks of sitting on the sofa. It’s so much better in northern Vermont that we’re going to downhill ski tomorrow. Hope I come back in one piece…

  13. Tanya

    Sounds like it’s time for a new BLUE quilt! Can’t wait to see what you do! 62 degrees in Houston today, Jan. 8th, when we got out at lunchtime…just a gorgeous clear day!

  14. Jeri Niksich

    Glad to see a post from you Mary, I look forward to seeing them. I live in Corpus Christi Tx and as I’m sure you know the hurricane that skimmed along us here and hit hard just a 30 minute drive from us. And then the 2nd hurricane that hit further north. I had asked my husband if he thought that maybe because we’ve had so many hurricanes that we’d have a bad winter? It looks as if I was thinking right. We actually got snow! And unfortunately a couple of freezes. I lost a few plants during the 1st freeze but now all my plants are either in my garage or covered with sheets (what we here in S. Texas do whenever a freeze is predicted. I hope your cactus makes it. Please keep us updated on the outcome of cutting away the dead parts.

  15. Donna Sproston

    Iced in yesterday into this morning, but now it is melting. We had been told we were in for a mild winter, so we can hope February is better. Oh to be 70 again. I love Hazel’s smiles.

  16. Launa

    Hi Mary…was 26 degrees outside this morning..going up to near 40. Nice n sunny after a very brief bit of snow..didn’t amount to much.
    Are the four strip blocks a sample of Reed’s project? Nice fabric prints. Good he helps with feeding n then sews. Such a nice young man to have around.
    Stay warm, my friend.

  17. Eileen Mele

    I’ve missed talking t you! I enjoy your posts very much. I agree about there not being enough time. Having to choose between reading online and actually reading from my stack of books gets harder! My saved posts are getting longer of Facebook. I go thru and delete many so I’m just kidding myself when I save them. I’m 77, so don’t let. Numbers scare you. I live alone, but I sure am pressed for. Time!! You would think otherwise, haha.

  18. Sue

    Hi Mary….I am so glad your weather has turned and is warming up. Ours is colder today than it has been for awhile. No sun…just cold gray skies.
    Your niece is so pretty and looks cute holding Hazel. Hazel looks pleased.
    Sorry about your cactus. Is it blooming on one side, though? Looks like the rot is creeping up, though. Darned hail. That was awful.
    Enjoy your warm weather….

  19. Nan

    We’re in the low 30s today in northern Illinois, and after the bitter cold, it feels like spring! Thanks goodness for a little reprieve from the cold.

    Like Denise, I have had a rug started and sitting on the frame about 1/3 of the way done for several years. I’ll be happy to twine along with you and Reed!

  20. Colleen

    Yippee I have wanted to make a rug for ages can’t wait to see you and Reed making one and hopefully you will be able to give enough information so I can learn how to do it also

  21. Denise

    I have been watching The Killing and really enjoying it.

    I would like to see the rug twining. My frame has been set up with 1/3 of a rug completed for at least two years.

    Love your posts. As always I’m a fan…

  22. PJ

    I don’t alwAys comment but just wanted to tell you how much
    I enjoy reading your blog n your pictures are wonderful ! Reed
    Is such a great asset love seeing him n your animals on your blog n yes this warm weather
    Is amazing so will take it while we can!!! Thanks again for sharing love it all!!!!!

  23. maxine lesline

    Glad to hear about the rags (?) project that you and Reed are planning.. one I want to follow. Is Reed your grandson? He seems innovative and focused… Always glad to hear about all of you…

  24. Gail Lockington

    Toronto has warmed up also – so happy you and your animals are warmer. Reed looks very sweet – and learning so much from you.

  25. Carolyn Boutilier

    Reed is such a good helper. We are experiencing warmer temps here in the VA Shenandoah Valley. thank goodness. During this brutal cold I put together a quilt for my niece. She brought some scrap material from her place of employment, Coats & Clark. this fabric she brought is Kaffee Fassett and was in the trash. I am sewing the binding on now. I quilted this on my Bernina 430. It was not easy but I wanted to try quilting on my machine. Wish I knew how to send a picture. I know how to send it by .email. I love all your cactus plants and will look for one like in your picture. My plans during the Olympics is to start a round braided rug. I have braided before but never a round rug. Then to finish the small quilts I had started before our son passed . I am a new quilter and enjoy all your quilts. Carolyn B

  26. Joanne

    New England was bitter cold. My children that live in Vermont and New Hampshire average temp was -17 to -24 below with negative numbers during the day as well. In Mass we were a little warmer with below temps at night and single temps in the day time. Our biggest issue was the wind it was brutal and the poor folks along the shorelines everything froze. So happy to have 30 degree weather. heat Wave! Stay warm taking care of your animals and Reed is so lucky to have you as a neighbor.

  27. Paula in Texas

    The sunshine and a bit a warmth does help us all to feel like new people!
    In North Texas today we have sunshine and a heat wave, I am happier and the birds
    Tweeting outside are happy too. Enjoy your 🌞 today!

  28. Marian

    Aren’t we all glad that the weather has moderated somewhat. Gosh, I was just a hermit and I think I am finally climbing out of the abyss! Ha! Time to get some projects done because I really feel like it now. Enjoyed all your pictures, Mary, and am glad the animals could get outdoors and air out! Reed looks like a little farmer with the barnboard red. Love that picture!!!
    A few years ago my husband and I binge watched The Killing and it was so good. Seems like there aren’t any that captivating any more. The acting and the chemistry was so great!!!! Enjoy! The books will wait. Happy New Year to you and your husband and all the critters!

  29. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    glad the weather is treating you more kindly, after the truly cold snap! It has been raining here for days and days and days, and today it suddenly stopped and the sun came out: only then do you realise it has been a couple of weeks since you even saw the sun! Much of the Netherlands is below sea-level, so, we rely on pumping the water out of the canals into the rivers and then out to the sea (hence all the windmills), but the sea defences had to be shut along the Dutch coast because of the tides and on-shore gales, which meant that the inland water had nowhere to go and it rises and rises…so all the rivers and canals, and the areas next to them that are used for overflow flooding are really really full at the moment. It is a very spectacular sight, but we are glad that the coastal barriers are open again, so that the water can get away. Good sewing weather though!
    And if you don’t have enough blue quilts for decorating, maybe you can tweak the colour scheme of a couple of the quilts for the new book?

  30. Kathy Hanson

    This warm-up is wonderful, isn’t it?! Makes us all feel so much better. The animals are so happy too – we will enjoy it while we can. Love hearing how things are going at your place and seeing Reed’s progress on his quilt.

  31. Kris Gavin

    Thanks for the update… so glad to hear Hazel was a great hostess making sure to include your visitor… haha! I think Reed is simply adorable and know that the time he spends in your company will leave such an impression on him as he matures… he’s lucky and so are you! Enjoy the weather… it’s lovely hear in Chicagoland, sunny and 35…

  32. Diane

    Mary, you are definitely a young almost 70 year old. Thank you for the hope that we may be getting your weather soon. ALL of the schools in Central Ohio were closed today due to ice; rain/snow mix; freezing rain; and/or snow!! I think we got it all. It’s 32 so still cold, but I think Spring is in the air. I hope your plants come back all ok. Of course, Hazel thinks Jen wants to play, doesn’t everyone want to play with cute little Hazel? She is so adorable. I am putting the strips (warp or weft??) on my loom to make an all flannel rug. I LOVE my first one. Thank you for letting me know about it. I will watch the DVD again and re-read the book, but I”m ready:)

  33. Shelba

    While the years sneak up, you are still very active and doing what you want! You are a friend to those young and old, making you timeless. Happy new year to you, Rick, and all you love, human and all species!

  34. Linette Anne Stewart

    Thank you for always updating us! It’s a real bright spot for me. One of our 3 dogs is my 8 pound Chihuahua. He is a trooper going out to take care of business in snow, wind, and our -11 temps last week. But he hates rain – go figure!

  35. Rhoda Ebersole

    Our paper here in Las Vegas had an article about repairing succulent plants damaged by weather. This
    May work on your cactus – nothing to lose.
    Article said to cut out all the mushy damaged part and the plant will regrow around the surgically removed area .
    Good Luck Mary

    You are still a Spring Chicken at your age😀

  36. Janice

    It’s warming up slowly here in Eastern Massachusetts, as well! I can finally go outside without looking like an astronaut on a mission in space! We’ve been taking turns wearing a heavy winter coat with a huge hood that works wonders keeping you warm in those frigid temperatures. So glad I won’t need that for a while now. I’m actually planning a road trip on Wednesday to pick up a cute little loom to weave on! Can’t wait. Picking up a friend and making it an adventure. Haven’t felt like doing THAT for a while! I only have one blue and white quilt that I rescued from my mother-in-law’s home when we sold it. Nice quilt, just love the shade of blue in it. Kind of a cornflower blue. Enjoy the warm weather! Jan


    It’s the same here in Michigan. The sun is shining !!! and it’s 35 degrees! What a relief after all the snow and bitter teens and twenties cold! I’ve been working on a UFO that I was given! Turned it into a QAYG and it’s taking shape pretty well. I’m learning as I go. Also found a book called Leftovers on http://www.paperbackswap.com and ordered it. Does it ring a bell?

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